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January 09, 2010



I say NoMo to big red obnoxious screamin' signs! (at least it's not subtitled in foreign languages! ) (like Millbrae)


Wow, this is REALLY unattractive! Couldn't they have at least gone with a smaller version?


blogging here isn't going to change anything...go to the city.


More than a few bonfires in town have started with a single match here


Remember the Cafe Marimba "Haight Ashbury Purple" paint that caused a ruckus about a decade ago, (at 1100 Burl. Ave. now occupied by Straits Cafe?)

At least color can pass for "trendy" or "cyclical"-more importantly, color can be changed! This sign looks big and tacky now, and I don't think time will improve it any. 'What about planting a Giant Sequoia street tree?- I'll donate!


My nomination for "The Worst Signs of Burlingame" is..
All the empty, bankrupt, business that have left our town.
The signs are gone but the outline of the signs are as clear as ever.

Ron Fulderon

How about the trashy Smog Check $39.99 signs at the corner of Peninsula and El Camino as you enter Burlingame from the south. Those signs are on stands that are placed on city property, I believe.


How about considering the landscape people see at Broadway &Rollins Road.
Astro turf, weeds and garbage on the islands..
Welcome to Burlingame.


How about the "stealth" corp-yard of city trucks and junk behind the cheap green fence along California south of Oak Grove?

Why a city junk-drawer along one of our nicest streets when there is a brand-new corp yard across town?


I am sorry to say that I do not get out that much since my husband died.
I was way off about the entrance to the City of Burlingame.
I saw today that Cal Trans has done some landscape work on the 101 entrance to Broadway.
My glass is half full today!

Two Cents

Many cities and towns have a very good sign ordinances that promote consistency and good taste. Why doesn't Burlingame? Remember that awful Sheraton sign? Word on the street is that a retired council member pushed that through as a favor to her Rotary friend.

We also have that awful electronic sign for Mike Harvey Honda on Broadway. But let's be real about Mike Harvey. He has greased the palm of many on our city council who now look the other way when he wants something.


city government has lost its way and has no idea of what Burlingame has been about since its beginning. this type of business should never have been allowed to open on the ave. the way it's going, Burlingame will become just another ugly city on the peninsula.


Well, the BevMo is bustling....never seen so much activity in the area, and the back parking lot...Packed!!!!


Stupor Bowl weekend...but they will do fine. They would do fine with a more tastful sign too. Time to get out the tape measure.

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