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July 27, 2005



Mr. Cohen seems like a very conscientious person and he would be a good addition to the City Council. I have listen to him speak at City Council Meetings and he sounds passionate and persuasive. His dedication to the City of Burlingame and Historical Society is to be commended. Based upon this, he has my support and vote!

Agreed! So glad to see Russ throw his hat in. He's a genuine doer who hits the pavement running and would certainly be able to get lots accomplished in a short period of time.


The word "attack" in the article above is the understatement of the year. All that venom and paranoia which ended up in being "cleared of any wrongdoing". He made pitbulls (sorry pitbulls) look like pussycats (sorry pussycats!)

Now ... for Russ, he is no pitbull or pussycat but has integrity, works hard for Burlingame and has some humor to boot.

Ru$$ is a flake. (factually inaccurate statements have been deleted by the Editor because they do not meet the Terms of Use) Now we have a new problem with flakey Ru$$. A sitting TSP commissioner advocating for parking lot signage which Ru$$ Cohen (more factually inaccurate statements have been deleted by the Editor) may be being paid for. Ru$$ are you for Burlingame or are you for a job and employment for Ru$$.

Thanks for the fiction, John, we got a kick out of it!

How about a vote for Ru$$ is a vote for corruption! Or maybe Coru$$ption?


john donavon what is that suppose to mean?

Patrick Jensen

Yeah, I forgot, there is a whole lot of money in being a councilmember... What is it $400/month... for all the late night meetings and sacrifices of time...

I'm sure Russ has dedicated himself to preserving the history of Burlingame, serving the community in numerous capacities, working with the Lions club -- all for the money. Right?

That makes a whole lot of sense John Donavan...

You are the next Bob Woodward...

Thats like nuns at an orphanage being in it for the money...

or doctors at a free clinic...

or social workers at a homeless shelter...

all these people volunteering their time for their community...

but secretly looking for a buck...

Seems like we have hit a nerve with Donovan (perhaps an Ayn fanatic resurfacing from the dead?)

John you might want to get some of your facts straight before you spew your venom. Even though Crescent Creative made gazillions and gazillions and gazillions of dollars (sic) on a website, their members are presently gainfully employed. Another fact - read the DBID website to get educated. Another fact - many organizations like the City of Burlingame and the Rotary Club have employed Crescent Creative because they are goooood!

You Donovites can spew all you want, but Russ is a very strong candidate and he will run a clean campaign without using dirty words like corruption, etc.

Now, John, go take a shower and take the loofah with you!

Patrick Jensen

I hope my sarcasm was clear...


Wish Mr. Cohen was running for the four year seat. He would be giving those incumbents a serious run for their money.

The knives are out ... it seems the silly season has started. Our more uneducated bloggers will probably critisize a candidate's mother, a candidate's business partner, a candidate's friends, a candidate's children and probably what they do in the privacy of their bedroom! It will be a huge notch above (or below) Galligan bringing up business licenses and silly mailer photos!

Welcome to the world of Burlingame politics!


Let us settle this and we hereby request a auditing of the financial records from the two deals outlined above. It is easy to put this to rest.

Russ. Post the text based financial records on a comment window on this site. If you need guidance just ask Blalock who is hosting this Burlingame Voice website

(The Editors have deleted a comment here which does not meet the Terms of Use). Henry Thoreau would rollover in his grave.


Now Razor:

Russ "Volunteered" his time for the BID along with Fiona's husband, and all of a sudden they get paid ten's of thousands of dollars for an incomplete web site. Now Cohen wants to get paid more money from the BID for "Flagging" the avenue. In November he will want to "Volunteer" for the city council to get his hands on the $$ millsions of dollars that run the the City of Burlingame coffers. Volunteers do just that, they volunteer. But after reading Russ's bio, he has only been in this town a short time. The other candidates running have been in town 30 to 50 years. They understand what "Volunteering" means. I wonder why Russ left his last town? Maybe we can get Grogan the investigator to track down Cohen's past.

(Editor's note: This Poster has chosen a name that was already in use by another blogger so it has been changed to "Anonymous" to clearly identify the other blogger's past postings)


You two (or is it one) people are (Pejorative deleted). Frazorsharp, go get educated and try and elevate the debate instead of sending the election discussion to (Pejorative deleted).

(Sorry, bloggers, to use such a word but I did refrain from putting an adjective before the word!!)

Russ is a very strong candidate and perhaps, Frazorblade, that is why your desperation is causing you to resort to the gutter.

I agree, if you can't find anything else to comment about, besides stale DBID fabrications, this must be a strong candidate (which I already know). Where are the real issues here, come on! I also think it odd that you disregard residents who haven't lived here 30-50 years. Why is that? Oh yes, the good old boy school..............

Patrick Jensen

I almost wrote the same thing this morning (Jim).

But I could not figure a way to do so without using expletives...

People can maintain their BS bashing of community leaders or they can choose to participate in a healthy dialogue, and support their comments with facts... Really, frivolously attacking the Burlingame Voice and Russ is just pathetic...

But, Mom always said "You don't have to sink to their level."

So we won't... and hopefully we will have a clean and friendly election, where folks can agree to disagree on what is best for Burlingame...

The Daily News states today that two of Mahoney's hopes are a downtown vision (she can thank her newest councilmember for wanting that!) and a costsharing arrangement for school crossing guards, which she adamantly refused to fund during a non-election year.

Two issues which are hot buttons for the upcoming elections.

So jump on that train Rosalie!

Department of Candidate Employment

What's with the unemployed garbage?

Mahony (retired)
Root (retired)
Keighran (volunteer)
Baylock (volunteer)
Prendiville (self employed)
Anderson (self employed)
Cohen (self employed)

And the other three - who cares!

Sneaky Peet

I looked up the word Scrofulous? and I was amazed to see the definition included John Donavon? and Razorstream.? I am not shocked because these brain dead individuals have handicapped plaques stapled to their forehead, because they need all the help they can get. (The Editors have deleted a portion of this comment that does not meet the Terms of Use).
John Razorstream, rather than having Russ present his personal information to you for your inspection why don't you produce your own proof that indicates Russ has done something improper? Good hunting, you would have more luck finding ice cubes in Hell or Smokey the Bear in Washington Park!

Russ, you will be an asset for the City Council!

Oh please

Russ can't even spell~ Progress

He is in PERSERVATION mood...do we need another cathy or terry in this town? hell, unless cathy is out!

Will B. Waiting

Oh Please, don't look now, but your Galligan is showing. Not only can Russ spell Progress he can correctly use the word in a sentence. He has been very active in attempting to move forward, but he has encountered people such as you, which has slowed down the process.

Folks like you remind me of a lost soul. You do not know where you want to go, so you do not know how to get there, but you are quick to bad mouth the map you are holding because it is up side down and you cannot figure out how to resolve the problem.

I love the fact you are so willing to demonstrate you ignorance in a public forum. Why don't you inform the world who you are intending to vote for and outline what they have done to make Burlingame a better place to live.

Will be waiting to hear your response.

To answer the above comment by Thoreau, Fred, James, Ayn, Mike, JoJo, GeGe, we need four more Terry Nagels!


So I guess according to some of the above people who are housewifes, retired or self-employed should not even be interested in politics. How ridiculous.

Will be waiting: not only is their Galligan showing; their Condon is showing big time. Interesting how they singled out Russ on TSP and flags. Guess who sits on TSP also, mr. conn conn...I hear geno has a bad temper it is starting to show. Behind that smiling face is a dark side. Watch out all you candidates.

Paul Prendiville

Ducktail,Please if you see me around town,I would like to shake your hand,I alway's admire people of courage and honesty.Thankyou


Dear Editors

It is very disturbing that a blogger can throw out the "corruption" word. Editors why not remove such a serious allegation with a sentence that the blogger should email you and substantiate his allegation?

Another local liar was going around our town recently making very serious allegations and was told to cease and desist unless they had PROOF.

There will be alot more of this kind of crud in the future but didn't think it would get so nasty so fast.

(The Editors apologize for the slower-than-usual enforcement of the Terms of Use on this stream of comments and have edited several comments for propriety and identity confusion)

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