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January 24, 2009


Holy Roller

The reason the costs have do be increased is the one thing that is never addressed on this site or in the newspaper.
More children.
Unfortunetly, the children, as well as their parents are undocumented illegals, and the school district does not have the mandate to address this problem.
It effects the schools classroom size, and the budget.
As well as the teacher layoffs, and deficets the school district is going through.
As long as illegals keep coming to this area, and their children, being born in the US are automatic citizens, the inability to fund every aspect of the public school system will be underfunded.


So, During a time of Economic instablitiy, Liz McManaus's words, the District goes out and HIRES, not a part time, but a FULL time employee to schedule the fields. This job use to be done for FREE by the Cities. So, instead of trying to work with the Cities to increase prices to cover their direct costs, they hire a full time field scheduler to schedule fields that no one is now scheduling! Doesn't a full time employee bring with it retirement, medical as well as a salary? How is this saving money? The District is canceling long standing agreements with the Cities that had the Cities, maintaining the fields and paying to have them cleaned up! It is also blaming the cities for contacting the non-profit groups and informing them of the Districts move to increase these fees to a point where the non-profits can't afford to run their programs. Aren't the Board of Supervisors elected PUBLIC officials?

The new field scheduler, Connie I believe her name is, even stopped her car on a Saturday afternoon and threatened three young ladies that were throwing a softball in the Burlingame High School Softball field. These young ladies were not having a scheduled practice with any organization, they were just throwing around a ball and Connie got out of her car and threatened to call the police if the girls did not leave the field immediately.. I'm sorry, but I am personally PLASTERING my home with signs against the district if they ever go for another bond for facilities again.. I am also PLASTERING my home with signs against the current Board of supervisors that have gone along with this field increase and have gone along with the District shutting down working out the fees with the Cities. The districts lies about what the Cities are and are not paying are laughable. The anger in Liz McManus's voice when she talked to the Council at a recent City Council meeting was LAUGHABLE!!! I understand she was also in the lobby, giving a janitor a sheet of paper with a speach on it so he would know what to say when addressing the council. Again she wrote lies that the City was not doing their part to maintain and collect fees for the fields! Burlingame has paid for many of the facilities which Liz neglected to write in her speach! They want this issue to go away and want everyone to just go quietly into the sunset and start to pay pricing that is so inflated that if it wasn't so sad, would be commical. Unfortunately, it's our children that will suffer as more and more programs get canceled due to lack of field space.

I agree with your comments.

It sounds like the School District has been less than professional about dealing with the numbers and dealing with our City.

This issue is leaving a very sour taste in many people's mouths - even those who are not personally impacted through their children's sports programs and I wil think more than once, twice, three times before voting for a school bond.

Our children need more opportunites to be involved in a sports program and know what it is to be a team member and not less opportunities.


I agree with both Elizabeth and Fiona.
When financial times are bad everyone looks to pinch pennies -- but there comes a time when pinching pennies becomes penny-wise and pound foolish. And it is pound foolish to squander the goodwill of the community and take it for granted. Communities work together for common goals -- they don't get into tit-for-tat behavior. Did the SMUHSD forget all the private donations and city tax money that have been poured into the BHS track and pool? Did they forget that BHS uses the city fields for baseball? That the BHS marching band practices each summer on city fields? That school potlucks and end-of-season dinners for individual BHS sports teams, as well as the music boosters, athletic boosters, and most recently, the Taste of the Town (where the parents so generously spend their time and resources to raise money for the SMUHSD to spend) used to all occur rent-free at the city-owned Rec Center? Carrying this tit-for-tat to its extreme, what's next? Will the Peninsula Tennis Club start charging the SMUHSD to hold the teacher appreciation and holiday lunches there? Will the golf courses and driving ranges who so generously let the BHS teams use their facilities ask them to pay up or ship out? Will the SMUHSD padlock the track (or charge Burlingame residents to walk around it on a summer evening)? Will Relay for Life be told to pay-up or move out?
Liz McManus is a finance person -- counting beans is her job and she's counted them very well. It is the job of the superintendent and the board to worry about larger issues like community relations. I hope they step up to the plate on this one and work with the city to iron out a relationship on facility use that works for the benefit of everyone -- the city, the SMUHSD and (surprise, surprise!) for the students and residents who are the raison d'etre for both groups.


By the way, Nathan Mollat wrote a good piece in today's San Mateo Daily Journal on the same topic. Thankfully, he reports that the city is going to allow the BHS baseball team to begin practice on the city-owned fields tonight while the school district and city try to reach an agreement. The alternative was that the SMUHSD was going to load the boys into SMUHSD buses each night and ship them off to an off-site facility (perhaps the closed Crestmoor school) to practice. Ridiculous. Again, penny-wise, pound-foolish (not to mention a very "un-green" idea).


They found out that the closed Crestmoor field had too many holes in it and that it was unplayable. That it would take money to fix it up and that is the reason they decided not to ship the boys up to Crestmoor. The City has always wanted to work with the SMUHSD but they are insisting that the City charge the same rates that they are charging us but they wouldn't give the City the formula that was used to come up with the fees. They also were refusing to give the city a certificate of insurance so that the boys could play on the City baseball field which is a bit amusing as they insist that any group renting the School district fields, have insurance. In fact, that is one of the reasons they gave BGS (Burlingame Girls Softball) that they couldn't use the batting cage on school property (that BGS paid for and built) due to liability issues. They wouldn't even accept a certificate of insurance, they just cut off negotiations. Never mind that BGS paid for the cage!

They also are telling the boys to sneak into the city batting cage for batting practice as they don't won't to pay for it's use.
Yet, when little girls are just throwing a ball on a field on a Saturday afternoon, they get a wild field scheduler threatening them with police action!

I'm afraid that the situation will get worse, before better as the District has refused to talk with the Cities and has pretty much told them to "get over it" and pay the fees. Fortunately for our kids, the City wants whats best for them and hasn't cut off the use of it's facilities for lunches, testing etc. Again people, think twice about voting for more bonds and find out who you are voting for on the Board of Supervisors, prior to casting that vote.

SanMateoCounty and Cities Field User


One only has to look around at other
entities that have done this right/as
in correct or are mitigating the
same types of problems etc.

IE. Flood Park in Menlo Park charges
$50.00 per day for games.

Sounds reasonable compared to the
Miller/McManus fiasco.

Just an additional fyi and piling on:

Lodi and or Merced's Doctor Miller
had sketchy dealings with his consti-
tuents; the "party" was festive when
he "left".

McManus = one only has to know that
she was programming the union goon
in the hallway before he (leather
jacket) spoke, or rather read
verbetim his attack on the City of
Burlingame 'never spending a dime'.

Wow, how much further from the truth
could that statement have been!

Wonder if McManus worked for Bay
Meadows Land Development in her
other Life.

For the good of past boys and girls
who ran, swam, swung at, jostled,
scored from second, hit a home run,
struck out,water-polo'd or soccer'd
around our fields, and for the
present and the future - we parents
need to circle the wagons and
barricade the "Alamo".

If we "give it up" - we will never
get "it" back.

What would the legendary Burlingame-
Capuchino - Carl...think about all
this controversy....very Sad!!!

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