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August 07, 2009


Holy Roller

Is there a reason candidates wait until the last moment before commiting to "pull papers?"
I was curious if they do that so as to see who else will be running.


It's a good question that I don't really know the answer to. For those who have done it before, they know the work involved in reading the binder full of material and gathering the signatures. For those that haven't it's a good education.

Holy Roller

I read that would-be candidates will contact incubants to ask for a "bribe-counsultant fee," not to run due to the added expence an incumbant will have to spend on a campaign.
What ever happened to our "Good Neighbor," Ed Jew?
Ed Jew lives in Burlingame, I think.
What happened to Ed Jew?

joe baylock

This post has been updated to show the order of candidates on the ballot.


My first interaction with Ann Keighran was not so great and first impressions are important, mostly while a minority is volunteering in your city.

I was involved in volunteering with my daughter for a clean up day on Broadway and both my daughter and I had fun doing this as we think it is important be involved in our communities. We always volunteer and its been fun as we love the city of Burlingame.

However, being that I noticed Mrs. Keighran was around, I asked her after we were done where we could get a form for my daughter to fill out in order to show that volunteered in the city. Her reaction was quite insulting as she answered "I don't know, my kids go to private school!"

I was at a loss for words being that I was not asking how rich she was or what kind of school her children attended. This was not a good impression to say the least.

Of course, not everyone in Burlingame is flaunting their money around like that but being that she is a public figure in Burlingame, I'd expect. "Listen, I don't know, but let me find out" How hard can that be?


Perhaps it was up to you Frank to be responsible for your own children.

How hard can that be?


Guess the princess must be a little worried about the upcoming election for her signs are the first to be posted around town.


I saw a Baylock sign in the cobblers window - been there for weeks?

Do you mean that "princess"?


The Daily Post states today "Burlingame Changes Rule" - "Jim Nantell said yesterday that City Council members running for reelection will no longer be interviewed as a group during endorsement meetings but denied that a secretive meeting between three council members and union leaders violated state law.

... council members are being advised to only appear individually when seeking endorsements from organizations after it was revealed that three council members sat down with local unions - including one that represents Burlingame city employees -in a question and answer session Tuesday night.

The article is too long to quote here (and there is no link to cut and paste - http://www.padailypost.com/ -like our other free newspapers).

There is also a post editorial "No Sunshine in Burlingame" in today's Daily Post.

anson wannabe

Check out the Daily Post for a frontpage article titled "New Twist in Burlingame Race" about Terry Nagel endorsing Michael Brownrigg.

Incumbents - don't regurgitate your previous election endorsement lists and lawn sign lists - endorsements and lawn sign requests change.


I would really like to know why Keighran has to post TWO signs everywhere. One would do the trick.


The "trick" is for the editors not to editorilize comments or names - even little bird editors.


Perhaps if bloggers would not impersonate others there would not be a need to edit so much. You are not and never have been "Anson". Please cease and desist.


Editor Baylock, Garrison & Cohen, unless he has risen from the dead there is an "impersonation" of Anson B/game by a Voice editor no less. Does this editor also comment under "Anson" as his exculsive fake name?

Watching the blog today showed that a comment was made by Anson, the name was changed by the editors and then deleted with a bird tweeting saying two comments were made and now one is gone. An editor is speculating that the comment came from Mrs. Keighran. A little bird can tell you - I know Anson and Anson looks nothing like Ms. Keighran!

A resident told me last week that she had been delivered a Baylock sign without asking for it, so thank you for emphasizing, little bird, which incumbent is "regurgitating" their previous list. It should not be a surprise to anyone!

We look forward to more "twists" and turns in the upcoming election and it is too bad the real Anson Burlingame is not here to participate!

Signed, Fiona

joe baylock

The only person speculating about comments coming from Mrs. Keighran is you and it would be good if you stopped doing that as well. Your speculations about other people is somewhat childish and does not contribute to the dialog about city affairs.

As for you hearing from one resident (out of the 100+ who have received a Baylock sign to date) in error, you neglected to mention it was picked up immediately without question. I wish I could alert you to the dozens who have written asking where their Baylock sign is as the signs begin to appear neighborhood-by-neighborhood. I even had several ask for them when they saw me delivering more today. They are quite popular and can be requested at www.baylock.com by clicking on the image of the lawn sign!

Mr. Slate

So now Terry Nagel has endorsed a newcomer over the three incumbents. This makes no sense politically. She just upset three that she will likely be working with in favor of Mr. Brownrigg. "How to Make Friends and Influence People." At some point, she is just going to run out of people to antagoinze. The silliness of her supporters on this site is in line with her modus operandi. She sure is hard at work!!! I won't vote for Mr. Brownrigg simply because I don't want to give Ms. Nagel an ally on the Council. Her games are simply too distracting. Vote for the incumbents. They have disagreed for years but seem to maintain respect and a good working relationship.

Outsider Looking In

I agree that Nagel is becoming more and more estranged on this council. It's no wonder she is seeking an ally.

Witness the 4-1 vote this week with Nagel being the sole vote to keep the civil commission which by its own admission did not have enough to do. (Stephen Hamilton, Fiona's husband and Nagel's primary supporter, was a member of the commission and apparently wanted to expand the power of the commission).

Nagel was also woefully out of touch with Burlingame residents when she proposed 75 foot high condos throughout downtown (apparently in the name of "affordable" one million dollar 1,000 square foot housing).

She also supported Prop 1A which brought us the High Speed Rail debacle -- and now, in a height of irony, is supporting a candidate who is trying to appear to be the Anti-HSR Candidate.

I hope voters don't fall for Nagel and her double talk. We are in the fight of our lives to protect the Peninsula from the high speed rail debacle primarily because the likes of Nagel encouraged folks to vote for it. And be wary of candidates pushing "affordable housing." That is a euphemism for HIGH RISE.


Yes, the flip-flopping on the HSR issue was, and is, ridiculous. Many of us saw, prior to the 1A vote, that this California HSR was ill-conceived, poorly thought-out and "railroaded" down the voters throats. The San Mateo County Times spoke out numerous times against the prop.

I value public servants who have core beliefs that I can rely upon -- not wild-cards who are constantly putting their finger to the wind. If Brownrigg is the protoge of Nagel and the Hamilitons, it's anybody's guess what we're going to get if he is elected. Thanks, but no thanks.


It is clear to me who Nagel is endorsing and opposing. I'm not running so I don't have to worry.

I love a healthy debate!

Let the politics and the signs BEGIN!

Just don't pull any signs off lawns that are not your own! (PBS pledge drive?)


I think it's pretty clear that Nagel is opposing all thee of the incumbents.

An early version of Brownrigg's website encouraged voters to "pick him as the main dish and choose any two side dishes" you want. Some of his endorsees are clearly anti-Rosalie and some clearly anti-Cathy and some are anti-Ann.

Yes, I know she "formally" endorsed Keighran, but my guess is that's mainly out of fear of the O'Brien's retaliation. Nagel's main goal is getting Brownrigg elected. I wouldn't be surprised if she is encouraging folks to "bullet vote" like they did for Root four years ago.

My feeling is that unless you dislike all three incumbents, you are doing each of them a disfavor voting for Brownrigg.


Might we please refocus on the Issues that are important to each of us? High rises, high speed rail, high pay, high temperatures--all good. Psychoanalysis not really worthwhile.

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