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June 15, 2005


Rich Grogan

In today's (Monday June 20th) Burlingame Daily News, it appears San Mateo and Foster City feel the safety and security of our children going to and returning from school is the responsibility of the Police Department and worthy of funding. It doesn't appear the safety and security is an issue an issue up for debate.

We need to remember Rosalie's strong argument against funding the crossing guards and now her election year flip-flop. Speaking of flip-flops, we cannot forget her behavior at the council meeting regarding the DBID. Remember her waving the infamous pink paper? as if she was chasing away an unwanted insect; along with her eviscerating speech about the DBID, even though Rosalie knew the details of the DBID's finances. The great flip-flop materialized after she realized she had offered ammunition to opposition to the DBID and there was a possibility that the DBID would fold, which meant the city wouldn't have another source to generate city revenue.


Al, I didn't attribute your comment to anyone (I thought it was Brad Dobsky). Matilda is so right. Sue your tone makes me feel as goose-pimply and fuzzy, thank you sweetie!

Rich, DBID spent 85% of the money on the Holiday tree lighting, Crescent Creative and giving it back to the city. Very little saw it's way back to Bulringame Ave.

The adopt-a-planter program saw more going back to the street.


Just to clarify what several of you seem to be taking literally. When I say talk to your "neighbors" I mean talk to the people who actually work for Burlingame, the ones you run into, the people you see here working every day, on weekends and holidays. Not the council, not the people on this board, not the prospective candidates but with the firefighters, police officers, parking enforcement, the guys who take care of the streets sewers, the people who work in the parks, recreation center and library. They're the ones who have their finger on the true pulse of this city. They spend at least 8 hours a day five days a week here seeing both sides of the issues and do a great job keeping this town functional, safe and pleasant. They're the ones who truly know what's going on.

Matilda - this sounds interesting. Since you have taken the pulse of the city by talking to those who truly know what's going on, will you share the details with the rest of us? I'd love to hear more about what you've learned.


Me too, Matilda. Your comment was very very general so I would love to know your perspective. I talk to a lot of the same city employees you seem to generalize about and some of them know even more gory details about how things really work than get discussed here. (Just ask any old timer on the BPD about Bud Harrison and watch the eyes roll.)

So do tell. What do our city neighbors have to say about crossing guards, DBIDs, auto row, and the like?


I am taking the high road here and simply giving a suggestion to those who are looking for another source of information. I've lived in this town for over 50 years and have taken the pulse myself. I'm sorry, but I'm seriously not interested in expressing my opinions on this blog. See above.

OK - obviously it's your perogative not to express your opinions - thanks for sharing what you're comfortable with. I, for one, also enjoy this site partially for the entertainment value, and I find it much more entertaining (as well as enlightening) when Fred is not the only one expressing a view which is contrary to the majority opinion. (No slight intended to Fred, but one person can only carry so much of the load.)


I'm afraid I will have to promptly ignore Matilda since she can't or won't even complete her thought. Oh well, so much for open dialog complaints. On to the next topic.


James, are you Russ? and lan, who da hell are you? Fred's twin evil brother? lol...

Rich Grogan

Very humorous, Bruce inquiring about a Blogger's idenity, when Bruce doesn't have the where-with-all to be honest and provide his true idenity!


I have seen a lot of people shooed away from this site. It's too bad, you have to be willing to take criticism from roughly ten people (more including double identities) trying to rip you apart.


Actually, it isn't that bad, I enjoy the dishing and the taking. Maybe I have played devil's advocate on a few issues, but it is enjoyable usually.


Mathilda please let us know another source of information from the real people of Burlingame. Many of us do not read the National Enquirer, and of course there is no "conversation" between the readers of the rag mag even if we wanted to discuss whether Jennifer and Brad will get together again!

As far as true identities, perhaps Bruce and fred should start the ball rolling and tell us who they really are. We welcome their input anyway because they are willing to participate with their opinions!

When you feel strong, Mathilda, we would welcome your opinion too!


Fiona, you guys scare away a lot of people over this identity thing. Every time someone in the past has made a good point the knee jerk reaction is who are you and why do you state this opinion.

Get over who is stating the opinion and just deal with the dang blasted issues already and more people might get involved.

I am going to change my name every time I post an opinion for the next month. Fiona, will you be able to deal with that and let the identity thing go?


Dear Bruce Lee - who are you? You always want know who everyone else is.


I prove my point, I will go back to occasionally reading this blog for a laugh. Good-bye

Rich Grogan

True identity is important. As they say in court, it goes to the credibility of the witness, in the case the Blogger. If the individual does not have the moral fiber to identify their self, it makes it difficult to take serious what the individual has to say. Lets say there were individuals who worked in the construction or automobile industry; their slant on a specific topic would be understandable. On the other hand, keeping their true identities hidden might be for business reasons i.e.: if everyone knew the true identities of these individuals, it might pull business away, because their described positions are so outlandish and absent of any semblance of fact that they appear transparent and/or a fraud.


Rich, you guys go ahead and keep on bullying other people off of your website because they don't think the same as you. But the facts remain:

No commercial construction in Burlingame is going on and only the Hospital is on deck. Will anyone come forward to put the kibosh on that one? Wait and see.

Safeway will remain as it is for a long time.

Very little of the DBID money was spent towards business improvements.

Moving auto row is an impossible task.

Matilda is right to avoid blogging here - sooner or later they would be needling her to see which type of city employee she is and attack her opinions based on her perceived motivations.

Preservation is good but you can't turn Burlingame into Carmel-by-the-airport. Enjoy what we have here and if you wish to improve on it put your money where your mouth is like Rino and June are doing and make it a better place.


Bruce, Sorry to dissapoint you, but I am not James. I am only Russ. I have no problem using my own name. I believe in what I have to say, but I understand and welcome those who choose to use a psuedonym. As long as you keep blogging, I don't care what you call yourself.

Now let's chat. I have to disagree with the comment by Fred that there is no commercial construction going on in Burlingame. Take a drive down Rollins Road. There you will see several projects under way and a few that have just been completed. In the downtown area there are several more renovations going on and lord knows there are plenty of single family homes being demoed and rebuilt. No construction? Hardly.

There are many reasons I can think of as to why people may choose to contribute anonymously. Accommodating this on the blog has advantages (like maximizing participation) and disadvantages (like maximizing participation it's not necessarily all good).

Given that the decision has been made to go this way, let's just live with it and move on. If you're having trouble doing so, here are a few suggestions:
1. Consider and respond to good thoughtful ideas whether the author chooses to reveal his identity or not.
2. Disregard moronic comments and off-the-cuff insults whether the author chooses to reveal his identity or not.
3. In the small subset of anonymous comments which claim to make a factual assertion (as opposed to an opinion), if you're uncertain about the author's motivation or veracity, apply whatever credibility discount? you think appropriate and either respond to it or ignore it. Personally I find that I don't know whether many of the bloggers are using their true names or not, but for most comments it really doesn't matter as long as I apply guidelines 1 and 2 above.

Bottom Line: As entertaining as it is to watch otherwise reasonable people go ballistic over the latest rant from Bruce?, it's just not worth the keystrokes.

Cinderella Story

You are my kind of guy. I couldn't have said it better. Keep the good thoughts coming.


Well put Ian, I am proud to consider you my evil twin.

Disclaimer: Wilma in no way considers Ian 'evil' it is simply an off-hand slightly humorous statement relating back to a previous comment contained within said blog. However, it should in no way trivialize the well intentioned correctly worded post stated by Ian above.

If you stand by what you believe in, feel strongly about your convictions, have some confidence in who you are and what you are all about, nobody should be able to "bully" you, nor should you be "shooed" away from putting your thoughts in writing. By doing so, or feeling so, that tells me you don't have the strength or backbone to stand by what you say. Those with confidence and strong will are never bullied.

Rich Grogan

Ethel (name de plum)
The syntax and structure of your email resembles one of the negative and lack of facts bloggers.

First, you make the statement (Rich, you guys go ahead and keep on bullying other people off of your website because they don't think the same as you.) If you definition of bullying is asking for the proof then consider yourself bullied because I am going to ask you to show me the beef? or put up or apologize for your baseless accusation.

It isn't polite to put words in a person's mouth, especially when I am a stranger! I did not say Very little of the DBID money was spent towards business improvements.? Please check your fact before you launch into accusations or infer facts not in evidence!

I am putting my money where my mouth is; I own property in Burlingame (unlike Coffey) and pay property taxes. My wife and I have spent a lot of extra $$$$ in remodeling our house, so it would retain it's 1925 character. I am, also, putting my concerns into actions, I am getting involved in city affairs. Getting involved means attending and participating in various meetings, forums, speaking out on issues, etc. It evens means challenging points of view and asking a simple question where is the beef?? I am not willing to stand by or sit by (for that matter) and be bullied by some tin pot politicians who lack the moral fiber or integrity to be honest with the residents of Burlingame and who use their political seat as their own Bully Pulpit? and a tool for their own aggrandizement.

Oh, I do not recall seeing or meeting you at any one of the numerous city meeting or forums I have attended. Let me know when you are gong to attend any one of the numerous public meetings so I can introduce myself and if you like we could chat more on the state of the city.


Rich I said that. (what's with the paranoia my friend?) I did not say you said that. I checked the facts here is the proof:

Money spent:
$27,203 - Holiday Open House 39%
$17,000 - Back to city Shuttle/Collections 24%
$14,862 - Crescent Creative 21%
$3,630 - Advertising 5%
$3,385 - Planters 5%
$3,243 - Administration Costs 5%
$470 - Art Jazz festival 1%

I just don't think much went back to business improvements - the numbers are from the quicken books. I understand why Quent Cordair complained about the tree lighting, it was a majority of the expense.

Rich, I won't be at council unless I have a reason to. Which hopefully won't be for a very long time (too much commotion for me).

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