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December 20, 2010


Kevin Hecteman

Keep in mind that:

1) As the story points out, Caltrain's engineers and conductors work for Amtrak and are paid whatever is agreed to by Amtrak and its unions. Caltrain officials have no say in it.


2) Caltrain's service area is one blame expensive place to live. I'd like to see how far $69K a year would go in, say, Burlingame. (The crew bases are in S.F. and S.J., and Caltrain crew members have to be able to get to one or the other in reasonable time -- some on two hours' notice.) And we haven't even discussed taxes yet ...

I am generally not a big fan of the comments on stories -- the heat-to-light ratio can be terrible at times -- but you might want to peruse the comments on this one. Some good points are being made.


Why do I keep viewing comments on this site regarding the income of a human being?
Whatever money and other compensation a human being makes is the reason they choose their carrer.
You people who continue to comment on the pay packages available to anyone for anything..
Could you please propose what you believe is fair?
Train employee-mechanic
Truck driver.
Pediatric Surgeon.
Caretaker at Convelesant Hospital.
School Teacher.
Catholic Priest-yes they get a paycheck too.


Fair is not the issue. Anyone who starts talking about fair must be a union-loving socialist. Caltrain is bankrupt. It's sucking the taxpayers dry and all of these guy should be on unemployment. S*(t, that sucks the taxpayers dry more. Maybe we can sell the railroad to the chinese and get it over with


Holy, spoken like a true government pension recipient.


What US Taxpayer are Welfare Program are/you family member paticpating in?
Please feel free to check any and all catagories...
Completely Free Health Care for the rest of your life at AGE 62
-Cal Care, SAME THING.(If you do not believe me, check it out with my next door neighbor, Lynn Tillem(KGO RADIO)
-Social Security
-Homeland Security.


Answer: E) None of the above


So is ther any downside to be raised by Wolves?


The fact that you think that not being subsidized by government aid is akin to being raised by wolves gets directly to the heart of what is inherently wrong with this country currently.

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