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July 29, 2005



In the Daily Journal today, there is a quote as follows "the council could not support the crossing guard program last year in part because the state did not reimburse auto fees" said Mahony. "This year we will receive state money in advance and be able to fund the crossing guards, if there is a majority to support it"

What a load of crock. A city official said they could - and should - have paid for the crossing guards last year. The money was there, but the votes were not.

Galligan said he did NOT want to fund the crossing guards this year.

Flip flops should be the required foot attire for the next council meeting,

Things sure looked a lot different after Councilwoman Baylock ordered a study of each and every intersection to prove (or not) justification for the crossing guards. The study showed indeed what so many parents had intuitively known, that each intersection in question indeed required an adult crossing guard.

So wouldn't it be nice if those two/one councilpeople acknowledged the traffic intersection study (and Mrs. Baylock) for their change of mind that our children's safety is worth $64,000? But no, we are still getting the tired old mantra that there was no money last year for crossing guards. Such baloney in the magical city of Burlingame.


Perhaps Galligan can acknowledge (1) when he was a eager young crossing guard, he was not "manning" El Camino and (2) that after reading the traffic study, he would not allow his daughter to "girl" a street like El Camino and Bayswater.

Of course this is a soft way out but at least it would be more honest that throwing out the "we did not have the $$$$ last year" lie.


Another article in the Daily News yesterday re crossing guards about our "rosy city revenue projection" and from mahony, "we have learned the vehicle license fee money in the amount of $484,000 held by Sacramento will be paid out to the City August 2005" Come on RoM the money was coming and was NO Christmas surprise to the City> We also have a very efficient wellrespected Finance Department who have known there was money there last year and this and even to November!

The article also states that councilmembers questioned whether crossing guards is a city or school responsibility "especially in lean times". Excuse me ... but aren't the streets and intersections of Burlingame a city responsibility in fat times and lean times?

The article got it slightly wrong when it left out our favorite grocery store for coughing up $32,000 but it did it get it right that the Citizens for a Better Burlingame (CBB) fundraised the other $32,000.

Watch towmorrow when our senior diva rides in on her white charger to save the world (or at least maybe one child on a Burlingame street) by giving money to the crossing guards. Something that should have been done last year like all the other years in the past.

But look on the bright side of life (as Monty Python would say)... campaign season sometimes makes our incumbents make the right decisions!

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