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March 09, 2009


drew smith

Th adult female's daughters go to my school. I cried when I found out that their injuries were that bad.

holy roller

I think that if you have business that directs IMPARED DRVERS to a SPECIAL PARKING SPOT, the business has to be completely responsible.
Some people think HANDICAPPED(SANCTIONED BY STATE OF CALIFORNIA) DRIVERS need to park in front of the store.
This is one of the hundeds of reasons those people should park as away as possible to avoid the all to common gas/ brake issue.

holy roller

Nevertheless, if a business is going to allow IMPARED DRIVERS to operate their vehicles on private property they have to create a place that will allow the other 99% of shoppers safe access to the business.


Yes, let's keep "those people" away from us!


Do you have any evidence whatsoever that the driver being handicapped had anything to do with the cause of the accident? I've known quite a few young, perfectly healthy people who have accidentally hit the gas instead of the brake, though fortunately never with such tragic consequences.

Also, it's spelled "impaired" and you should know that "impaired" is not a synonym for "handicapped." Drunk people are impaired. I know a number of drivers with handicapped placards and not one of their disabilities or conditions has any effect on their driving ability. Finally, typing in ALL CAPS is considered rude (the equivalent of shouting). Or perhaps you need to type big due to vision problems? Are you one of "those people"?


1. There shouldn't be any parking spots near a high traffic entrance.

2. Make driving a vehicle a more valuable privilege by increasing the cost to obtain a license and more frequent mandatory testing. My 87 year old friend should be tested, but DMV decided it was a good idea to give her an automatic 5 year renewal.


I feel for everyone involved in this tragic accident. I have a "disabled placard." I have a connective tissue disorder. I use the placard if I shop at Costco. Sometimes if I have a good day I don't use it at all. But my disability is not an impairment to my driving. However, even being in this situation I do feel that this parking space in front of Mollie Stone's is way to close to the front door. I try to be courteous and use spaces only if necessary and save disabled spaces, especially if there is only one spot, for those in wheelchairs etc. I know some people who just think it is a right to take the spot no matter what. But I also believe there are those that are worse off than me. That spot was just way to close to the entrance of the store. Being disabled doesn't guarantee you a spot in every situation so sometimes it is in your best interest to accept your challenges and save the closest spot for someone else. I wonder if there is a mandate on having a designated disabled spot and that it be close, but not exactly at the front door.

holy roller

I have had both my hips replaced and lucky for me, when I felt able to drive again I did not not use my placard because I felt there were other people more needy than myself.
That said-Ned..
In the state of California auto drivers are at times compelled to take a sobriety field test.
If the driver passes, they go on their way. If not, they are IMPARED.
Arrested, and in trouble.
That arrest will effect thereself, and family for years.
If anyone can not pass a field sobriety test sober or IMPARED, how can you justify that person having the privlage of a State of CA Driver Licence?


holy roller,

What does anything in your response have to do with this accident or my post? Did the driver fail a field sobriety test? No, he did not! The police have stated that the driver was not under the influence of drugs or alcohol and he will not be charged.

Your original posts were hateful and ignorant, even more so considering you yourself have or had a placard. Rather than apologize or clarify your remarks, you responded to me with rambling, irrelevant incoherence. You wouldn't happen to be typing while impaired, would you?

And again, it's spelled "impaired" (with an i) and in netiquette typing a word in ALL CAPS is considered shouting. It's amazing that you would not only repeat the misspelling after being corrected but also draw attention to it by typing it in ALL CAPS.

Ned, we appreciate your lesson in computer etiquette but caps can also be a means to emphasize a point, a word or a statement.

Caps used in this way is not a new phenomenon and has been around before the invention of the computer!


Fiona, you are, of course, correct and I should have made that distinction. However, I think when caps are used as liberally as they were in holy roller's first post, they don't provide any emphasis other than of the poster's anger. And I do think that, like many of us, holy roller is angry about the accident. It's only natural because we want someone to blame. However, that anger should not be used to discriminate or retaliate against innocent people (i.e., banishing all handicapped drivers to "as away as possible [sic]").

holy roller

Thank you Fiona for your intervention.
I am very upset that so many people doing good things were hurt so horribily.
CAPS or no caps has nothing to do with tragedy that wiil ripple through the lives of everyone involved for the rest of their lives.
Handicapped Drivers should be treated differently than non HC's.
Elderly Drivers should be treated differently as well.
They pose a hazard to society.
Evidence is undeniable.
It is reflected in insurance premiums, and can be accessed through the CHP.
I believe that if any business allows anyone to enter thier property, knowingly unable to operate a vehicle in a safe manner, park at the only public entrance without protecting the rest of us is WRONG!


There you go again with the discrimination and ignorance. Your repugnant blanket statements about the handicapped and elderly are simply wrong. Your anger has blinded you with hatred. Handicapped and elderly drivers "should be treated differently"? You mean like second class citizens? Yeah, that's American. Fact: being handicapped and/or elderly does not *automatically* make you a dangerous driver as you state. I know 70-, 80- and even 90-somethings (some handicapped) I'd rather ride with than some drivers less than half their ages. Every person should be held to the same standards to get and keep a driver's license. If a handicapped or elderly person meets the requirements, why on earth should they be denied the ability to drive? Really, I'd love to hear your answer to that specific question. You may be surprised to learn that I think the requirements should be tougher, much tougher, because there are too many bad drivers out there... of all ages and physical ability. Is it fair to discriminate against the handicapped and elderly because some might be bad drivers when a large number of the general population are bad drivers too? Again, if a person meets the requirements, they should be allowed to drive. Period. Where do you stop with the discrimination? How about we ban all Christians from driving? After all, when the Rapture comes, think of all the suddenly driverless cars on the roadways that will go careening into other cars and pedestrians killing and maiming untold thousands! Hmm, that ban would actually be a good idea. With such a large percentage of the population off the road, there would be plenty of maneuvering room and parking spaces for the remaining non-Christian ("pagan", if you will) handicapped and elderly!

holy roller

However, Pagans should geta pass.


Oh dear... well, yes, of course pagans would get a pass in a ban on Christian drivers. As is obvious in the concept and as I clearly said.

Based on your utter failure to address any of the points I've raised or answer any of the questions I've asked in anything resembling a coherent or logical manner, I can only conclude that you lack basic reading comprehension. I would have liked to have had an intelligent debate with you, but I fear that's simply not possible. I also fear you again won't understand any of what I just typed.

To the other readers of this site, I regret if any of this was unpleasant to read, but I stand by what I wrote. Hate and ignorance should not be met with silence. I'm done posting in this thread, but I'd be happy to read further rational comments about the accident. My thoughts go out to all those affected.

holy roller

Goodbye Ned.
Safe motoring.


While you all debate this stuff, you should all know that the mother had to have her leg amputated as a result of the injuries (so I hear today and have not hear confirmation).

We should all feel for this woman (who will now be handicapped, for all of you talking about how they should not be allowed to drive), she has gone through a tragic event in her life and we still don't know the condition of her daughter. We need better safety efforts by the DMV (more rigorous testing and better protection of pedestrians by both businesses and cities. This crap about handicapped drivers not being able to drive is idiotic...non handicapped drivers have a higher rate of crashes than handicapped ones, so stop the BS.


I am very sorry to hear that the mother had to have her leg amputated. That is so sad. There is always a heated debate over right and wrong etc. Sometimes what we can do is learn from accidents and in this case first and foremost keep those that were injured in our thoughts and prayers. Maybe we can learn that concrete barriers at "disabled" parking spaces should meet height requirements, so that should something like this ever happen in the future a higher concrete barrier would have stopped the vehicle before it was able to cause so much damage.

holy roller

That is exactly the point I attempt to make.
I am sorry that my emotions, regarding lack of forethought in devlopment of a safe and sane parking area offended anyone.


The dog was found on Thursday wandering in the Broadway Area of Burlingame and has been reunited with the owner. The owner was a man standing at the table talking with the mother and girl scouts. He was injured also. I was glad at least to hear that the dog was found. Now keeping mother and daughter in thoughts and well wishes.


The daughter went home from the hospital on Friday. I believe she had a broken or crushed pelvis and as far as I understand, is doing as well as can be expected. Her mother did have her leg amputated and they are hoping that they don't have to take the other leg..She also had a broken or crushed pelvis. I'm glad that they found the dog.


Elizabeth Thank you for the update. I am an old friend of the mother and daughter you mention. If you have any more information, I would appreciate it. I live over seas and I do not want to bother the husband at this time. I will pray for everyone involved.


I understand that the driver of the Lexus is an attorney who handles quite a bit of insurance law. It seems to me that newspapers etc. usually name the driver of the vehicle in accidents, in this case they did not release his name. I wonder if it has anything to do with the assumption he is an attorney who is a partner in a high profile firm in San Francisco.

holy roller

I heard that the women died yesterday. I hope that is not true.


Holy Roller, Please explain where you heard this from. I have heard nothing about that. Please tell us where you received the information. I am certainly hoping it is not true but a horrible mistake.

holy roller

One of my friends who works at a senior center told me.
I know it came second hand so I have know way of know if it is s fact.

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