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November 08, 2009



Overweight -- Wow. I've had a lot of Indian food. Homemade from friends, restaurants from different regions, etc. What exactly is so threatening to you about my statement, albeit probably hyperbolic, that you have to say something mean in response? Unless I'm reading your tone incorrectly. If I am, I apologize.

My statement was meant to describe just how well I think they have figured out the spice ratio, the texture of chicken, combination of sauces and creativity of presentation. It's not the same-old chicken tikka masala and saag paneer I've had elsewhere. That's all I'm saying. If you've found your favorite Indian food in other places, more power to you!


Holy Roller -- You're a character. I'm not sure which one yet. But I know a few things. I know: You don't like "Ghetto Phrases," as you mentioned in a post against Bev Mo earlier on this blog. And now you have something against "Resterants." (I think you're trying to be sarcastic, but who knows on the internet. You can be funny and even nice-sounding when you try. I think.)

(Wikipedia tells me that a Ghetto was "originally used in Venice to describe the area where Jews were compelled to live, a ghetto is now described as a 'portion of a city in which members of a minority group live; especially because of social, legal, or economic pressure.'")

Here's another old school ghetto phrase to go with the "BevMo" and other unsightliness you see threatening the traditional values of Burlingame: Shalom.

So much anger and meanness out here on the anonymous internet. And snootiness. Just read some of these posts. ("The BEST food? Oh, you don't know anything...")

Just everyone calm down. My mom taught me that the way to respond when you disagree with someone is to exchange ideas. Not call names. (Example: You name callers are mean idiots. Stop it. Be nice. Catch some flies with honey.) Or to shout: 'TEH HOMELESS TACO TRUCK DRIVERS ARE COMING TO DESTROY GOOD BUSINESES AND TEH CITY, OH NOES! TACOS!! AND E COLI DISEASES!!'

By the way, the repeated use of the word "taco truck" in the context of this debate might be taken the wrong way by some people. And, it's "Estados Unidos" not "Unitos." Though, I'm sure you're not trying to mean anything by your choice of words. (So are they all, all honorable men...)

I think several of you just like the attention. So you shant receive any more from me and encourage others to do the same. (Don't worry, I'm sure there's a property tax measure, a noisy train, kids with their rock and roll music or other erosions of traditional values of self-reliance, honesty and community spirit that will fill the void and give you something to demonstrate your wits and wisdom on.)

Isn't this fun kids? See you at the food truck this weekend! (Wish I made $206,567....)


All I know that my posts continue to be deleted....and they are positive!...within the terms of use...so maybe Mrs. Baylock (Joe) has some issue.


Two points to RavPat for being the first person to use lolspeak on the Burlingame Voice. It was only a matter of time.



Does the Indian truck serve meatloaf? I'm confused.


Aw. I love our town. Fred and RavPat, you rock.

ron fulderon

Yes, Fred, Ravpat, and MiniBres. You da Rock, homeee.



Holy Roller

Has anyone noticed the flurry of activity at City Hall?
It seems like the Park Depatment is dressing up the tree at City Hall.
I live in the neighborhood.
I am not sure, but it appears to me that the installation is not going well.
I was aware that there was a lack of funds last year due to a BUDGET DEFICIT.
How is it that this year "all is forgotten?"
The Police,Fire Dept., Traffic Control, closure of streets-(Street Dept.) set up and break down of the event, become now a priority?)
Who is paying for this RELIGOUS EVENT?
If anyone has the "connections" to ask our city elders; please ask them to post where this (City of Burlingame)funding comes from!
I was hoping the City to fix the sidwalk in front of my home that people trip on.
This issue really deserves a thread of it's own.


Don't care about how this impacts local eats, just don't need that trashy kind of bisiness around town. I paid a higher home price to avoid this crap.

Holy Roller

"You can run..but you can never hide."


I've been wondering about why the Indian food truck needs to move around and now have the answer courtesy of City staff. It's part of the state and county health codes that state:

"Mobile Food Regulations – Length of Stay for a mobile food facility is limited to one (1) hour unless the facility (truck) is located within 200 feet travel distance of an approved and readily available toilet and hand washing facility. Such facility must have been inspected and approved by the San Mateo County Environmental Heath Department. In the event the facility (truck) is not located within the aforementioned approved toilet and hand washing facility, the mobile food facility must move 500 feet from where it previously sold or displayed food and can not return to a previously used site for minimum of four (4) hours.

In the event a facility (truck) complies with the toilet and hand washing facility then the facility is limited to length of stay associated with local parking regulations; ie. 2-hour time limit."


They serve excellent food in a timely manner. We need cheaper alternatives in downtown Burlingame.


geez, i am quite sure that i could've brought out my ladder and hung those darn lights faster than the three days or so it took park/rec! and would've had time for a bit of indian food.

cheryl bower

Here are my 2 cents on why we should support Curry Up Now:



Let the games begin! Today a street vender with a pushcart, cooler, cutting board and sharp knife set up shop in front of Round Table Pizza. "I'm selling mangos, burritos, and other food," he said.

The street vendors will not take business away from El Fornio or the other expensive restaurants in Burlingame. Instead, Sam's, La Corneta, Harmony, and other quick food restaurants will suffer a loss of business. The street vendors cheat the "mom and pop" stores who sweat to play by the rules and pay Burlingame rent.


Curry Up Now is providing good food at a reasonable price, filling a niche in the local market, and bringing additional needed foot traffic into downtown Burlingame. In my informal survey of the other people purchasing their lunch, most of them came out of their way, specifically to eat there. In other words, this truck has already become a destination.

I doubt that there is an actual loss of business in the low end of Burlingame restaurants. There is a well documented trend that in the current bad economy, fine dining is down, but many low end eateries are doing just fine, if not thriving (take a look at McDonalds number for the past year, for example).

To review:
1) Fear by local eating establishments are misplaced: Curry Up Now is bringing in patrons who would have not otherwise purchased food in Burlingame.
2) Extra foot traffic downtown is a good thing, particularly for local retail.
3) If the B&M restaurants can't pay their rent, either the rent is too high, or they are not providing what the local market wants. It isn't because the Indian food truck boogieman is stealing their customers.

Ron Fulderon

I'm looking forward to seeing the pushcart vendors setting up next to the trucks. When you look at how much profit those trucks are making (I'd say there's less than $1.50 of ingredients in those $8 dishes) there is room for some good old American competition.


Do you really believe that the Curry Truck is bringing NEW people to Burlingame?

If the rent is too high...

If the Curry Truck were paying the Burlingame rent, they would not be able to sell their product at a low rate. The prices are low because there are not fixed costs of rent included in the price.

It is easy to make a "hit and run" on the market when you don't contribute to the local economy. The truck is taking advantage of the fact that they can sell in a top market without paying the the local rent.

There are many openings on Burlingame Ave if Curry Up wants to become a part of the community. If the Curry Truck wants to be a part of Burlingame, then it can rent a space and open up shop.

This is not free market economics. It is make a quick buck and run. If you want to be part of the community, contribute more than just making a profit. You can employ some locals or contribute to the local scene.

Wants some ideas?

Agree to come to a BCE event for Free!
Set up shop outside of Taste of the Town and give away your food to the locals. Show up at the Burlingame Tree Lighting and be part of the community!

It is easy to make money off the Burlingame Community, it is much harder to become a long term partner invested in our future. Most of the vendors on the Ave cannot just drive away when they are done.


"Do you really believe that the Curry Truck is bringing NEW people to Burlingame?"

Pretty much. Or to be more specific, I said it is "bringing in patrons who would have not otherwise purchased food". This could also apply to people who are already in Burlingame and would stay home, or wanted Indian food and would have gone to San Mateo instead.

"If the rent is too high...

If the Curry Truck were paying the Burlingame rent, they would not be able to sell their product at a low rate. The prices are low because there are not fixed costs of rent included in the price."

Do you or anyone else really find the Howard Ave sidewalk to be an equivalent dining experience to sitting in a comfortable restaurant? It is pretty clear that La Corneta or Tea + Noodle offers an experience that the truck can not, such as indoor seating, liquor license, and climate control. While these businesses are all related on some level because they sell things you can eat, they clearly do not offer the same product.

"It is easy to make a "hit and run" on the market when you don't contribute to the local economy. The truck is taking advantage of the fact that they can sell in a top market without paying the the local rent."

Is this how you feel about the Sunday farmer's market as well? What do any of those produce sellers do for Burlingame? Undercutting Safeway and Mollie Stones, with their folding tables and EZ-ups. There's a coffee vendor who has been showing up lately- must be really bad for Peets business. Then they all just drive away when Sunday afternoon rolls around, contributing nothing to the community.

It is not a zero sum game, friend. Increased foot traffic brings means more money being spent in Burlingame. Better choice makes downtown Burlingame a more attractive destination to visit.

"There are many openings on Burlingame Ave..." and "It is easy to make money off the Burlingame Community..."

If it was so easy to make money in Burlingame, there probably wouldn't be so many vacancies on Burlingame Ave.

David Bennett

I live in the neighborhood and want this truck removed ASAP. I am a local businessman who pays property taxes, donates to the local schools and our community, and belongs to the Chamber of Commerce. For temporary businesses to set up and "take" from our community just breeds more and more of this type of enterprise. What's to stop another truck or two doing the same?
Does this enterprise have restroom facilities, business license, collects sales taxes and turns them in the Board of Equalization? Do not think this does not take away from local eateries. Next it will be oranges and/or strawberries sold from our street corners.


The Farmer's Market is a local event that is organized by the city.

Why doesn't the truck show up at the open market?

It is very clear that the Curry Truck is here for a "Free Ride." The city and the local business owners can pay for all of the upkeep of the city and the Curry Truck can just come in and collect the profit.

The truck and its operations are Carpet Baggers, who come to Burlingame only to make a profit off of the hard work of others and then leave.

The vacancies on Burlingame Ave are due to the economy. We all know what happened. The truck is now leveraging this fact by stealing customers from local business. I spoke to one merchant who just signed a 10 year lease on the ave. Why? She made a long-term investment in Burlingame and in her business. If Curry Up wants to be part of the community, then it should rent a space and set up shop.

The Curry Truck is mobile... and so is its loyalty. The food may be good but the truck does not provide local jobs, benefits, or good will to the community. The profits and benefits leave with the truck as they drive out of Burlingame.

The truck would be great at construction sites, ball games, street gatherings and other events. The truck should not Free Ride upon the backs of others who work hard, pay local tax, and support the community.


From the State of New York"

Stree Vendors
Obtain necessary licenses, permits, and insurances to ensure your vending program will be legal

First, potential vendors must apply for a vending permit, which usually can be renewed annually.

They also need liability insurance, in case they cause injury to a customer; and they may need a health permit if they are selling or preparing food items.

Some cities have regulations about
cart locations, sizes, designs, and merchandise;

as well as clauses on obtaining consent from nearby merchants;

proving how the cart will contribute to the city’s development;

and keeping areas surrounding the cart clean.

Hmmm. Obtain consent from local merchants.


The City of Burlingame has put a survey on the Web at http://www.surveymonkey.com/s/G269YGD to get people's opinion of the mobile food truck. Here's your chance to have your vote counted.


These are really good posts.
However,until I observed the context of our "Flippant Responce" to
BUGGY RESTERAUNTS, I forgot about the "END RUN,"
How many people on this web site are in favor of a "DAY LABOR CENTER?"
Why does the CITY OF SAN MATEO have the benefit of undocumented workers, non tax paying business, and an over taxed Police force to manage the illeagl, undocumented humans that gather @ the freeway exits?

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