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April 16, 2009


holy roller

I understand the Easton Branch is a special gem of Burlingame.
However, it does not take away the reason it was funded for remodeling in the first place.
1. Our Lady of Angels-post school day care center.(payed for, and funded by City of Burlingame Taxes) Thereby giving a HUGE return to the people who live in the neighborhood, and can afford to send their children to a PRIVATE RELIGOUS SCHOOL.
2."Micro Neighborhood" property value.

The reasons for closing that library(Easton) are many. Focusing on the Main Libray should be the "good fight."
Everyone in Burlingame has access. It is a beautiful,and peaceful place.
Lets face it.
If Easton Library disappeared tommorow, how many of your children would know?

Holy Roller, there are many kids from all our schools that enjoy both our libraries. It is not constructive to discriminate just because they are "private schooled" or "public schooled".The Easton library is a "neighborhood" library and for that reason is an asset to those residents - and children - who use it.

This is about a city "gem" which is available to all - even you and me!

Our libraries are safe havens for all, a place to learn, read, use the computer, buy a book, to do homework, attend their library programs, do the hokey pokey at story time, read a newspaper and, even in hard economic times, it is a detrimental step backwards to close libraries - for kids of all ages!

holy roller

It is not about money.
Demographics, would prove my point beoyond any doubt.
The only point I am attempting to make is to present FACTS to the public. If anyone wants to look futher, so be it.
The Easton Library is a "Special Interest" concern, and has been since its inception, headed by an X Ciy of Burlingame Mayor.
Under any outside agency investagation it would be obvious.

holy roller

I do not always have facts to share at this site. To state so would be an exaggeration.
However, I do go to meetings,read, and have friends and neighbors who work for the City of Burlingame.
So I get info/opinions.
My background as an investagator allows me to diffuse this shapnel.
And, it is fun to connect with people who care about the place where they live.

There has been some eloquent discussions especially at the council meetings about the fact that we have two libraries and that monies could be channelled into one library rather than two. That is a legitimate argument during difficult economic times.

This should NEVER (caps intended) be about "special interests" especially when it comes down to whether the kids at one library come from one demographic group or another. Such an argument is distasteful to me and is not what a library should be about - ie open and available and welcoming to all.

Re funding the Easton Library remodel, approx $1 million was raised through private funding from a broad range of citizens who believed the Easton Library is an important part of our community for everyone.

Respecting that our councilmembers have very difficult budget decisions to make, I hope they too will value the importance of our libraries to our community - whether they have kids, whether they value learning and reading and importantly whether they live across the street from one or other of our libraries.

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