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April 23, 2005


Patrick Jensen

When I worked at Peets, I would often talk to people who owned small businesses on the Avenue. They said that during these special events their business was slow... And to be completely honest Peets was always slow (which was fantastic for me) during these events...

But what is key is that these events draw people to Burlingame who wouldn't necessarily be there otherwise. This ultimately has the cumulative effect of putting Burlingame businesses in the mind of persons who would not otherwise venture to the Avenue to shop.

So ultimatley, a little lag in business for a few days, pays off when someone from Palo Alto says to their husband, "I saw this cute Boutique in Burlingame when we were down there for that bike race, maybe they will have what I am looking for..."

Maybe I am wrong... but these are fantastic events and good for the community, and changing any of them because of a lag in business would be like cancelling Christmas because the Post Office and banks are closed...


Several of my best clients are how does one say. advanced in their years; they either cannot or choose not to walk very far. (taken from my post in Bloomin Flowers)

Thank you, Fiona, for making fun of our communitys geriatric citizens. By starting this thread youve shown just how little you really care. Question: do you hate all handicapped people or just the old ones?


John, my handicapped, advanced in years friend would be very pleased to know in advance, per Fiona's suggestion, of difficulties in getting to her destinations, and would be even more pleased to receive an incentive (again, per Fiona's suggestion)to arrive the day before or day after. How is this making fun of this group? Were you involved in the Caltrain meeting when a handicapped lady showed to speak on behalf of keeping the Broadway station open? This may have benefitted your clients as well. I was there. Unfortunately, the station will close. I think Fiona's idea is good. And now that we know of the three days, we will plan accordingly.


Thank you Patrick once again for your insightful opinions. I love the analogy of Christmas and the Post Office.

I am not making fun of people of an advanced age - after all I am getting there myself! I am saying that if these "advanced-in-age" clients were told that certain days would be difficult for them, they could arrange their schedule accordingly. Perhaps this is a little too practical for John but I am sure his clients would appreciate it.

If I am making fun of anyone it is the fact that three community events that bring people together have become such a big issue for the more selfish business people in Burlingame.

John, this thread was not to critisize old people who I respect immensely so stop being so damn sensitive!


When I broke my leg the ER doctor directed me to a specialist. Unfortunately this was on Friday afternoon and I couldn't make an appointment until Monday, because the doctor's office was closed. On Tuesday I took the elevator to his second floor office where I was treated.

What I am attempting to say is I knew in advance of certain events and planned accordingly. Fiona you idea has merit and is logical.


No, Raymond, an idea with merit and [that] is logical might be:

Burlingame Avenue is closed to motor traffic on the following days:


Customers who do not choose to walk from their car to my front door because the street is closed, please do not visit us on the following days:

Is ridiculously condescending


John - you have a massive chip on your shoulder. The "choose to walk" was a direct quote from an earlier blog from someone moaning about his "advanced-in-age" clients. Lighten up, John.


Rosaline, why do you think I included my original quote in my post? Should we be using easier words so you can follow along?


Tut tut John, try and be productive!

Rich Grogan

Gads John, Biting off Raymonds head seems a little harsh, especially when he was just attempting to make a note worthy point. I took Raymonds tread to mean, plan ahead and you will not be inconvenienced. Just out of curiosity, what shop is yours?


Maybe there is another reason why clients aren't knocking the door down. Maybe it isn't the parades, or lack of parking or flowers. Hum I wonder........


Whatever the reason Jenn, it's hard to start/run a business isn't it? So why bother them w/ more fee/regulation?


Some very disturbing comments by our local merchants that the DBID protestors are being very agressive with the merchants who do not want to sign their petition.

Most of the merchants like the DBID and want to give it time to get going but this is not being appreciated by the petitioners who are using every tactic in the book to armwrestle their fellow merchants.


Interesting comment Brad. Have you personally been contacted by any of the good people that have been protesting the DBID? I had the pleasure of accompanying two of them on separate occassions on their neighborhood walks. I must say I was very impressed by their professionalism. You claim that they are using "every tactic in the book." Mighty strong words I think. Which book is it exactly that they are using? (Smile...that's a joke) I chose to "tag along" and observe in an effort to get to know these people better. I must say most merchants were very grateful that this small group of people have taken time out of their busy schedules to inform and educate their fellow business owners. Questions were answered patiently and honestly. Printed information was left with the business owners so that they could read it at their leisure and make and informed decision. I understand that many merchants have since pitched in to assist this group with their efforts. I have much more respect for these individuals than I do for those that created the DBID and managed to sneak it through without so much as having made the effort to contact the merchants on an individual basis for their opinion prior to creating the mandatory assessments. Had this been done I doubt the protest would be necessary. In any case, each merchant is free to make the choice that benefits their business. I think the numbers will speak for themselves. I did learn something very interesting along the way. In order to disagree with a resolution such as this, a written protest must be received at city hall. There is no requirement for those in favor to vote on it. So if you are unaware, out of town, too busy or your business is corporate owned and all information goes to a main office where bills are paid and not questioned, then no response counts as a default yes vote. That seems very undemocratic to me. A vote is a vote...for or against. If 223 people do not respond, those votes should be considered abstentions... not votes in favor. This is where I think our city government has let down the community and should take a much closer look at how this was so poorly organized from the beginning.


There was plenty of notification before the council voted unanimously to approve DBID. In the newpapers too. Cordiar's website wasn't in existence so perhaps that is why you feel things have been so poorly organized!


Yes...the council did vote to approve the DBID; unfortunatly the majority of the merchants involved had no idea that it existed since the self-appointed group made little to no effort to involve them. If an honest effort had been made, the merchants may still have gone along with it, however, now most of them feel that this money is being taken without their approval or permission. May I ask what Mr. Cordair's website has to do with anything? At least he is giving the merchants a voice and answers to their questions. That's something the DBID and city council should have seen to over a year ago.


If the DBID was so poorly organized you will have to blame all the other BID's across the state and country that this BID is based on. I still can't understand why some are against the formation of an organization that will help them in the long run. Anyone who owns a business downtown made a conscious decision to locate in an area that has foot traffic, limited parking and a certain pedestrian freindly ambiance. These are the kind of attributes that the BID is trying to foster through the improvements to the physical landscape to the promotion of the area. Collecting money's and pooling those money's for streetscape improvements, parking improvements and promotions that will build awareness of all the businesses that exist in the area seems to make perfect sense. Just like it does in other downtown areas that have BIDs and merchants associations. Those who have been assessed and are bitter about it are being extremely myopic. Location. Locastion. Location. It is important to keep this location vibrant. Otherwise other downtowns will become the preferred destinations for those who are currently using the services of those in downtown Burlingame.


The council will vote tomorrow after taking into account the protests from all those whiny merchants. I am sure the council will do what is best for Burlingame.

For those who don't like the final council decision, they should probably either come up with some constructive alternatives or ship out to somewhere else.


Try to preach "location, location, location" to the professionals in second and third floor offices that in no way stand to benefit from these asssessments. These people on and off "the Avenue" choose to be there likely because they live in Burlingame not because a more beautiful avenue will attract more clients for them.


Then they have chosen for poor reasons. And the idea that they won't benefit is even poorer thinking. Get real. I know plenty of professionals who are here for the reasons you ridicule. One thing is for sure, the numbers won't lie. Funny the Broadway people have been doing this for years.


Everyone benefits from location, location, location - from the residents, the visitors and the business owners. Just like everyone benefits if our school children are properly educated and our neigborhoods are safe and well cared for. Big, big, big picture!

Anyone who has asked for a donation for a fundraiser or even to post a poster in the large chains knows the answer is always "we have to ask corporate". I thought maybe the DBID was one way to get these chains to participate in community events over and above Sweet Treats and Copenhagen, etc. who always give so generously.

Of course $600 is peanuts to a Pottery Barn but are the "chains" unhappy about the fees? Or do they understand that this is part of doing business in a vibrant, interesting town where location, location, location counts. Otherwise they wouldn't be here!


Pat, why did Cordair have to set up a website? I thought the DBID already did that for the benefit of Burlingame businesses.

I love this attitude it should be our new city motto:

"The new Burlingame - love it or leave it. And stop your whining!" Followed by the undermotto "Location, location, location."


I imagine you should ask Mr. Cordair yourself about his blog. I have looked at the DBID site and frankly it's not very well done, especially for what "we" paid for it. They even had a wrong # posted for more information. ;) And... not only are the "chains" unhappy about the fees, I understand that there legal deparments have become involved. They too feel that they have been taken advantage of.

Fred, "Love it or leave it" is almost as bad as "What you do is up to you," the DBID idea for getting people excited about Burlingame. Think about it folks!

Here's to a VERY interesting city council meeting tonight. :)


Thank God for the meeting tonight. I hope they will show a list of protestors because then we can all make our own decisions whether we shop, therapize or eat at those establishments.

Whatever the decision the COUNCIL will make, could we please all stop whining, whingeing, grumbling and mumbling as from midnight tonight!

I will, if you will!!


Does that lack of whining include Galligan, landlords, trees, movie theatres, Coff-coff, auto row, empty storefronts, Safeway, where old ladies buy bridal dresses, Karp, Stanley Lo's horse, etc.???

If so I'm more than game, but it might not be as much fun to blog.

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