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March 25, 2006


Excuse me....I actually don't think this incident was related to a football game, but was an informal soccer match, or something...


Jen: I am glad to find that residents of Burlingame are holding a high hope and expections on their own city. It is very supportive.

About the speeding on certain street, solution is very simple and effective -- Not only to have stop sign but also have bump installed. The downside is, the speed bump make the city look ugry.

Hope it helps.

Yes, we've been working on those for quite awhile, and funding is scarce to non-existent for bumps or bulb-outs. I noticed that there are entire neighborhoods in parts of Menlo Park and P.A. that have these gentle bumps. I just am not sure how effective they really are against speeders. I think narrowing the street, via bulb-outs or other plant medians works better, but is very expensive to do. Bayswater used to have canary palms down the middle, but they were torn out. What a pity.


Jen, I know a way to get those bulb-outs, berms and bumps---add it onto the Peninsula Avenue overpass project. The city could use it as a negotiating point with Caltrans.

Fred, as I mentioned previously, Burlingame wouldl not be negotiating with Caltrans. San Mateo would need to negotiate with them, as this project would built within the San Mateo border.

As you might have noticed from recent articles, San Mateo is having a hard enough time just completing the traffic calming projects the city started nearly a decade ago.


you guys are all retarded rich people. you don't know what gangs are.


This is burlingame not hayward. although a few people got hurt that doesn't mean it was gang . Burlingame is in a total bubble. There are no REAL gangs. Most of these "gangs" are just kids hanging around. Seriously, everyone overreacts in our small, bubble town.

Holy Roller

I agree with wow.
The premise of this link is ridiculous.
There are gangs of parents who have to drive their kids to BHS everyday.
There are gangs of teenage women who wear t-shirts with their fat hanging everywhere.
Weird white men wearing their pants around their knees, and think women like it.
Those are the GANGS we need to worry about.
What about the gangs who wear flip flops in winter, and UGs' in winter?

Last year a student spoke up at a council meeting and because she was very serious about this issue I don't think she was talking about the BUGS Gang (Burlingamers wearing UGs), or the Flip Flop Gang or the Wot-Wots (west of the tracks) or even the Helicopter-Parents-carting-their-kids-to-BHS Gang!


well i think just because a kid said it doesn't mean its true. No offense Fiona, but you don't have to buy into what a kid says.

wow wow I do not buy into what alot of people say - particularly on the Voice and particularly those who hide behind an anonymous name - but I do try to listen to what kids say as they are sometimes closer to any problems they have to deal with as young people than I am.


fiona, you are talking to a kid and i say there are no gangs. so why dont you listen to me?


fiona, quite frankly, i think you are a very clueless person. Do you realize that Burlingame is one of the richest cities in the US and that we're in a bubble. I think this would make more sense if it were posted on a San Mateo blog

Holy Roller

In regards to you John, I agree.
There are a lot of people over 60 years old that contribute to this site.
There is no way a Multi Millionare (at least on paper) can have an opinion on what happens in the HS everyday.
Look at SM HS. One mile away from BHS.
They have a special school for pregnant teen age girls. They have a school for (Latin) students who are learning to speak english.

Parents of students that attend SMHS who are illeagals.

Their only toe hold in the US is their child. Not to mention, the ID theft that is so prevalent in order to enroll their children.
Fiona, there have been gangs here for 30-40 years.
But none of the type you wonder about.
You vote for them

Guys....Lets see..about 80% of Burlingame Hillsborough residents hire illegal Mexicans to perform work at their houses....and now you wonder who is robbing homes and participating in Gangs...What a joke....You guys are the culprits and should be jailed for hiring Border Criminals

There is a law on the books that allow a taxpayer to file a Lien against your houses if they are sure you are committing a crime sure you are breaking the law....

fair is fair is fair

can you give us the statistics (ie more information) about who is robbing our homes.


Terry Nagel

We just received a report from Police Chief Jack Van Etten tonight about crime in Burlingame that shows that Part 1 (the worst type) and Part 2 (lesser crimes) reported offenses have declined steadily since 2004.

For example, in 2004 the city had 1,271 Part 1 offenses and 2,638 Part 2 offenses. In 2007, there were 1,067 Part 1 offenses and 2,435 Part 2 offenses.

At a recent meeting, the county deputy district attorney reported that San Mateo County has the lowest crime rate of any county in the state except for Marin County.

The chief will give a full report on crime at an upcoming council meeting. In the meantime, any neighborhood can request a free police presentation on "Neighborhood Watch." Just call (650) 777-4100 and ask for Jim Ford. Our Poppy Drive block captains would also be happy to help you form a Neighborhood Network for emergency preparedness and crime prevention. Just send me an email at terry@terrynagel.com.

One more thing: Lock your doors!

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