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November 16, 2010


Two Cents

Such a beautiful evening for Cathy until....

Nagel droned on and on and on. She should have been more gracious and realize it was a goodbye night for Baylock. But as soon as she sat herself down in the driver's seat the self promo began.

Did anyone notice that everytime Nagel said "and finally" it never ended. She never comes up for air. Someone should tell her that people don't like being lectured to in a sing song voice. Nagel always gives the appearance that she is a "know it all." There is a time and place for everything but since Nagel does not censor or edit herself she goes on endlessly and waste precious time.

This is the beginning of a loooooooooong Terry Nagel talkfest. Yuk!

Hey Terry, Last night was NOT about U. It was time for us to give thanks to Baylock and we noticed that you didn't say one peep about the Mayor. You were silent when it came to giving any kind of praise.


Maybe we can have TWO pet parades this year instead of one. Sorry Joe, but are you really thinking the woman has a chance of staying focussed on anything but herself??????????


Wholeheartedly agree with both of you. Nagel is all about her, never about anyone else. Where were her comments about Cathy? Oh duh, it is all about her. She is blind to anyone else. Two pet parades? Now that gave me a chuckle!

Larry David

I think I saw that smile(Nagel) while watching horror movies; either:
Saw 3
The Shining....
Remember Jack Nicholson chopping through a door, and screaming,"HERE'S JOHNNY!"

Scheherezade Sharabianlou

This is exactly why no one wants to run for public office. Stop criticizing and focus on some good things Terr Nagel may be able to do for Burlingame. Terry Nagel is very smart woman. You may not like all of her ideas but there are some that you can benefit from. If all of you care for Burlingame and have ideas that are better why not talk to her. I didn't like everything Cathy Baylock did but she accomplished some things we are very thankful for such as the train station beautification behind our building. So everyone get behind Terry Nagel and give her courage and support. Burlingame needs a lot of help to get lots of stuff done soon (high speed train! remember?). Criticizing and make fun of her smile does not take us any where. At least she smiles. Be nice. I hope you all do too.

Scheherezade Sharabianlou


Well said!!


Will anyone step up and say that Nagel is a horrible candidate for supervisor???????????????

I will. This needs to be said. She is a complete tool of the unions and the Democratic machine. It is time to say NO to Nagel. Please tell your friends. I don't care who else you vote for but don't vote for Nagel.

She is going to sell us down the river on pensions, high speed rail, the downtown growth plan and whatever else she can think of to curry favor with Sacramento. Please tell your friends.


I am on board your train, dtn! Anyone but Nagel.


Here is an interesting post from the Menlo Park - Atherton- Portola Valley - Woodside Almanac


Illegally posted signs of all sorts drive me crazy. Of course the commenter on the Almanac complaining about the High Speed Boondoggle signs is clueless about what real blight will be if high-cost rail comes through town.


Nagel is making her illegal mark in Burlingame too, placing signs on the fences of many empty lots. I can't imagine she has permission to do so. Just makes me not want to vote for her even more. Hopefully the word gets out.

Sick of it

I'm so sick of Nagel I could just puke.

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