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September 01, 2009


Journalists with Facts

Daily Journal today:

Hola’s closed for serving minors
September 01, 2009, 10:01 PM Daily Journal Staff Report

Those thirsting for margaritas in Burlingame will have to go somewhere other than Hola’s Mexican Restaurant and Cantina — at least until Sept. 16.

The restaurant at 1448 Burlingame Ave. was served a 20-day closure as punishment for three instances of serving a minor alcohol over the past year, explained John Carr, public information officer for the California department of Alcoholic Beverage Control. It closed Aug. 27 and will remain closed through Sept. 15.

Hola’s has had three incidents of selling alcohol to a minor decoy, someone working with law enforcement, over the past year.

The first instance occurred Aug. 22, 2008, for which the restaurant paid a $3,000 fine. Alcohol was served to a minor for a second time on Nov. 26, 2008, an act that came with a $20,000 fine that has since been paid. Lastly, alcohol was served to a minor in February, according to the ABC.

State law allows the license to be revoked in instances in which a restaurant serves alcohol to a minor decoy three times over a three-year period, Carr explained. The 20-day suspension is the punishment for the third case.

Journalists with Facts

Heather's excellent follow up article in the Daily Journal:



timely article, as many of our local teens have been spotted at the local bars.

Local Motion

Is there any reason why you didn't post this article as a comment to the one with the Hola picture since that is where the question was raised? I doubt 15 or 16 yo are at the bars. Hola probably got caught serving 20's

Nice job you Voice guys. You were a couple days ahead of the Journal.

Journalists with Facts

The answer is no.

The Daily Journal found out the "facts" as to why it was closed - ie drinking to minors.


there's an article today in the Journal that states that there were 30 citations/fines, with 10 being in Burlingame - the aforementioned Hola, El Torito, American Bull, Broadway Prime, Straits, Broadway Grill, Sunrise Deli Market, Burlingame Delight, and Joes Cafe.

Whether one is 15 or 16, or 20, the drinking age is 21. And there are high school aged kids participating.

Thanks for posting this, Voice editors. It's a scary issue.


Why is this posted under the strand for BHS Athletics?

The post here argues that it is the BHS athletes who are in the bars. One post above states that "many of our local teens have been spotted in the bars." If you spot them in bars and know them by name then why not do something about it? At least notify the bar that they are serving an underage person. (Please, DON'T post the name of a student here!)

Posting the comment here only spreads rumors and this thread makes it look like you are saying that it is the BHS athletes who are drinking in bars.

If the folks at Hola are dumb enough to serve minors AFTER being warned of a sting operation, then they should lose revenue or the month.

This post should have received a separate area for comments.


KRN - there is no indication in the newspaper articles that the minors came from Terra Nova, Capuchino, BHS, South San Francisco, San Mateo, Menlo, Half Moon Bay (stated in the original thread) nor were they stated as "athletes" but maybe this could be a precautionary tale about drinking to ANY of our "minors" from ANY of our neighborhood schools who read this thread.


KRN - I have certainly done exactly what you suggest.


The schools listed above are the ones on the BHS football schedule. Neither they nor BHS have anything to do with the liquor infractions. That was some confusion on the part of a person commenting.

By the way, nice win for BHS against Terra Nova on Friday night! Lot's of offensive yardage and some pretty solid defense led to the win against a team in the "upper" PAL division.


Here are some contacts for the 1st Annual Little Big Game Golf Classic--the Nov 11th charity fundraiser for BHS and San Mateo High athletic programs. If you are interested you can contact:

Steve Mills (BHS Golf coach) at smills@smushsd.org

Jimmy Ikeda (SMHS Golf coach) at jikeda@smuhsd.org

It's a 12:30 pm shotgun start-four person scramble at Poplar Creek.

Cornhole Sets

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