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July 26, 2005



Dear Rosalie, You stated in today's paper that you wanted to hear the people's point of view. Here is mine:

Many years ago when you ran for office you said you would only run for two terms. This year will be your 5th. No wonder people do not believe politicians. You have done a great service to the city over the years but many of us cannot believe that you have not graciously stepped aside and let some new faces in. But that is your decision. I will not be voting for you because I think it is time for some changes. Your alliance with Galligan and Coffey this past year was a big disappointment to me because I have consistently voted for you. You used to be an independent thinker but I have seen that those two gentlemen influenced you over and over again at many city council meetings. I wish you all the best Rosalie -

I agree with you - Rosalie WAS a great asset to Burlingame and I used to trust her. But maybe it is time - as the Janney syndrome proved - that years and years of experience does not always win the game. Maybe it is time for a new energetic, trusted new councilmember to take her place. I too thank her for her service to Burlingame over the decades.


I, too, have to thank Ms. O'Mahony for her service, but it is time for her to realize he personal failings and step down. At times I am embarrassed for her because she seems confused about the issue at hand. She will ramble on and not say anything, which looks like she is just wanting to get microphone time and have her voice heard. The Galligan/Coffey link was obvious to me and she appeared to be afraid of Galligan. For this and many other reasons I will not be voting for her.

Thank you for your past service, it is time to step aside and let others, with fresh ideas, have a turn.

Sneaky Peet

It is time to for you to step down! You have demonstrated time and time again that you do not have a core value. You were against the crossing guards and now you are for the crossing guards. I hope the parents of those affected children remember your position and not vote for you. You were against a downtown area plan and now you are for a downtown plan. You were against the DBID and now you are in favor of the DBID. It was not until election year came around that you have reached out to kiss the hand that you bit previously.

It is no secret that when Ms. Mahoney's name is mentioned, there is a collective swaying to the left and then to the right. Who can forget the grand Safeway vote where the more nefarious councilmembers tried to muddy the waters and confuse her. In FACT a very well respected ex-mayor sitting behind us muttered just vote for gauwds sake!

To her credit Ms Mahony did make a half a... attempt to apologise to the DBID people for trying to ruin theit reputations so lets give her some brownie points! She knew, as well as Galligan, that she owed these people a HUGE apology.

Talking about hard sought out apologies for bad behavior, who else can remember the apology to Mr. Marriscola ...

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