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October 28, 2005



I got it too. What a classic message about "more to do". I still remember Patrick Jensen's poetic rejoinder to Rosalie that said "If you haven't accomplished it in 12 years, it's not going to happen". He said it better than that, but you get the idea. Now she's asking for 20 years to get it done...whatever "it" is. She never quite says what "it" is does she?


I'm constantly amazed at how unappreciative some people are about Rosalie! What other candidate has more experience, knowledge and put in more time for this city? Would you give that all up to seat someone with NO experience and NO track record? Do you truly know what some of the newcomers motivations are? Truly? Do you think it's wise to have an entirely new council with no senior members? Exactly WHAT hasn't Rosalie accomplished in 12-years? Why is her junk mail any worse than any of the others? Do you really think all of the issues facing the council are old unresolved ones that take years to decide? Don't you think issues come up daily, yes daily... there's always "more to do!"

Ricardo Ortiz

Amen Matilda!!!!


Well, the Daily News said it best. "Often a swing vote, O'Mahony has a history of a aligning herself with whoever appears to be on the winning side, sometimes reversing herself if it seems expedient, as in the recent decision on crossing guard funding." There are lots of examples of her doing this. This is not the Rosalie of the 90's who I respected. And while I still respect her past service I can't see myself voting for her again.


Well, I disagree. I don't think Rosalie ever wanted to be in the position of holding the "swing" vote, she just found herself there on several occasions. I would think all you CBB/Safeway people would THANK her for being the critical "swing" vote on one particular occasion! However, memories are short and I truly think Rosalie weighs the facts and votes for what she feels is right at the time. The crossing guard issue is a perfect example. Last year wasn't the time with budget cuts and lay-offs. This year, with the city showing a small recovery the crossing guards may fit into the budget. A smart council member considers all the facts, not simply the ones that will make them popular.


Oh give-me-a-break Fiona! It's Rosalie's fault that the rest of us voted in an antagonistic member of council? It's her fault this new person didn't and still doesn't play well with the others? They're all supposed to be professionals; shouldn't they take responsibility for their own behavior? The night of the Safeway vote Rosalie and the other council were cold-cocked? with Terry's true self. I was in shock and confused myself, and it had nothing to do with the agenda item they were talking about, it was the delivery; her curling lips, squinting eyes, inability to hold her head straight, overly scripted, patronizing words. Scary Terry!


Thats the best description of Nagel I've heard yet. I think Fiona has met her match.

Rollie Bee

Well, folks we got rid of the red face coffee maker. Gilligan knew his days as a council member were numbered after his lies claiming he was receiving 9-1 e-mails in favor of the Safeway concrete disgrace. Back to the soccor field for you Gilligan. Now, it's time to retire Rosalie for her lack of stance for the crossing guards.


Love the Halloween decor and especially the bats!!!!!!!! You are a very clever bunch!

Sue, Thanks for the comments. Sorry to all Mac users out there, the bats aren't visible. Which just goes to show you must be bats to use a Windows machine ;-) Now, lets not start a flame on Mac vs Windows pleeeese!


Also love the masthead! Thanks for the artistic flair!

Now, in fairness to Rosalie, I think she wasn't feeling at all well that evening, and was probably very confused. People at home watching were probably also confused. It didn't help that negotiations appeared to take place during the break in the hallway: (If I recall correctly, something about reducing chairs and tables in the cafe section, and removing the retail spaces, then coming back to the council meeting five minutes later, stating that the plans were now different). I think this was inappropriate and not at all proper protocol, but nobody said anything. Since when is it good policy to negotiate a project during a council meeting break?? You vote on the plan at hand, not one that is changing in the hallway. This is the kind of thing that shouldn't be happening.


Everyone seems locked into O'Mahoney's crossing guard flip flop but I think the sidewalk repair flip is even worse. When I complained about having to pay for mine two years ago a city employee told me that Cathy Baylock had tried to get a 50-50 split on the cost but Galligan, Coffee, Janney and O'MAHONEY put it all on homeowners. Now she wants the city to take back all the cost. What a politician.


O'mahoney is called a flip flopper by her allies on the board. "You can always get Rosalie to switch her position," stated Lembi. Its not that her critics are calling her a waffler, its also her friends. Rosalie is a nice person, but it is time to move on.


unfortunate thing is that for those residents/voters who don't follow lcoal politics closely except during election time won't be aware of Rosalie's waffling and will see her accomplishments over 12 years + think that's a reason to vote for her...


If you watch closely the masthead changes......should get you to do my Halloween decorations next year. Bravo!


To flip-flop means that initially whatever-it-is seems like a good idea or even a great idea, and maybe you even say so! But, after closer consideration, like budget, staffing, and the process for this idea to come to fruition it turns out to be not such a good idea.

Some councilmembers seem quick with the "good ideas." Rosalie is very good at doing her homework.


The biggest problem with Rosalie's current self-promotion on the sidewalk and crossing guard issues is that in this election she's claiming as her own focus the need to fund crossing guards and have the city pay for sidewalks. It'd be very different if she stated that in the past due to budget constraints she had a different point of view, but she's not -- she's making it look as if others were responsible for the current condition, when in fact, it was her doing.

Other incumbent, Cathy, and other candidates including Ann, Russ, and potentially others have neither waivered on these elements nor, more importantly made these elements the focus of their campaigns. So on both fronts, Rosalie's touting of these items seems disingenuous and falsely self-advocating.

As one who never before cared for the term waffler, this is indeed a very clear case of election year waffling.


Boy you guys spent all weekend bashing Rosalie and Dan Andersen. Congratulations, very productive, love seeing the issues brought up. Are there any other than crossing guards? Remember the list made up that nobody ever addresses?

Must make Keighran, Baylock, Root and Cohen happy to have such a crack staff of mudslingers. Tally ho!


Sign me up for Matilda's new church - the Church of Common Sense.

Sir Paul Prendiville (KCCB)

Fred,You seem in a good mood today.How do you like my new title?.


Very nice. Considering it is Halloween - do you have the suit of armor to go with the title?

Sir Paul Prendiville (KCBB)

No Fred, Tonight i will have on my Elvis suit .Soliciting the desperate housewife vote.That sort of thing.


What does KCBB stand for?

Sir Paul Prendiville (KCBB)

Let's Play a little trivia.guess?


King Citizens Better Burlingame

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