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May 02, 2010



Does anybody know how to get Nagel to just shut up? God the woman is irritating.


Yeah, looking good, love the concrete!


When Terry starts her "what I did on my summer vacation" reports at the end of the meetings I just turn it off. That is the only way to shut her up. So condescending it makes me sick.


Vote her out next november!


Bye Bye.


What do the above comments have to do with the Peninsula Interchange??


Council committee reports are to inform us of those meetings which are councilmembers have attended. I appreciate those reports which are above and beyond opening a spa or attending a baseball meeting.


I heard that the shared services Recreation and Park Director, Jim Skell is being let go.
Shared services may be a thing of the past.
It did not work for Randy Schartz when he took on the Millbrae position.
I am glad the the City of Burlingame Elders were thoughtful regarding the shared services with San Mateo.
I also was told that Randy Schartz may be returning to Burlingame in some way.
Good Luck Everyone..
You will need it.


Nagel is a self promoting animal. Listen for when she says she has already provided the information and wont repeat it. Then she repeats it on and on. She is a low level secretary type. Not leadership material.


My problem is what she promotes is not what most people want. You need to get over her person to what she wants. She is just not in tune with the town because she is thinking about higher office except people like the pet parade.


Elder Nagel attempts to portray herself as "having her finger on the pulse of the community."
She only represents herself.
However, in the City of Burlingame, if you speak for 10-20 VERY VOCAL CONSTITUANTS you get results for what ever ridiculous concern is put forward.
Unfortunetly, those 10-20 people are the people driving the car that is Burlingame.
There needs to be a "Grass Roots" statement made regarding these archaic, entrenched politics.
I am so glad the people of Burlingame voted for the man who has can get it right.
Jerry Deal too.


Has anyone noticed the upgraded lighting on the new Peninsula overpass?

Thanks to the persistance of a few neighborhood individuals this became a reality. Nice touch to the entrance of actually two cities.


Yeah!!!!!! It's done. The traffic lights are on. The cones are gone. It's done. Only 3 years in the making!

Douglas Jacobson

Looks like San Mateo and Cal. Trans.are trying again to close Poplar
Ave. and make Peninsula Ave. a main on and off intersection to Highway 101. A 4 way Signal Lite Intersection top west side of Peninsula Ave. overpass with ramps starting on Amphlett South Bound to top of overpass then droping down to Amphlett South of Peninsula,
with total closure of Poplar. The (Caltrans properties) at Poplar and 101 would then go to San Mateo. Here we go again./


It's the only alternative that makes any sense. You've got a huge development at the drive-ins site and condo complex at Peninsula and California (with more likely to come). The traffic needs to come off the small winding road that is Poplar and move onto where it belongs, Peninsula Ave. If you're worried about traffic in the Lyon & Hoag neighborhood, add traffic barriers like they have in Palo Alto. The traffic's not supposed to flow into that neighborhood anyway. It just needs to be where it belongs.

Douglas Jacobson

Have you perchance been on Hillsdale Blvd. lately. Or tried to sell your house on hillsdale lately, or seen your property value (half) as a result
of this. I saw poeple on burl. side of penn. lose their saturday parking access in front of their homes within 2-3 weeks after it was turned down last time. Shame Shame on us for our objection. They showed us they took our parking away.


Was it San Mateo or Burlingame that did that?


A friend of mine lived on Hillsadale Blvd between 101 and the train tracks. He bought it cheap in the late '90s for about $250K about half a comparable house off Hillsdale in San Mateo. He sold it around 2005 for $500K and currently it is worth about $500K. There has been no half-drop in any recent time, Zillow will back that up.

The only block on Peninsula that could be affected with a loss parking would be the first frontage block where the off-ramp will be built. As I have been told in the past, that is two spaces.


The latest iteration of Option 15 full interchange at Peninsula, with full closure at Poplar--(blue cross hatching indicates areas likely necessary for seizure).



San Mateo, Hexagon Consulting and Caltrans keep forgetting their own analysis from 2007 on this issue. Back then, the whole option of ramps at Peninsula Ave were tossed out because Peninsula ave is not wide enough to support the traffic that would result. The option would have required widening Peninsula Ave on the north side (Burlingame) by razing all the homes there.

What has changed this time around?


The whole option was tossed out in 2007 by the Burlingame City Council's reufusal to go along with the plans. No houses needed to be taken.

The new option takes away mainly the street, Amphlett and Rollins. The alley in the back could be utilized by the buisnesses.


That is not true. To keep the traffic at a Caltrans grade C or better they need a wider road which means taking homes. And if Caltrans is going to help with the funding they will expect even better than a C.


Never heard that even remotely discussed, at any time.


They plan to get Poplar closed. They must have count of the cars per day. A very large percentage will use Penn. It
seems to me the 3 lanes, 1 of which is West bound ain't gonna do it.


There hasn't been any talk about widening Peninsula Avenue or taking houses at any of the study sessions. The apartment complex against the freeway on the San Mateo side, that has been an option.

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