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December 28, 2004



This is where strong leadership should come in. Until Safeway is told once and for all, that the old plan won't ever fly, we will be stuck in this mode. Maybe that is what Safeway means by "seeking direction."


I'm not sure Safeway even knows where the pageant is being held, nevermind who might wear the tiara. Oh, Mark Hudak, when will you ever help them see the light??


The pageant is in Burlingame and the leader who showed leadership will wear the tiara as he/she is walking down Safeway's produce aisle. It could be quite a moment!


I agreed the current or the old plan of Safeway didn't work in Burlingame. But, how do you feel if somebody else re-design your home without your permission? Give Safeway a break!


If I built a new home, I would be restricted by our City and its planning department. I would also consider my neighbors and would listen to their concerns because I am sure they would have a lot to say about my plans. There are many stories of neighbors working together and, of course, there are others (e.g. Drake) where they have not been considerate of each other.

If Safeway had been smart (and they obviously have not been) they would have listened to the opinions way back in the late 1990's when 700+ people signed a petition against the Safeway proposal. Those residents were told they were being premature because the planning department had not received formal plans yet.

As you so rightly say, the current/old plans do not work for Burlingame, so they should start listening to the residents (i.e. neighbors) and the experts (i.e. other architects). If we had a strong council, they could listen to them too but that is another issue!

What harm would it be after 8 years of the unsuccessful current/old plan to find out from others what would work?


As per the Daily Journal today:

"Thanks but no thanks. The Burlingame City Council will not discuss ideas for a new Safeway on Howard Avenue and El Camino Real Monday night. Mayor Joe Galligan and Councilwoman Terry Nagel said the grocer is not ready to look at proposals"

What does Galligan think of Mr. Dreiling's ideas? The grocer is "not ready"? - it would be worth your time to take a look, boys!

Russ Cohen

It can be documented that throughout the nation, the most well accepted commercial projects are those that have involved public input. Safeway should graciously entertain ideas generated from the very customers that will be supporting their store. I suspect that there will be more ideas gennerated in the near future whether Safeway wants to se them or not. It would behoove Safeway to see the vision that many citizens have for a small part of their town. It is a golden opportunity that they ought not waste. If I were a retailer I would relish the opportunity to design my store to the likes of potential customers. This is not a property rights issue, rather it is a retailers rare chance to have a very large focus group explaining what they want. This is free research. Why Safeway does not want to see the research results is puzzling to me.

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