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December 23, 2009


John McNary

And you would say the same thing about the interstate highway system in 1956.

Yes, there are pockets of selfish NIMBYs in California who don't want to acknowledge that times are changing, and once again, the common good may not be to their liking.


John, How is it that destroying an entire town's economy is "for the common good?" How is it that spending 64 billion dollars on brand new infrastructure when our crumbling infrastructure can not be repaired due to our state being close to bankruptcy is "for the common good?" How is it creating a physical divide for an entire region is "for the common good?" How is it that the High Speed Rail Authority can not sufficiently show how this system will be paid for is "for the common good?"

Lastly, the highway system was in full swing in 1956 in New York City and entire neighborhoods were on the brink of destruction until one woman, Jane Jacobs, stood up to those of authority and proved how wrong they were. She saved property, she saved economies, she saved an entire region and made the entire country think twice about how infrastructure is built in this country.

I suggest you read one of her books. I suggest we all become inspired by what she did and continue to gather together to speak up despite being called NYMBY's and other names. This project is flawed at every turn.

This project in a lion. We NYMBY's are spiders. Many spiders can tie up a lion. Let's do it.


Well, John, I guess when you live in Malibu you don't need to worry about Highways or High Speed Trains destroying your community. Makes it very easy to call others NIMBYs, doesn't it?


HSR rail is a greenwashed concept and induces sprawl.


Who supports it? Crony contractors and central valley land speculators who plan on building more sprawl for 10s of miles around each HSR station.


Ron Fulderon

We are up against a really backward thinking crowd of Global Debt deniers. They will use every trick in the book to deny that we have been spewing debt into the world economy at an ever increasing rate. The US national debt is now increasing at a rate of four billion dollars A DAY. California is running a $20B debt this year and has the lowest bond rating of all 50 US states. Most economists that aren't bought and paid for by special interests agree that we are heading for a economic melt down of unprecedented dimensions.

These greedy big government tricksters like Quentin Kopp want to add more and more debt to California and our country and then stick it to future generations. They figure "what do I care - I'll be dead and won't have to pay back these bonds."

It's going to take years to fix this problem and we have to start now by stopping this financial black hole before it gains critical mass. People like Quentin Kopp who don't give a damn about the debt shouldn't be treated seriously (nor with any respect) as they are in total denial of basic economics.

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