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September 30, 2005



The story is simple: Condon is a bully. When bullies get in trouble, they call lawyers. Some lawyers allow themselves to be used by bullies. Am I correct in reading between the lines that Condon is threatening a lawsuit against the Daily Journal? If so, pathetic! The real story, Mr. Zell, is why YOU are allowing yourself to be used by this candidate with a sordid past -- especially when you are running for School Board...

phil silverbarb

I suppose we should thank Bill Silverfarb for speaking up about the onset of Condonesia, but if Bill were really paying attention he wouldn't be surprised by Condon's lapses or Zell marching off half-cocked. Who is Silverfarb? How long has he been covering Burlingame? What does he know about the issues?

The mere fact that I have to sincerely ask such questions begs the question of why anyone should care what he thinks. I'm running out of editorial writers to read.


I would argue that Condon and Galligan have been victims of bullies. The bullies picked on Galligan until he quit and now they have found new prey to feast on.

What happened to the Kumbayah feel goodness that was supposed to come with the exit of the most hated man in Burlingame politics? No instead we have found a new man to be the most hated man in Burlingame politics.

One debate later I still don't think Safeway is going to be developed anytime soon and that is bad for the whole city.


Fred didn't the dismissed mayor remove himself from the podium to be with his daughter? Was his nasty press release incorrect? If he was leaving for other reasons, he should have been honest enough to say so.

Don't want to sound rational and undramatic, Fred, but nobody hates Condon. They believe he should have behaved in a more adult responsible manner when the truth of his violent behavior was revealed.

To sum up ... feeling sorry for the man (yes), hate (no).

Rich Grogan

I am a proud member of CBB and for Mr. Silverfarb to make such a statement, without supporting evidence is over the top. As an organization, CBB does not and will not condone such action. Talk about mud slinging, what does Mr. Silverfarb think he has done by making such an unsubstantiated statement. What if the individual wasn't a member of CBB but a member one of the numerous other organizations in town, would the individual be speaking for that organization? I left Mr. Silverfarb a voice message and offered to join Mr. Zell, if there is going to be any such investigation, although I doubt it.

Rich Grogan

Have not heard anything from Silverfarb or Zell as of October 1, 2005 at 9:05 PM.

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