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February 25, 2008


Holy Roller

I have noticed that the tree planted at the "Easton Day Care Center" is growing and looks great. However I have noticed other trees recently planted on Easton that look poorly planted, and bent over at odd angles.
Maybe one person/treeworker should be in charge of the reforestation at Easton. So we do not get sloppy work.

Holy Roller

I also was told by a neighbor that a large 100+ year old Cypress tree was removed today on Forestview Dr.
We better get that reforestation program going.
It is was very wrong the Park Dept under John Williams, and Steve Porter refused to have any foresight at all into the future of the urban forest of Burlingame.
Now it sits on the shoulders of Randy Schartz/Tim Richmond to take the blame for the short sightness of their predisessors.
Another large tree fell in Washington Park over the weekend, and another is on it's way to the ground right over the Rec center, and playground!
Take a look for yourselves, next time you are in Washington Park.
Please call the Park Dept and voice your concerns.


Amazing, I was walking in the park yesterday when a friend said to me " 20 to 1, the Burlingame voice bloggers will blame Tim and Randy for the tree blowing down during the wind storm:" and here you are.. Just like she said...The other tree that is coming down would of blown down during the next big storm as the leaning has gotten progressively worse since the last storm. Can't wait to tell her she was right as I thought someone couldn't be that stupid to blame the parks department for a tree blowing down during a wind storm!

Holy Roller

According to the man I spoke to at the removal site, I was told it had something to do with type of tree, and the enviorment it was grown in.
Doulas Fir grow in a wet enviorment in the winter, and a dry enviorment in the summer.
Park trees surrounded by grass that is watered daily has an effect on the root system, and created a disease the tree can only deal with for so long.
People/Humans are the same way..
Some smoke and drink until they are 90-get hit by a newspaper and die.
You can only imagine the flip side.

Holy Roller

In regards to random trees blowing down..
The main reason is the type of tree, and the placement. When the trees were chosen, tree science was new, and evolving
That is called "Urban Forestry"
According to people I talk to in City Hall, an Arborist will be retireing for the second time; and moving to Hawaii, and Tim Richmond will be leaving this spring as well.
I hope the community gets involved and has an input into replacements for these people because trees are falling, and the replacements are a poor.


Replacement trees have more to do with the law suits and the liability the City faces with the roots that pull up the sidewalks. If people would stop the law suits when they trip over a tree root or if a limb falls, perhaps the Parks department would be able to plant bigger and more majestic trees. As it is in sue happy California,
they have to think about the risk that the City faces when planting trees and can no longer plant trees that line the streets
or create the canopies that we all love. Its unfortunate but people are always trying to find a fast dollar and the trees unfortunately have paid the price.
Tim and Steve do an excellant job but have to think about the risk to the City too and cannot plant the trees that they once could plant. If they took away the grass around the trees that came down in Washington Park so that they wouldn't get as much water as the grass requires, people would bitch about the dirt in the park and blame Tim and Steve for killing the grass. It's a no win situation with you guys..Perhaps trees are falling b/c they are old and at the end of their life span.

Holy Roller

That is true. The trees are nearing the end of their life.
But in the streets, the replacements are not "true" trees.
For example, Roses' are trees.
The city is planting many trees that are never going to be more than "lollipops".IE Pittispourm, Phrazier Photinia, Mayten,Plum,and Cherry.
This town/city is on the cusp of developing an Urban Forestry Program that could be equal to the 200=+ years of East Coast arborculture.
IF the Park Department continues to cave into every individual home owners call to a "City Elder", we will always have less than the vision that was started to fill a windswept bayfront into the place it is becomeing today.
The reason being the lack of ill percieved concerns by homeowners that the tree will be a nusance.
(What most homeowners are not aware of is that the City of Burlingame Tree Department maintains the tree in front of your house)
I for one will be glad to see the departure of Tim Richmond.
It is time for a leader, not a quizling.
TR has done some good things, but I do not know what they are.


Your comments about Tim Richmond are way off base. He is a dedicated person who cares about the parks and has done so for more than 30 years. You have no idea of who he is or what he is all about. From my dealings with him he is of the most insightful parks staff I've ever known from any city.

Holy Roller

What happened to the Easton Reforestation Project?


Another Eucalyptus went down this week on Easton...not quite as big, but gone.


the tree that went down was heritage size.

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