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October 10, 2007



So McConnell thinks it is OK to tresspass onto someone else's property and steal? Escuse me, reaarange the signs because his candidates sign is not as visable? The homeowner arranged the signs the way they wanted it, but McConnell thought the Condon sign should be eliminated. I hope the homeowner gets rid of the Deal sign since his campaign manager's husband can't control himself. I hope the DA let's McConnell know that his actions are against the law.


What McConnell did is repulsive. I'm disappointed that Condon is not pressing charges. Sure it's "only" a city council seat, but tampering with an election, at any level, is un-democratic.


This is not about Condon, it is about Deal. The artilces say that the information is given to the District Attorney's office and they decide whether to bring charges. That is not up to Condon.

I just can't help think that Deal is behind this whole sign stealing problem in town since it is his campaign manager who was caught. What does that say about Deal if he gets on the council, and what does that say about Keighran and O'Mahoney?

Well, good for Condon. That shows some class. The big loser is the City of Burlingame. Just to think that a small town election can turn into something so 'important' and inflated that some feel justified in this low-life activity - what a shame.

CCI (Citizen for Correct Information)

An important point is being minimized here. McConnell has been made the focus in the press due to his recognition in the public. What is being downplayed is that his wife, Geraldine O'Connor, is a campaign manager for Jerry Deal's election. Removing opponent's signs is dirty politics plain and simple. One would think that this couple should certainly have been aware of that. Burlingame is famous on the penninsula for its dirty politics, and election time does bring out the worst in some people. For those people, and their spouses, who work on election campaigns, this type of activity is especially not acceptable. Good for Condon for reporting it. That's exactly what he should have done.


Well, well, well, it seems that some of you are just now waking up and smelling some of the more foul scented roses we have around town.
Sign stealing is nothing new. It went on in the last election as well. Don't you often wonder why there is a Deal sign on EVERY lawn where there is another candidate's sign? Don't you wonder why many of the names/titles of endorsers listed on Deal's website are spelled incorrectly or listed incorrectly? Put it all together and smell the real roses people. How much does this camp want to have a block vote on the council?


No one is going to leave a sign in their yard if they arnt voting for that person.


The most annoying thing for me is the non-apology from McConnell. "I'm sorry if I offended..." Buddy, are you telling me that you are out in the dead of night discarding someone elses campaign sign and when your caught you try to make the other person seem overly sensistive? Give me a break. You committed a crime, my friend.

Well, Carole, I definately know people who agree to take lawn signs whether they care about the candidate or not.

Isn't Geraldine a former Beautification Comm member, and now on Parks/Rec? Or am I mixing her up with someone else?


Geraldine is still a beautification commissioner...

Sigh ... the ignorance (and ignoramouses or is it ignoramice) on the Voice is outstanding.

No, no, no, Geraldine is no longer a Beautification Commissioner. These are the names of the commissioners: Jeanne Carney*/Jo-Ellen Ellis/ Mark Grandcolas/Susie Lahey/Leslie McQuaide/Bobbi Benson/Donna Wright

And for Jean .... the Parks Commissioners are: Susan Castner-Paine/Peter Comaroto/Karen Dittman*/Laura Hesselgren/Edward Larios*/Carol Muller*/Michael Shanus

(*term expiring this month for four commissioners)

This information is very easily available 24/7 on the city website and even available when the city offices are closed for public holidays.

Mr. McConnell has graciously apologized ("I certainly apologize to Gene Condon" see above). He has said he won't touch Condon's signs.

I do not expect a gracious apology (publicly or privately) from those who have tried to steal my sign, stolen the button off my sign (I hope he/she is wearing it proudly!) and hell will freeze over before any gracious apologies are forthcoming from those who have stolen Mr. Deal's lawn signs.


Must of been looking at an old list..my apologies..

I still think that taking/moving the sign is outrageous and if Mrs. McConnell has any sense she would resign immediately to allow Mr. Deal's campaign to move forward. To say it is OK because someone else moved my sign is unbelievable and to have bloggers here agree with that explanation is even worse. He was caught red handed infringing on his neighbor's First Amendment right to display sings how he wished. He should offer an unequivocal apology that recognizes how his actions were an affront to our whole democratic system. He should then distance himself from Mr. Deal's campaign. Lame excuses make it worse Mr. McConnell.


I agree with you 100 percent, JROC.

Wow, Fiona. You've corraled the public ignoramuses (pardon the english plural), aka "voters" sloshing around the Voice.

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