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January 27, 2006


So far the council has received more than 240 suggestions, and they're still coming in!

To reach all council members at once, you can email: [email protected]

That's great to hear!

This was an amazing session, with great input encouraged all around.

Thank you to Mayor Baylock for making sure that the nightclub issue finally was looked at an reported on. Credit also goes to GUS, who frequently blogs here and has given the readers a very important perspective from a law enforcement point of view. Virtually every problem he mentioned was covered in a thorough and illuminating report by Police Chief Van Etten, including pictures of large crowds that gather and hang out on the sidewalks after closing time. We heard about drug use in the clubs, parking lots and cars, urinating on private property, and fights. As Gus had mentioned, most of the dance-club patrons are not from Burlingame.

The worst part was hearing about how the added time the officers must spend at the clubs area has impaired the ability of the officers to respond to calls in the city. In non-urgent calls, the delay is several minutes, and in the case of urgent calls, it can extend response by one minute. I could imagine that in some cases, a single minute could be too long.

Judging from several of the graphs plotting annual calls associated with disruptions at the clubs, we clearly have a serious issue on our hands. It was good to hear that this issue is at last being addressed, and that there are strategies being developed to deal with repeat offenders.

Thank you to Gus too because he reminded us how bad the situation was. There had also been many reports in the Police Blotters. Our city officials should have been addressing this and had not publicly until today. It was about time that this issue was put on the table.

Cops on the Take

No sense in trying to restrict a club from doing bisiness in area. You may want to check out the police officers from Burlingame who are taking payoffs from the club owners to look the other way.

And the drug use is closer to the police department than you think. This city has some very dirty cops.

Humm, dirty cops are responsible for the mel es downtown? Now that's a good one....

C. Uprum

Re: Cops on the Take...yeah, the Cops are taking bribes, and that's why they have been posting here trying to get the City Council and Police Chief to take a bigger role in solving the problems down on the Ave.

Put up or shut-up, if you have real information and not just a bunch of crackpot accusations, I suggest you file a complaint with the BPD.

I agree - those our very serious allegations you are making and I would suggest, copsonthetake, you contact the Burlingame Police Department as follows:

Business Phone: (650) 692-8440
Fax: (650) 697-8130
Mailing Address: P.O. Box 551, Burlingame, CA 94011

just looking

I haven't noticed anyone looking the other way. The numbers (as listed elsewhere on this blog) pretty much tell the story of escalating enforcement. Perhaps C. Uprump is looking for more liberal use of the baton??

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