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October 26, 2005


Ricardo Ortiz

I can only find the followiing:

SM County times:
O'Mahony, Keighran, Andersen and Cohen

The Daily Journal:
O'Mahoney, Baylock, Andersen and Cohen

SM Daily News:
Keighran, Root, Baylock and Cohen

Are there any other newspaper endorsements?

Note that the Burlingame Daily News does not have an online version (the only local paper that doesn't!). Fiona has posted the full text of their endorsement (above) that appeared in the October 26, 2005 edition pages 12 14.


Yes, Ricardo, I believe that is "it": So the tally (in alphabetical order) is:
2 newspapers for Andersen
2 newspapers for Baylock
2 newspapers for Keighran
2 newspapers for O'Mahony
1 newspaper for Root
and Cohen bats .1000 with all 3 newspapers endorsing him.
(and Prendiville and Condon getting no endorsements)
It's going to be an interesting evening on Nov 8!


Oops...sorry, I left out Lembi with no endorsements, either.

Do we know if the Examiner newspaper is making endorsements? Candidates out there, have they interviewed you or sent you a questionnaire?

They sent a questionaire. No word on if and when they will endorse.


Newspaper endorsements mean nothing to me, I don't understand why they would to anyone else either. What makes them the experts?

They are just another very small tool and I don't give them much credence even when they are right! As an example, I still cannot understand how the Daily Journal chose one of its endorsements after that candidate's very obvious confusion at the Daily Journal/CBB debate.


Newspapers, like everybody else, like to predict the winners. The fact that there is no consistency here (other than the Cohen endorsement) may foreshadow a very close race. I wonder which newspaper is closer to the pulse? Seems to me that the people of Burlingame could be sketched out on a Venn Diagram -- difference circles, some of which overlap, some not. Which circle will be bigger? The "public school crowd" or the "OLA Crowd" or ????

Ricardo Ortiz

It would be fun to see how they did in past elections. I wonder if any of them called it right.


Past elections were much easier, with perhaps 4 player for 3 seats, etc. This is a tougher race to call.


Joanne-it shouldn't be OLA vs public school-aren't we working on
uniting the community not dividing it?

The circles should be divided as follows:

character vs. yobism
knowledge vs. spin
experience vs. election speak
do the right thing vs. spin
truth vs. dishonesty
honesty vs. election speak
MM group think vs. weathervane
old school vs. new school
honesty vs. spin
confusion vs. clear thinking
hairs on the back of my neck rising vs. believing
good vs. bad

Thats how the circles work for me and the debate tonight delineated those circles perfectly!


I didn't use the term "versus" -- you did. I'm just stating a reality...that the candidates seem to have different groups in town backing them...I mentioned the public school crowd and the OLA crowd, but I could have also mentioned the Trousdale-utility line crowd, etc....When I look at some of the endorsements I know every single name, when I look at other endorsements lists, I don't know anyone. With a name like Seamus, I suspect you are part of the crowd I don't know as well(I don't go to OLA and I'm not Irish). We all live in our own little circles, and maybe we are working towards a day when more of these circles will overlap, but not all of them do today. The candidates who win on Nov 8 are probably going to be the ones who most effectively touched all the circles.


There is also the circle of the "parents of boys" as distinguished from the "parents of girls" -- which can be further divided into the boys who play a) soccer, b) baseball c)basketball, d) Lacrosse .... There is a circle for the Lions Club, there is a circle for the Rotary Club....Some of these groups vote as a block more than others.

There is also the "circle" of residents who have said they will vote for a candidate because "they or their husband went to high school with him". An astounding reason to vote!


Hopefully there is a large "circle" of residents who would vote for a balanced council, with members with diverse views, who listen to all of their colleagues and constituents, not just the loudest or those in agreement. A member who puts the community above his/her own needs. A member who realizes that the majority of Burlingame residents simply want a new Safeway, any Safeway, and don't have the time or inclination to get involved with the politics of this town, but are hoping the elected council will just see that it happens calmly and with dignity.


Circles - well they want one circle to run the council entirely. I guess it is easy for them to divide up the community because they are busy on the campaign trail.


The circle that wants "any" new Safeway is tiny which is good because its members are terribly nearsighted.


So wrong Fiona, so wrong.

Fred, you know I love you but I am getting tired of all your crapola about aliases (see your fake email above). Just for your information, I am not Fred (with a capital eff) or anyone else other than Fiona and sometimes when I want to go to my "softer metrosexual" personae, I am Jim! Some of us do not need 30 aliases to blog! I enjoy your blogs even when you hide behind fred with a small eff or fred with a big eff or any other 30 aliases du jour!

But importantly, Fred, what do you think about the Opinion piece in the Daily News today titled "Proposition 13 hurts young home buyers". It is a fascinating article.




Al or Fiona, or whomever you are...
You have no idea. Open your mind, take your blinders off, start asking people you've never talked to before; people you don't know, people who don't belong to any "group," people outside your same-old circle, and if you don't bully them, you might get the truth!

Mathilda, what is the truth? Looking forward to hearing from you.

Fake Fred

What are you talking about, Matilda? What truth? Whatever point of view you believe in? Or are you saying that there is another circle made up of "anti-other-circle" people that you belong to? Why should Al and Fiona wake up to that? I don't get the point of your posts.

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