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September 27, 2005



Linda Lees Dwyer (Non-
Partisan Office -Burlingame School District Board Member)
324 Dwight Rd,
94010 (res.);

Sammy "Coach"
Candidate contact info:

Sammy Goldberg (Non-Partisan Office -Sports Coach)samgoldberg32@hotmail.com;(650)271-4724 (day);

Patrick Jensen

yeah maybe it is a waste of money... and probably it could be spent better otherwise... but that is the price of democracy... everyone has a voice... if we wanted it different, if we wanted candidates to bear the cost, we could have set it up that way or we could change it... but, so it is...


If the other three are concerned about wasting the $100,000 why doesn't one of them drop out?

I agree with Fred.. For once.
In regards to the child obesity issue, I think that it is about time this subject came up. I believe that this disease will eventually catch up with HIV/AIDS, and TB.
The Polio of our times. Look at the students you see going to school. See the people affected by the hurricanes. This is the majority of america. The parents are the source of the problem. They buy the food. I don't see why that is not the issue.
It is child abuse. I am looking forward to the day, soon when a parent is prosecuted for being responsible for a 7 year old 130 lbs diabetic. Think of the phycological damage inflicted on the kids.

Two Kids

Is anybody pro-active here? Is this democracy or is it a case of a special interest using democracy to advance an issue? This guy would be roasted if he were running for Burlingame City Council or dog catcher. Mr. Goldberg needs to be convinced that the best way to advance his agenda is not by wasting $100,000 of the taxpayers money.

Patrick you are right in that we don't have candidates bear the cost of the election, but this guy isn't running, he's advertising a single issue. He isn't raising money or putting up signs. He isn't out in the public. He doesn't have a plan if he is elected. He isn't a candidate. Look at his bio from the SM County Board Race last year. He is more interested in promoting his track and field scores than his plan for education.

Fred, you still don't get it that the Save the San Mateo Group had a legal right to sue the SMUHSD because the district screwed up, but I like your idea of asking ALL of the candidates if they are really intent on running and winning the election and serving dutifully for four years. I

The SMUHSD is facing some serious issues in the years to come and many of them will be financial. A true democracy isn't about just letting anyone run for office, it is about the people controlling the process.

The other three candidates have stated why they are in the race. A serious question fo Mr. Goldberg, besides the child obesity issue, why do you want to run? I guess that would be the $100,000 question.


OK, I so agree with "two kids!" I also can't fathom why the SMUHSD would allow such a farce to take place. Bad decision making seems to be what they are best at these days. And yes, Patrick is correct too, that this is all in the name of democracy, but nobody can tell me that somebody in the district can't "convince" Mr. Goldberg that he ought not to run. Childhood obesity begins long before high school anyway, and the schools are trying to do a better job of offering less junk and more "nutritious" food. This is just pathetic!


Anyone is entitled to run for office that is democracy. If we didn't hold an election because people thought one of the candidates was a yahoo then we would never have any elections...might as well become communists then 'people can control the process'.

Yahoos win sometimes too, just look at the national circuit. If we did nothing but appoint we could end up with a bunch of FEMA directors.

I don't know if Sammy is a yahoo and childhood obesity is a real problem. He's at least right on one issue.

Two Kids

The article is asking Sammy to step aside and not run because he isn't really a candidate. It is not saying that he should be banned from running. These are two different issues. I would love it if there were a wide field of candidates for SMUHSD, just like the Burlingame City Council Race. In a large field of candidates all the issues are brought out and the candidates are exposed. The issue here is a lack of candidates and a high cost to the school. There is no appointment with a lack of candidates, more of a victory by default. Again, lets ask all the candidates if they really want the job and those who don't should step down.

As for your Save San Mateo -legal right to do it but moral right to leave it alone comment... advancing a single superior view of morality is facism.


Quote from two kids - "A true democracy isn't about just letting anyone run for office, it is about the people controlling the process"

What is facism again? Building a new high school?

two kids

Would anyone like to re open this discussion about Sammy, or should I say "I told you so" right now.

just looking

Just say it to Fred. He's the only one who didn't hear you the first time.

One Old Guy

There's a more significant issue here than should he/shouldn't he run. Goldberg won't reveal his address. The rumor that I hear is that he gave a fictious address with his candidate registration, and doesn't live in the district. If it is true, then he's not eligible. Look at his info on SmartVoter.org...no addrsss. The morality of running aside for a moment, there might be a case of fraud here.

Read the threads titled $185,000

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