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October 25, 2005



Library or auditorium?
What's the seating capacity of the library?

I called the High School this morning and they confirmed that the Debate will be in the Libary which seats "about 200 people". According to the Daily News (no link) there is an article titled "Students to get Civics Lesson" and it says an estimated 100 students will attend.


Lady Fiona -

Thanks for the info. You kick-*ss!

My next question is -- 1) how do you have the time to do all this research, investigation, reporting, fact-finding, etc?

2) Perhaps you should get a job with one of the local papers so we'd start to see more in-depth coverage and real news in the papers?

3) Next topic for your research: motorcycle fatality on the Peninsula/101 overpass this weekend (he flipped off the overpass while trying to avoid another accident) -- how many accidents have there been on that overpass? With only a low partial barrier, is it up to Caltrans code? Planned safety improvements for that overpass? How many accidents trigger a safety review/upgrade?

Trous Dale

I got this email from Terry Nagel today with a slew of recommendations about city council and all the propositions. She seems to think 2 people are good but I don't know either one of them and I have lived here a long time. Why does Nagel make these statements. Is her opinion supposed to be any better than anyone elses. And how did she get my e-mail address. She seems to want to run the town but she cant get along with anyone who came before her. I'm not voting for her 2 or her either.

I imagine - like most of us - Mrs. Nagel is asked her opinion about some or all of the candidates. She has served as an elected official on a very toxic council so - unlike most of us - she knows how difficult it is to work with a dysfunctional council! I appreciated her help on some of the propositions which take alot of time to understand and are confusing.

Just FYI Trousdale, Mrs. Nagel is not running. Double FYI you can email her and ask to be taken off her list so in the future you won't be one of those receiving her helpful and informative emails!

If you want to subscribe to Terry's list you can go to http://www.terrynagel.com/lists/?p=subscribe

You can unsubscribe from Terry's email list by going to http://www.terrynagel.com/lists/?p=unsubscribe


I am discouraged from attending this evening after reading that 100 students are planning on participating and the library only holds 200. Is this going to be taped and televised?


It should still be adequate. Unfortunately, the equipment that the school has (or lack of it) precludes any taping or televising of the event. The systems are not compatable. Also, it was not possible to have the event in another space, but the new library is lovely. With this weather, I think if 100 students (and some adults) show up, it will be great!

It is too bad about the audio/video problems. It seems that a school with a video department should have been able to figure something out. With a few phone calls, the equipment could have been begged or borrowed. The Daily Journal/CBB debate and the School Candidates Debate were almost not recorded but after many phone calls the problems were ironed out. This debate could be an important tool for future students on how their high school is teaching their students to become involved in local government and civic responsibilities.

The debate will be great but it should have been taped and televised for those who cannot make the meeting and for future students.


May not be too late. Anyone out there have video/audio recording capabilities? Put the word out. Would be a shame if this wasn't captured for broader distribution.

It is audio equipment that is the issue. The school does not have, apparently, 4 - 6 mics with an amp and mixer. This is needed to get good sound on the video. The stations will not accept video that has audio that is captured off camera mics.


This is a first of its kind event, at least for BHS. If it is successful, hopefully details like microphones and taping will be available in two years for future events.

Sorry that is no excuse. There is always a first time.


That's true, but things normally improve with time. I wouldn't hold this against them.


Can someone get ahold of Jim at City Hall and beg/borrow/steal the city council mikes for the night?

You still need the amp mixer. The City doesn't have a portable set that I am aware of. I received this message from the school today:
After discussion with Sue Glick and Steve Mills, it was decided that videotaping tonites debate is beyond the scope of our ability. We dont have the equipment nor the expertise to do a good job with something that has so many participants.


Well, what a great evening, (even without all the high tech.) Most voices could be heard, with the exception of Paul Prendeville, who has a soft voice and lovely NZ accent that doesn't carry very far. The candidates did very well and the students asked good, tough and intelligent questions.

I hope they feel enlightened for a few days. Maybe they will look at everything around town and around them in a different light. Thank you to all the candidates and students, for their enthusiastic participation. Special thanks to Steve Mills, Kevin Nelsen, Sue Glick, Micki Carter (moderator), Matt Biggar, and any janitors and librarians who had to stay overtime to clean the lovely library.

Additional thanks to Burlingame resident and law student, Patrick Jensen, who ran for a Burlingame Council seat, four years ago. He launched this incredible concept on the Voice, several months ago, and this evening it came to fruition. (Who says we don't have ideas here?) It was an event to be remembered.


I'd like to hear more about the debate. Any surprises? any highlights? Any new questions/issues?


I would say that there were no "surprises", except an idea from the students to have a participating student member of the council, who would perhaps have voting rights, or at least a voting student member of the School Board. I believe that all the candidates answered that since the student would not be of legal voting age, and not elected by the citizenry, it would not be wise to make that student a true voting member. However, they all emphasized the importance of student input in all decisions. They all wanted the students to feel as if their opinions and ideas count, even if they cannot yet vote. They want to find ways to involve our student population more.

The only question that I personally didn't understand was talk about whether each candidate would support " Wfi "(sp?) in Burlingame. I had no idea what that was, and think at least one other candidate didn't, either. Now it's been explained to me that it is wireless access all over, but it wasn't clear to me. I wish there had been clarification from someone in the audience for the non-web savy. Also, the term "mixed-use" was used over and over again, and I fear that many, if not most of the students had no idea what that means. I almost interrupted to explain to them the term, but it wouldn't have been appropriate in that setting.

All in all, very rewarding for everyone, I think. I particularly loved Cohen referring to the "wise" poets, Jagger, Dylan, Marley. ....very cute. Only I wonder if these kids even know WHO they are!! I digress.


(At least he didn't insult their intelligence by refering to the great poet and philosopher, Britney Spears!)

These kids know who those singers are. My children have all kinds of music on their IPODS and they even know who Dr. Hook is! I sat next to two students and looked at their notes and sent them a note at the end asking who they would vote for and Russ was one of the two names. The students also squirmed with embarrasment when some of the candidates were talking! As a non-resident visitor said of one candidate "it was like fingernails on a chalkboard"!

I think at least two candidates did not know what WIFI was and I remember at a finance study session when Mrs. Nagel bought up that one of her goals was to WIFI Burlingame the rest of the council went "Uhhhhh"?

The six questions included (1) young representatives on councl (2) affordable housing (3) Burlingame Avenue businesses (4) Safeway and comparison to Menlo Park's Safeway (5) gang activities and (6) WIFI.

One question that a candidate asked was "does Burlingame work with the housing coalitions?" Good question!

The students were v. attentive and they should all get double double extra credit!

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