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April 27, 2005



According to the San Mateo County Chronicles and City of Trees:

1893 - The road leading west from the railroad tracks is named Burlingame Avenue. In 1875, long before the town is established, it is called Corbitt Lane by wealthy coffee merchant William Corbitt, who runs the San Mateo Stock Farm near what will become Burlingame High School. In 1898, Corbitt sold his property to Francis J. Carolan and was called Crossways Farm. This became one of the finest private stables in Western America. Plus a polo field.

Land for the High School was purchased in 1921 and the school opened in 1923.

Still looking for the presence of a winery. Maybe wine connoisseurs Gerald and Joe know? Perhaps Burlingame was the Pinot Noir capital of the Peninsula!!


Thanks Fiona! I wonder if Corbitt or Carolan were wine hobbyists? When was the Gunst mansion built?

Rich Grogan

Something to think about. If the arsenic problem was a serious issue, we would have seen signs of the serious condition, years ago.

Early eco-propblem are manifested in the wild life in the area. In this case there would have been an unusually high number of dead squirrel, birds, etc in the area. As it turns out arsenic is a naturally occurring substance in mother nature.


True, the group told us that arsenic has also been used for various reasons for centuries, mainly because there wasn't anything better. It does the job. Problems usually occur when it is present in high amounts in a drinking water source. Here, they are trying to cut back on it as much as possible. I notice whole play structures being removed because of treated wood. The physician also mentioned that arsenic doesn't move a lot. It bonds to soil, like lead does. It is, however, excreted form the body fairly quickly, unlike lead. Any of us with newer fences probably have higher arsenic levels around the posts. It also can also leach into certain plants. It is something to consider when planting home crops.


If anyone who lives in Burlingame knew about the heavy metal toxins that have been distributed along the railroad tracks, the high voltage issuse would pale in comparison. The reason for the Arsenic in the school area is due to the railroad. If soil samples were taken along the tracks from SF to SJ you would know where it comes from.
I know this as fact. It is not just something that happens here. It is national. Railroad workers become injured working near the tracks, just being around the dust up of a train coming by. If anyone really cares about this issue the info is out there...


One other thing I wanted to point out is that there are two pre-schools on California Dr. The schools are within 100 ft.of the tracks. If I had a child there I would be concerned about Arseic and other heavy metal compounds. Our children play and live here.According to studies, the young ones are more affected by these,"subtle" enviormental issues, than adults.


They did a sample by the tracks, and it was elevated, as expected. They also did tests of the softball field, also very near the tracks, and those levels were normal. It is very uneven distribution. I don't doubt the tracks are a contributer, though especially when the wind gets going. Thanks for the info.

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