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September 17, 2009


Holy Roller

If anyone who cares; as do I about the Elm Tree Replacements on El Camino Real, know that 5 will be removed at the new Wallgreens Site?
Please contact the Planning Dept.
Ask for Victor Woo.

Call Caltrans

You might want to check into the old ER


HR are the trees sick?

Off topic, but the relevant election thread has been closed by the editors:

Candidates Forum - Presented by The Burlingame Chamber of Commerce
Moderated by Mark Simon
Friday, September 18, 2009
11:00 a.m.
Public Invited

Pen TV
1250 San Carlos Avenue, 2nd Floor
San Carlos, CA 94070


This is an important way to find out which candidates know the issues and which candidates will move forward and work hard for Burlingame.


If the hospital can mail out about 190,000 of these high gloss brochures to send you "propaganda", you might want to give some thought to the cost, printing, graphic designers, postage.

Nice to know the hospital is running short on money for acute rehab. services, not likely if you get hit by a car on Trousdale that you would even be taken to Mills-Peninsula as they are not a trauma center.

Yet they want to tell you all beds will have an O2 mask in the ER.

200,000 donation, and what did it cost to produce the mailer that was sent to 190,000 persons? What could that money have funded?


Have you looked at endorsements? Ever wonder why Keighran's uses the same endorsements (even uses the same language), but doesn't have a sign of endorsement at the previous Lincoln School principal's home???? Very interesting when you scrape off the frosting. Beware of those who are deceitful.


I have not heard complaints about Keighran's endorsement list but I have heard plenty of chatter around Baylock's list. Perhaps little bird has been sitting in the wrong tree and has the wrong incumbent!

It is going to be an interesting election - with four candidates and only three seats - sans ou avec cerise sur le gateau!

Look forward to the League of Women Voters Burlingame City Council debate coming up in October (date not confirmed yet).

Here is an interesting video of Michael Brownrigg on his website:


Fiona Spamilton can always be counted on to make up some dig at Cathy Baylock that is a total fabrication. Notice how she doesn't really say anything with this post. So typical. Keep up the good work Spamilton

No Friend

That's good. Mrs. Spamilton only has 6 friends in town and 3 of those are just using her. I feel bad for poor Michael Brownrigg. His worst nightmare is to have Fiona Spamilton talking for him now!!!!


What does "plenty of chatter" mean exactly? Do you really have some issue with her list or are you just throwing mud in support of Mr. Brownrigg? Does he approve of your tactics? My guess is he might be a bit embarrassed by all the silliness.

Why don't we discuss the issues here instead of airing these personal vendettas that help nothing. Even in French it sounds nasty.


For the two above, I wish you luck with your choice of candidates.

That you and I differ who will be the best three councilmembers is of no interest to me! Puerile name calling does not help either although I did enjoy Spamalot!

The issues are serious and the challengers are difficult for our city and we have to decide which are the best three candidates for Burlingame -someone who is honest, knows the issues and will move forward and work hard for Burlingame.

I will make my voting decision based on those four facts - as I am sure you will too. Fiona


From Michael Brownrigg's website:

Thanks to farsighted policies adopted 40 years ago, Burlingame has been able to coast on a healthy economy built on bayside hotels, strong auto dealerships, and a robust downtown. But recently, times have changed. The hotels and auto dealers are under great strain, and while Burlingame has been resting on its laurels, other peninsula cities have been competing ferociously for new hotels, new auto dealers, new business.

The City Council adopted modest budget cuts this year and next year may bring even greater cuts in city services. Had we been more pro-active in bringing new businesses here -- for example, to Rollins Road or the bayfront -- this might have been avoided.

I have spent my career investing in businesses, considering long term trends, and helping entrepreneurs grow in a complex, interconnected world. This sets me apart from the other Council members running in this race.

It is time to think ahead, to think about the future and what new businesses -- medical services, biotech, clean tech, and so on -- we can entice to Burlingame. Investment means considering the long term payoff of decisions and sacrifices made today. That is what our city leaders did 40 years ago and that is what I would like to bring back to the Council today.


Here's the problem with the above statement. It's off base. Yes, the hotels and dealerships are under strain they are down but hardly out. He states Burlingame has been resting on it's laurels but there hasn't been aggresive growth in hotels or dealerships anywhere on the peninsula. The Four Seasons in Palo Alto is the only significant addition to the peninsula in the last ten years. The hotel across from the Ikea and other stores. Now if he had mentioned development of the drive-ins site similar to what is across from the Four Seasons I would think he is talking about something that would be an improvement to Burlingame revenue and not just lip service. Of course, any meaningful development on the drive-ins site was handed a huge setback when the city council did not allow a southbound off ramp at Peninsula Avenue. Thanks guys!

He states he wants to focus on getting medical services, biotech, clean tech businesses in Burlingame. While all businesses are good, focusing on these businesses is hardly the long term vision that Burlingame had 40 years ago. They bring in jobs and employees who are consumers and residents in the area but they do not add to the tax base like occupancy and sales taxes do.

I feel his financial arguments are weak and his solutions inadequate.

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