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August 02, 2009



One of the realities of this forthcoming project is that real estate agents will now be required to disclose that the project is moving forward to potential buyers of homes near the rail corridor. Obviously when a disclosure like this is made, property values are affected. With this mandatory disclosure, the negative impacts of HSR have already begun.

Below is the official language of the disclosure:

The approval by California voters of Proposition 1A in 2008 authorized the funding of a high-speed rail system ("Rail System") in California and the creation of the California High-Speed Rail Authority ("Authority"), the entity responsible for planning, constructing and operating this Rail System, intended to link various cities up and down the state. The exact route that the proposed Rail System would take and how its construction and operation might affect surrounding communities have been the subject of considerable concern and debate.

Along with its benefits, possible negative impacts of the Rail System could include, without limitation, noise, dust, traffic interruption, street closures and/or econfigurations, visual impacts, possible diminution of property values and other consequences on a particular neighborhood. Precisely what impact, if any, the Rail System would
have on any particular piece of real property either before, during or after construction and placement in operation is unknown; certainly it will affect people and properties differently.

Real estate agents are not experts regarding the Rail System, and prospective buyers are advised to investigate and satisfy themselves in regard thereto during property inspection contingency periods. Important information about the Rail System may be obtained by contacting the Authority directly or by visiting the website http://www.cahighspeedrail.ca.gov.


Why would anyone regularly take the HSR from SF to LA? Worse, the HSR is going to induce sprawl. Look at the history of rail lines and transportation corridors. That is what they do. This HSR will make developers near the mid-stops filthy rich, as well as the engineering firms. This will be the be biggest boondoggle of all time at a time when our schools are being drained of funds.


Another HSR nightmare. The promise is that one gets on the train and arrives, refreshed, 2 hours later in LA.

All it takes is one guy with wires sticking out of his shoe and you've got a new HSR-TSA 2-hour wait in security before boarding your 2 hour train ride.

Now it's 4 hours to LA- why not fly?


"Now it's 4 hours to LA- why not fly?"

So why not train it if it is a more pleasant trip?


Why must HSR be profitable? Are our highways profitable? If HSR simply lost less than our "boondoggle" highways, wouldn't that be a net gain?


Pleasant trip on HSR? Just wait until the soon-to-unionized TSA gets it's tickley hands on security. Add another 2 hours on the trip. Carry-on baggage? Hah!

Add two more lanes to I-5 if you want to get to LA so badly.

HSR is the Great Wall of California: keeps a lotmof people busy for a long time, never will do what is is suppossed to do, and will only look good from space.

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