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March 25, 2006


Rich Grogan

Yes, most, no, yes, yes for Burlingame, not for our neighbors.

It is the Apple Dumpling Gang.
Roll up the welcome mats.

If we have gangs in Burlingame, they are most affluent and upscale crooks in history.


wjones... you're living in the Twilight Zone!


WJ and Matilda -- I think there are two questions: Do gang members hang out in Burlingame? Do gang members live in Burlingame?
My guess: Yes, Yes.
Wherever drugs are bought, sold and used there will be gang activity. Drugs sales are a lucrative business; even if business is bad, there are plenty of cheap rentals in Burlingame.


One can certainly make light of the fact that even in upscale Bgame the gang members must be uppercrust, but the fact remains there are gangs. And with gangs comes trouble, theft, assault and narcotics to name a few. This is no laughing matter as it's just a matter of time before the 'ritz hits the fan'.

Lets have a reality check.

Water/Sewage rates will soon increase. Maintenance.
Burlingame Ave has been schedlued for a "make over" for about 10 years.
Broadway looks GREAT!
Can anyone on this site provide any information as to what "Gangs" have done to them,friends,or family?
Besides putting a "Gang Member" family in debt for Nike,A/F,Banana Republic,Timberland,SUV's, cfar insurance, future tuition cost including all of the above, and last but not least body piercings.

The reality check is that our leafy suburb was the scene of a gang-related stabbing last year. It was not "done" to our family and friends but it proved there is not an invisible wall around our town that keeps these problems out!

jeriann fleres

tuscon - I am not even sure what you wrote there but I can tell you that gangs are bullies. They go where they feel they can infiltrate easily. They always look for the path of least resistance. They prey on weaker people. That means our community is vulnerable. Not just to gangs but to drug dealers as well. Sure drugs are everywhere. Does that mean we should sit back and let it happen? It's easy to pull out a sapling. Much harder to pull out the tree that was allowed to live and grow for years. (No disrespect to the tree lovers - I'm one - in our town). I am confused that you compare the sewer rate increase to gang presence. Does that really compare in your mind? I can tell you what gangs have done to my family. My nephew was jumped in front of Burlingame high school a few years back. They took his sneakers. Not a big deal. Thank goodness he wasn't seriously hurt. But if that could happen are you safe and secure in Washington Park? Can your kids walk to play basketball by themselves? Can your mother sit and enjoy the fresh air? Whose town is this? Some of these kids don't even live here. They come in on the train. There should be ZERO tolerance for any of this kind of stuff in our town. Big box stores? Monster houses? Trees not replaced? I say those are lesser concerns. The very core of our small town is at stake if we allow gangs and drugs in. I have been in Burlingame for 22 years. I came from the lower east side of Manhattan. I came from drugs and gangs. Believe me. They will grow and they will take over if they are not stopped. You decide. We could grow those trees - it will give the gangs someplace to tag their graffiti so they can claim their territory.


Well put, Jeriann! I'm surprised you would minimize the problem, TucsonAz. Gangs bully our kids (after and during school),bring illegal drugs into town, turn our high school football games into SWAT team events and stretch our police forces thin. Of course, Burlingame needs to address this issue (and sewers and business improvement).

I am sorry that you believe I minimize this concern of yours.
My family is aware of the sacrifice made by us to live in this community.
Casual observation, is that most of the people who live here, Burlingame. Grew up here.
So I believe the gangs that are not addressed on this site are the PARENTS.
It is a struggle to keep our kids in school.
Clothing, Cars, Sports, and Grades.
If our children do not have material goods that peers have, they will be shuned, or struggle to fit in.
Frustration breeds this compartments.
Gangs are only an expression of class warfare that is unfortunatly/finally coming home, and needs to be reconed with.


hello burlingame

we have developed a local website

just for broadway


come and have a look



LOL---Gangs in Burlingame. They are everywhere. Ask police dept for their gang activity notes.


Does it seem strange to anyone that no reports of police problems in Burlingame have appeared in any of the daily papers?
Its been at least 3 months. Have all the problems with clubs etc just disappeared or have the problems been hidden from press.

I agree Carole. There have been at least two car breakins that I know about which have not been included in the local newspapers.

Oh No Gangs

If you don't know the gangs control the East of Tracks area in Burlingame all you have to do is park and watch the block cornered by Bayswater, Stanley, Dwight, and Howard between the hours of 2:30pm and 11pm.

As a metter of fact the Burlingamevoice.com group has removed postings about all the activity based on pressure from the police department.

why would the police want postings about the gangs removed from this blog? if the gangs are hanging out on those corners then we need to be aware of it. I hope that this is not going to be a blog ignored while we go and talk about planters and trees. who are these gangs? local kids? how old? how many? are they parts of the same gang? rival gangs? groups of kids or real gangs?

Oh-no-gangs, please tell us what you have done to get solutions for this problem other than a ridiculous comment about the Burlingame Voice?

How many times have the police department been called? What has been the outcome?

Why aren't you neighborhood parents mad as hell and not taking it any more? You need to put pressure on the police department and Chief van Etten. If I lived on any one of those streets, I would try and get the neighbors together and invite Chief van Etten, the mayor, the councilmembers, the butcher, the baker and the candlestickmaker etc. to a neighborhood meeting and ask lots of questions. If you have photos, give them copies. Stand up in a council meeting so it goes on public record. Write letters to each of the councilmembers so it goes on public record. Call the cops and then call them again and again.

Our councilmembers should be asking our police department to give them a report about how serious gangs and drugs are in Burlingame, who is involved and what they are doing about the problem.

To be very clear--the Burlingame police have not asked for any postings to be removed nor have any postings related to gangs been removed. Posts are removed for violating the Terms of Use only.

If you need assistance navigating the blog archive you may send email to editor@burlingamevoice.com. Blog on!


Or if someone changes her mind about where the train station should be located a year later.

I have cut and pasted some information from a previous post with information that may be useful with this post. If the admin thinks there is a better way to work this please go ahead and reorganize with my blessings.

"In response to citizens' concerns about gang-related crime in San Mateo County, the San Mateo County Sheriff's Office gang intelligence unit announced Wednesday a new toll-free anonymous tip line for the members of the public to report gang activity. Detective Sgt. Tom Gallagher reported that during community meetings, several people have asked about how to provide police with information about graffiti, gang hangouts and violent crimes. The gang intelligence unit provides up-to-the-minute information? on gang activity to the San Mateo County gang task force, a field unit combating gangs on the streets, Gallagher said. We welcome and encourage members of the community to call us with any type of gang information,? he said. The non-emergency gang tip line number is (888) 400-GANG or (888) 400-4264"



Hi all, I am new in this site but very please to have nice people to show concern of their city and post the facts here.

Actually, I am not living in this city but my 2 kids are studying in private school in Burlingame for over 8 years. I am planning to buy a house on East side (near Bayswater, Bancroft Rd., Victoria Rd., Horward Ave.
) and have my son go to BHS next year.

I am so excited to have him get into this great school and about to submit an offer for the house in East side.

Now I start to worry what's going on here, the "GANGS" I never heard about it in this city. Anyone, anybody can give me more information about the East Part, is it safe to live there??

Is kinda shame to see the nice, quiet city ruined by Gangsters.


I live over here, don't worry. I think there are a few loser kids who are selling drugs, (as some bloggers have mentioned) but that happens all over this town. It also happens in Hillsborough. I have kids, they feel safe here. We personally have never seen or heard of any real gang activity here, and we've lived here nearly 20 years. There may be exceptions or cases that I don't know of, but it's a great neighborhood.

Our biggest issues are speeding cars on Howard and Bayswater, and not much police enforcement; but that's another story.


Burlingame sometimes feels as though it is isolated from the towns at it's boarder, but it really isn't. The word "gang" goes along with the connotation of drugs, thugs, and violence. All of the above exist in Burlingame and no matter how hard anyone tries they always will. There will always be a demand for drugs in this town because people can afford them and they want them (It isn't only the young one's either). It definitely isn't only a problem on the east side of the tracks. Drug deals and the violence that follows that culture are all over the city and even in Hillsborough. Now I wouldn't say that gangs rule the town. We don't have to worry about wearing red at school, but the people who think that Burlingame is clean from all crime are truly blind.

Re-reading this thread, I forgot that there was a stabbing incident in the early spring, after a BHS football game. One of the people involved was just released on parole, I think. And I don;t think any of them lived here.

I don't doubt that there are drugs sold at the football games (before and after, probably) and at other high schools and high school events, as well. If your kids aren't into that scene, it won't be an issue.

I worry much more about drunks and drug dealers at the night-clubs in town, and what they do (and how they drive) after they leave the clubs and hang out around town. They cater to club-goers from outside the area. But even they have been less in the limelight lately. The police and the city finally cracked down on them and one of the worst offenders shut its doors.

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