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November 19, 2005



Our hearts go out to Cliff and family for this great loss.


Go to http://www.firedispatch.com/ for details.

Joe Baylock

I just returned from there. The fire got large enough to be a 5 alarm fire with B'game, Millbrae, San Mateo, Foster City, the CDF and possibly some others responding. Apparently there were a couple of false ceilings in Chicken Chicken!'s space that allowed it to spread through the rest of the building which includes Yianni's old location and ABC Decorative rugs. Quite sad to see, especially before the big Thanksgiving rush when Chicken Chicken! does so well. Judy from Gao Poaung said they were scheduled to meet Cliff Woods Tuesday morning to talk about leasing the Yianni's space ;-(

Cliff Woods, owner of Chicken! Chicken! has given in many ways to the community. He is always willing to donate to local charities and he has allowed his community groups to meet in his restaurant free of charge.

It is my hope that, we the community, can now return the favor by offering to Cliff and his family whatever they need. Shelter, comfort, funding, etc.

Half Moon Bay rallyed around Chuna's General Store after it's devestating fire. Let's do the same for the Woods family.

Cliff and his family have been through so much in the past year or so, it isn't even fathomable. Does anyone know the origin of the fire?

Cliff Woods

Hello Everyone,

As you already know, there was a devastating fire today at our Restaurant and Building. Fortunately, no one was injured, and it appears that neighboring buildings are fine.

We are very proud of Michael and Jacques and the team's efforts to try to look after people's safety and property. They and the restaurant have tried their best to care for guests and our staff team.

I am back in Burlingame late tomorrow evening, as we put together our plans to rebuild.

It is so ironic that Chicken!Chicken! received about 6 or 7 first place wins in the San Mateo County Times readers surveys announced recently. Even the firemen were distressed as they tackled the blaze as one said, 'We eat here frequently'.

Let's hope the community can rally to help Cliff and get Chicken Chicken back in business soon.

We love Chicken Chicken and we appreciate Cliff and all that he does for our community. We are so sorry to hear about his restaurant and he must know that we will all help whenever he needs us.

We were just talking about Chicken Chicken last night as we drove past and how much we enjoy eating there. It won't be the same going to the Christmas Tree lighting without dinner at Chicken Chicken afterwards. We wish Cliff and his staff all the best as they hopefully rebuild soon!

Cathryn Baylock

Chicken Chicken keeps our family well fed at least once per week. Nicky and A.J. are devastated, but we are encouraged to hear that Cliff will rebuild. Cliff and Susan, and your devoted staff are the Best of Burlingame. I know our community to will band together to help the Woods family and all of their employees get back on their feet. Our love: the Baylocks xo


Please do everything you can as a community, Burlingame, to help Cliff and Sue and their family. They are dear friends of mine and, as many know, have been through more uncontrollable setbacks than anyone should have to endure in one year or even a lifetime. There's no telling why bad luck hits some.....we all know how tough Sue and Cliff are, but this is beyond imagination. We send all our love from our family to theirs.


Best wishes and prayers to all the people at Chicken Chicken. We are very sad - Chicken Chicken is great favorite of ours for lunch and weekend gatherings - Mmmm... feast for six...
Good luck guys! Open again soon!

Best Wishes also to ABC Decorative Rugs! Our hearts and prayers go out to you as well!


We also hope to see Chicken! Chicken! back soon. My son Tristan (8) and I used to eat there often, and it was always good, and the people nice.

Best wishes on a quick return!

Harlan Tristan



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