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September 29, 2006



Actually it's not the Final Budget. The purpose of the meeting tonight is for the board to comment on it, and then either accept or revise it.


I'm truly sorry to say that this budget is probably the final budget unless something miraculous happens tonight. The fact is that the budget dead line is tomorrow. To my know ledge the Superintendent of the county will have the new budget in her hands tomorrow and the budget will be at the state no later than a week. It is sad but true.

student X

this is the final budget, by a 3-2 vote tonight at the board meeting. ms. vranes and ms. lees-dwyer were the two who voted against the budget, and i'd like to personally express my appreciation for their comments.

I agree, good for them for going out on the limb.I thought that most of the comments were productive, and I sure hope that the Board does implement some of Griffin's ideas, including a Budget Oversight Committee, as well. The students gave really wonderful speeches this evening. I was particularly impressed with those lacking language skills, or with other handicaps, who really expressed themselves well.


I too would like to express my appreciation. I would also like to assure you (mainly Joanne, Jen, and Jean if she's still around) that you have not heard the last of me. I will continue to fight this, and next November when I am a registered voter, I will do anything under the sun to recall the 3 board members who voted for the budget recovery plan tonight (I suspect their terms will be up then anyways, which will make it all the easier). Those of you who are as enraged as I am, I encourage you to get out and run for the board. (Joanne, before you try to encourage teachers or anybody else to run, you might want to look over local laws to see who can legally run) As for Ms. Vranes and Ms. Lees-Dwyer, I would be beyond happy to see either one of them be President of the Board.

Vranes was president last time, I believe--it rotates like a city council.

But it didn't really matter who was president, because in the past they all have parroted each other, mostly voting 5-0 on things, at least what I saw. Hanley just got re-elected for 4 years. Linda is new. Griffin, Cohn-Lyle and Vranes will be up (I think)....Interesting is that Vranes says she currently teaches, and I thought that current teachers were not allowed to be Board members, or is that incorrect info.?

I agree with the comments about Linda Lees Dwyer and Diane Vranes. They exhibited courage, compassion, humility and wisdom in their comments last night. The students were passionate, articulate and caring. I was glad to have witnessed the outpouring of concern and genuine love for teachers who, in my opinion, deserve to be paid much more than they do. To all of you: remain vigilant in the fight; make sure the promises made last night are kept. We'll all be watching.

Excuse my error: Griffin also ran last November with Hanley and Lees. Vranes and Cohn-Lyle will be up for re-election a year from this November.


I disagree with those comments regarding how poorly teachers are paid or, for that matter, with how sad their situation is. Had each permanent teacher agreed to take something on the order of a $1500 per year paycut, most if not all of the lost jobs could have been preserved. If each ahd taken $500 probaly most of the taching positions could have been preserved. Teachers are the only profession (if they even desrve that appelation) who are "tenured" after 2 years and cannot then be dismissed for doing a poor job--it probably takes molesting a student to get one out. How many other jobs are you aware of that offer that level of security and which thus no doubt tolerate if not encourage mediocore performance? You people are mouthing platitudes. Ms Dwyer and Ms Vranes will most emphatically NEVER get my vote again.


Further, anyone who heard the studnets who were completely unable to articulate a coherent thought ought to question just what kind of education our young people are getting from these "wonderful" and oh so deseving teachers!

Well, Ann, maybe you should have stood up and articulated your points of view. At 15 or 16, in front of 300 or so people, it isn't as easy as you may think. Some of those kids may have only the teachers in their lives to give them any sense of direction, and I thought it was important to them to say, and just as important for us to hear them.

student X

ann, who taught you.

Rich Grogan

Is it time to change the model for District Board Members? I would like to suggest we step away from education and look towards Business Professionals.

Also, I would like to suggest we change the language of ALL District Employees, elected or hired. We need to do away with the Golden Hand Shake contracts that pays out the duration of the contract and rewards an employee for eihter substandard or illegal activities.

ASE, "A+" for Civic Engagement 101.


Ann, I am conviced that you have no heart, soul, or concience. I will therefore not justify your comments with a response except that I'm glad you chose to post them in front of the entire community, so that we can all share in the disgust I feel towards you. I guess we will be campaigning against each other next November. I look forward to it.

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