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May 10, 2010



Burlingame residents should report power outages here:

Here's a log of the outage reports:


Nagel has been touting this for years and has not gotten anything done. I think PG&E cuts the power just to spite us for electing the egotistical so and so.


Not true.. We use to have power outages all the time till Terry stepped in.. Once she did, they pretty much stopped until just recently. I remember having them almost weekly and I was constantly resetting everything. Agree that recently there has been quite a few but Nagel did do some good about 5 years ago..


Never underestimate those who "get things done".

BTW the present mayor should be "getting it done" for the mayor's message on the city website as it states Keighran is the present mayor of Burlingame.


Editing the website is perfect for Nagel. She's really just qualified to be a secretary anyway.


Good Burlingame news that seems to have bypassed the Burlingame Voiceless:

"Some 6,000 homes and businesses plagued for years by frequent power outages should get some relief later this year when their utility installs a new software system designed to get their lights back on within minutes.

Pacific Gas & Electric said it will spend $3 million to provide Burlingame with a "state of the art" program designed to stop power outages quickly, as opposed to preventing them.

A group of residents and business owners calling themselves Burlingamers Unwilling to Live With Blackouts had demanded relief after a series of recurring outages over the past several years — some say decades — peaked this spring.

From late March to early May, three outages left 7,500 residents and businesses in the dark for several hours, including shops on Burlingame Avenue and Broadway, a fire station, the library and streetlights. Two outages were caused by wayward birds.

http://www.mercurynews.com/breaking-news/ci_15206725 - June 2010



Did Nagel write the magic software too?


dtn - it is too bad you do not appreciate the hard "magic" work of some of our councilmembers who go beyond opening spas and attending baseball games.

Hard work and dedication should always be appreciated - even on the Voiceless.

Two Cents

Dear Jane,
I appreciate the very hard work that Mayor Baylock is doing with high speed rail. Attending meetings, going to Sacramento to meet with elected officials and keeping everyone informed about this complicated issue.

She is not wasting precious council time blowing her horn like Nagel who constantly chirps about her website, pet parades, etc. She has milked this PGE stuff to no end and simply sends press releases to the newspapers taking credit for everything. I have noticed great service from PGE these past number of years after many years of bad service but Nagel's focus on this issue is old news.

BTW Jane-Love this Burlingame Voice and don't miss the old; especially since we don't have to read all about the diary of a mad and angry housewife!

Love, Dick


I heard the mad and angry housewife quit CBB this week. What does that leave. Selling musty old books and trying to pump up Nagel who people are sick of.

Two Cents


Angry housewife has blow up lots of bridges all over town.


The Burlingamers Unwilling to Live with Blackouts was said to have disbanned years ago. Yes, Nagel does write her own press releases and has many "friends" in the newspaper industry, so take everything you read with a grain of salt. Nothing like tooting your own horn. Now I come home to a recorded call from Nagel telling me to vote for Arnott....I will do just the opposite of anything she tells me to do. Anything she has been supporting since getting on the council has been self serving and not Burlingame serving.
Not the case with our present mayor, who is always looking out for what is in the best interests of Burlingame!She is very hard working and humble about what she accomplishes.
The mad and angry housewife deserves whatever comes her way.....she jumps from one bed to the other, depending upon the day and her mood at the moment. She is just plain crazy and not worth anyone's time. She has no friends left in this town......but I sometimes wonder if she had any at all?

Two Cents

What did you think of that robot call from Terry Nagel yesterday endorsing someone for tax collector? I'm curious as to why she is pushing this person and what is in it for her if this person wins.

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