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November 17, 2004



As far as Safeway goes, does this mean we don't have to see that one dimensional monster Safeway plan anymore (Yippee). It has really gotten old. Personally, as much as I see hopeful prospects in Ionescus plan, it is quite dense in its housing element and may be too much for Burlingame to embrace. I'd like to hear and see many other mixed-use proposals before deciding on the most hopeful, then let the Planning Commissioners (wise as they are) start working on making it the best for our town. Let's not make the mistake of putting all of our eggs in one basket. I still remember a comment from a woman in the crowd at one of the CBB forums with Ionescu speaking. She was fearful of the density in the city, and loved her life in suburbia, the car, etc.. As I recall, her quote went something like this: "If I wanted to live like a european, I'd move to Europe." Lest we not forget, this may well represent the majority view of this city. We need to tread carefully and look at many possibilities that are financially sound. The good news is that there is hope for a mixed-use proposal of some sort. It may, or may not be Ionescu's plan, but we need to keep the momentum going and involve as many architects who are versed in mixed-use, and opinions of the community members, as possible. The extra months of planning and debate will be well worth all of our time and effort. John King's (Architecture critic and editor for the Chron) told a crowd at another CBB forum that the city needs to start with one, modest, very well-designed project that can be embraced. IF well done it will hopefully encourage more mixed-use projects later on down the line. A bad project will do the opposite.


The plans for mix-use project or some will call it "live work" sounds great. But 300 residential units above safeway?? .......I don't know, it seems way way too many units. Can you image how many cars will go around El Camino, Howard, and Primrose??? It ain't gonna be easy...that's for sure~!


I agree Bruce. The concept is great but I would like it pared down so it is less than 300 housing units.

It is fantastic that this new concept has excited our Council, our Planning Commissioners and the public. Other towns are doing it and Burlingame needs to catch up.

BUT is our planning department listening!?


I think the important thing is that more and more people are now willing to look outside the box. Let's hope that Safeway will as well...


I don't think Safeway would have a big problem with this project-it's a money making deal for them and Galligan sees it.Of course we should
thank CBB and Terry Nagel,they are the ones who have been working so hard for a better project.If it was up to Galligan ad Coffey we
would have a Safeway with a wall against our downtown and a sea of parking! Don't forget they voted for the project! They didn't care about feedback from residents then. I don't think it will take too much woo power for Safeway to come back to the table.Thank you to
CBB,Planning Commissioners,Terry Nagel,Cathy Baylock and Rosalie O'Mahony for working so hard for the betterment of Burlingame.

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