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November 08, 2009


Vince Chiaro

In general I am a fan of free markets and competition. Assuming the truck has whatever licenses and permits are required, I think their presence is healthy. There are very few places on Burlingame Ave to get a meal for under $12/entree. A few come to mind, the gyros place, La Corneta, Burger Joint, maybe Holas, Coconut Bay. And not surprisingly, these business are doing very well especially amidst the current economic climate.

You have to keep in mind that the downside of the truck is you never know where it'll be and if it'll be there, so you really can't "count" on it like you can a restaurant.


It's America! If they're operating within the rules and regulations, what's the problem? It's up to the existing restaurants to maintain their customer base. Choice is a good thing for all.

ron fulderon

What are the rules and regulations?


Love it. Ate there several times. (Hey Burlingame businesses, I made trips downtown to eat at this truck vs. going to another downtown. Consider that.) The logic that would kick out a food cart would also kick out the farmer's market because it competes with Mollie Stone, Safeway and some of the other stores.

This is good for Burlingame. Makes it a city worth visiting, living in, shopping at. Wish there were more trucks.

Would love to know which businesses are complaining. (Want to know which to stop supporting.)

ron fulderon

Do they pay taxes?

Holy Roller

The undocumented workers who patrol the parks and schools with their carts of ice cream are challanged often by the Burlingame Rec. & Park Dept. as well as the Police.
I think that is BS.
AS well as anyone upset about the roving Indian Restaurant.
If someone feels OK about eating food from a business that drives away after your purchase,it is all on you.
A friend of mine-construction work bought some food at a mobile restaurant, in San Carlos less that one year ago.
He came down with e.coli. 33 years old.
He was unable to work for 8 months and almost died.
I used to think that e. coli was just a "stomach ache."
The hospital reported(required) it to SM County. They did a thorough investigation, and determined that he did in fact get it from that "moblie restaurant"
Guess what?
No business licence.
No insurance.
No driver licence
No phone number.
That "mobile resteraunt" disappeared.
Bon Appetiet


Obviously scare tactics.

An "unnamed" friend from a year ago had a problem. Noting in the news about it, although would probably be very news- worthy based on THE public health issue. How convenient!

I do not believe.

Holy Roller

Sorry to say, that is a true account of what happened to my friend.
E.Coli is a very, very, serious illness.
I am sure that the Indian Mobile is fine.
I was just bring attention to what could happen.


I agree with foodie and others who support this truck. It makes Burlingame an epicuriously diverse city. Street food is all the rage in San Francisco right now (at least among foodies) and I, for one, am excited that our boring little Burlingame is getting an infusion of cosmopolitan food excitement. What's wrong with a food cart that is only there on weekends?

And, Holy Roller, while I'm sorry to hear about your friend -- why not warn us of the dangers of getting E. Coli from chains of fast food restaurants or -- gasp! -- spinach we purchase at our big chain grocery stores? The solution is NOT to say "stop all food trucks" just like the solution is not "never eat spinach again". It's to approach our food supply and preparation with care and regulation, etc.


I called the Chamber of Commerce to voice support for the food cart. (And asked if their president spoke for all members, so I would know which to stop supporting.)

The woman on the other end was very nice. But her logic was lacking. She hedged on whom the president is speaking for. ("There is general concern" = teach the controversy!)

She said: "You wouldn't want more carts would you? What about carts selling non-food items?"

(Actually, more diverse food options would be great for the city.)

When asked if they were similarly protesting the farmer's market, which also sells food, non-food items, etc... I was told that the farmers market was more "community-oriented."

Curry-Up-Now -- maybe a canned food drive will make the Chamber of Commerce love you? (I know, you should apply to join the Chamber of Commerce! Change from the inside!)


I love the "unfair advantage" argument. Does Roti have an unfair advantage because they can charge $25 for an entree while the truck's top price is around $8? Or does Coconut Bay have an advantage when it rains and their customers can sit inside but the truck has to turn in for the day? This is like AT&T complaining about Verizon opening a store or Safeway complaining that their produce sales suffer on Farmers Market days. I love the truck.


Isn't this America? Free competition? What whiners and babies complaining about a food truck...if you can't stand the heat, then literally get out of the kitchen. These are nice people who have all their permits, licenses, are CLEAN, and even suggest customers to go shop around downtown while waiting for their food to be cooked. Even when they don't have something you want, they make suggestions on where else you can go in the area. I guess when a competing business has reasonable prices, good customer service, and really good food, it makes you look at your own business and see what it lacks. SUPPORT CURRYUPNOW!!!

Account Deleted



Err...Burlingame Ave's failure, whether intentional or not, to attract bigger customer base has nothing to do with Curry Up Now. Period.


Free market choices... The food truck does not have to endure the expense of paying rent in Burlingame, yet receives the benefits of the Burlingame market. Food for thought, if this is fair, what stops other vendors from selling on the streets of Burlingame to avoid the high rent costs? What benefits do the renters receive by securing a place in Burlingame?

I don't know where the truck parks on a normal basis, but I would expect that some merchants could expect that it would not park and sell in front of their place of business. If I'm paying Burlingame rent, I'd have an expectation that I would not be facing competition from the street. Doesn't Burlingame have a policy about the number of food establishments that are doing business on the Ave? Doesn't this truck violate that policy?

The Farmers Market is regulated by time and place.


There are roach coaches all over Burlingame. Like this is the only one. Maybe the best one, but not the only one. More like one of one hundred.


Krn, have you been to the truck? It is on Howard on weekend afternoons and not in front if other restaurants. I think you are right about the Farmers' market... But the truck seems to only be there Saturday/Sunday right now. Only one more day than the farmers. So how would the truck violate something that the empanada guy doesn't?

Does anyone know how Portland figured out how to have successful restaurants AND a bustling lunchtime food cart industry? This story ( I don't actually know the answer) might help inform Burlingame leaders as they try to find the best solution for everyone.

Also, something-- and I'm not quite sure what it is-- bugs me about the idea of moving the truck permanently to the park where there are "few takeout options" .


I agree with supporting Curry Up Now. They are a great addition to Burlingame. Delicious food and really nice people. They go out of their way to be helpful and accommodating (which I can't say for some of the restaurants on Burlingame Avenue). Shame on this city if Curry Up Now is discouraged from being here.


Here's an article about the growing gourmet food truck business in San Francisco. (I'm set on getting some frog legs and taking them to the wine bar)


Also, I went to the Eat Real festival in Oakland this summer and had the best dining experience of the year and fed the family (to the gills) for under $100. Dozens of food trucks serving excellent dishes all between $3 and $6 per plate. You can't keep me away from this next year, I'm already salivating.



Curry Up Now is so overwhelmingly positive for Burlingame that I find it puzzling how this is controversial. They bring high quality food, in a warm communal setting, giving Burlingame a nice village feel. I've told many of my friends from all over the Bay Area to try Curry Up Now via Twitter and Facebook, and I'm seen lots of other folks do that too. That can only be a good thing for Burlingame.

Ron Fulderon

My first reaction was that it seems unfair competition to the restaurants we have here in Burlingame. Those restaurants are paying huge rents, complying with health codes, building codes, safety codes, providing toilets and washing facilites for customers (and the food workers that work with the food), disposal services, city taxes and regulation fees to open businesses and struggle to stay in business.

But then because of the excellent arguments that we should be more cosmopolitan like San Francisco and Portland, or that the tastiness of the food is the bottom line, (and for so cheap! $8 to $12 to eat something standing up) I've changed my mind. Being as suave as San Franciscans has always been one of my goals. In fact I can't wait to start stepping over homeless people sleeping on Burlingame Ave.

I think we need more food trucks. It is so inconvenient to have to drive up to Milbrae to get a taco off a truck. Why can't we get some of those trucks down here too? And the more the better because competition is good. As pointed out this is Estados Unitos. Support your local taco truck. Let the sucker restaurants that cater to those unhip non-foodies fend for themselves, and if those silly businesses can't make it and they go out of business I'm sure we'll continue to find great businesses to move into the empty store fronts. Viva El Camion.

so closed minded

What a sad commentary this is for me. Is Burlingame becoming more of an opinionated, elite enclave? What gives us the right to make determinations about a restaurant truck, which happens to serve something other than good old Americana, when other cities have MANY truck style restaurants and love the idea of having so many fast, different good food types to choose from. As someone above mentioned, go to downtown Portland at lunch and see what it is all about. The trucks do a booming business, as do the restaurants and NOBODY is complaining. We are lucky to have such a truck in our closed minded little community.


Yay, so closed minded, I agree with you wholeheartedly. Also, after my third consecutive weekend eating at the truck (and after spending $$$$$ at a shop on the Avenue just before lunch because I was going to be downtown... take that, tax base), I have to say it is the best Indian food I've ever had. Ever.

Holy Roller

Lets close all the resteraunts!
Lets but all our clothing, jewelry, cars, and books from mobile vans.
Th only overhead would be car insurance, and money spent on parking meters.
Think how much and average City of Burlingame Home Owner would save?
What is an average City of Burlingames homeowners yearly income?
According to "Sperlings", the average income "City of Burlingame, CA." homeowner. Two workers, two children, is $206,567.

Overweight but not fat

"best Indian food I've ever had"???

You really need to get out more.

The rice is pure Safeway quality and there is too much of it in the "burritos"--what the heck is an Indian burrito anyway. I like some of it, but No Way No How is it the best Indian food I've ever had.

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