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May 29, 2010



I am happy for them.
Who cares?


Upon further review, Zach Grotz was covering 1st base on the game ending DP, so the correct scoring would be 9-1. Not something you see everyday!

I take it you are not a baseball fan, Holy Roller?


So cool. Congrats to all.


Happy kids- congratulations!


Here's nice recognition for one of the team co-captains from the Daily Journal

Hard-core baseball people believe statistics can be manipulated in so many ways as to render them virtually useless in assessing a player. What’s the old saying: There are lies, damn lies and statistics?

Sometimes, however, stats give an indication of just how dominating a baseball player is. Take the case of recent Burlingame graduate, pitcher Forrest Armanino, the 2010 Daily Journal Baseball Player of the Year. Armanino made 14 appearances, including 12 starts and went 11-0. He had an earned run average of 1.12. In 68 innings pitched, he allowed only 38 hits, struck out 80 while walking 38, a 2-to-1 strikeout-to-walk ratio that would make any pitcher envious. He threw three complete games, two shutouts and threw a one-hitter against Aragon. And perhaps his most impressive stat: Allowed only five extra-base hits — one homer, one triple and five doubles.

The full article is at http://www.smdailyjournal.com/article_preview.php?type=sports&title=Baseball%20Player%20of%20the%20Year%20-%20Forrest%20Armanino&id=133638

Barking Dog

I have been up in the Reno area for most of the past 9 weeks preparing for our permanent move up this way. As I was was walking the dog last night, I saw something I haven't seen in a long time, a little league practice taking place. I watched for almost an hour, just enjoying the sound of the ball coming off of the bat, the ball popping in the glove and the kids enjoying themselves. Almost a sense of normalcy.

10yrs ago this weekend, I remember watching this game as if it were yesterday. I watched most, if not all, of this teams games as my nephew was helped coach them. I remember him telling me that in practice, the coaches used to have to get on Zac Grotz for covering empty bags, as he was forgetful in doing this. Low and behold, he covered the empty bag when it mattered most to end the game.

Like most of us missing things we enjoy during these times, watching a youth baseball practice yesterday, made me really miss walking the dog, smoking a cigar and maybe having an adult beverage from beyond the outfield fence at Washington Park, watching the night games.


Ah, Barking Dog. You are yanking at my heartstrings perhaps harder than you realize. In addition to what you said about the sounds of baseball, especially youth baseball, you brought back this special post.

I'm not sure if you know that the kid on the top right of the dogpile is my son Nick. We lost Nick to cancer (sarcoma) about 3 years ago. Many kids on this team and his other teams came to the service and the memorial and shared stories. Seeing this picture and noting the tenth anniversary in a week is the high point of my week - maybe my month. Thank you.

Eric N

Cant believe this was 10 years ago. Thanks to my uncle for remembering this special team and sending me the Daily Jounal article today from the archives.
Special kids and a special team. Pleasure and privilege to be able to be a small part of all these kids baseball experience @ BHS.


Thank you, Eric. You were a key contributor to the coaching staff for this team and many others. Since today is the actual 10th anniversary, here is the link to the DJ article of a couple of days ago--with another great photo of the dogpile and a great write-up of the game by Emanuel Lee:


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