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February 13, 2004



Curious too how one stately eucalyptus that is no more was where the proposed Safeway exit onto El Camino might be ... should the plan ever be approved.


The good or the bad news is that if you drive to Crocker School, have a look at the trees on the corner plot opposite the school. It looks like someone in a mad rage of pique took a pair of scissors and butchered the trees. It has been said that this is an Otto Miller piece of land. Who knows? But this butchery has destroyed a beautiful corner of Hillsborough. Sadly it is happening too in Burlingame - perhaps we should ask Michael Svanevik to change the name of his book from City of Trees to "Tree Trunk City", Gerald. It does not have the same ring to it though!


Hillsborough is so hot for the new Safeway maybe they can put one on that Otto Miller corner.


Angela...what percentage of Hillsborough residents are renters and do they eat quiche?


I know it looks awful right now, but there is a plan in the works to replace the diseased eucs with historic elms. The elms were planted alternately with the eucs in the 1880's (as windbreaks,) and were to have been removed later. But Burlingame fought to keep the large gum eucs in 1916, so the tree battles began. It was a good thing, because Dutch elm disease hit a few decades later and killed 80% of the Mclaren elms. We were left with the gums alone. But Caltrans will not plant the large gums anymore, due to short life span and brittleness, and the little gums they are putting in are very small when mature. So the Historical Society, and Parks Dept. have been working with Caltrans on an appropriate replacement. These will be disease resistant elms. They will restore the ancient canopy that we once had here, and are not invasive on the side-walks. There is also the historical precedent which is necessary as part of CEQA to mitigate the removal of the old gums...


Jenn, good info on the replanting, but I ditto geralds comment on proper staking...the new little guys look horrible.


The little guys are the microthecas, not the elms, and I agree that they definitely need more staking. The new elms will need a lot of strong staking, and I'm glad you brought it up, because I will make sure to stress that in our next meeting. Thanks for the good tips.


Somebody told me that the eucalyptus being removed are diseased. I think whomever is removing them has a diseased brain. They look no more diseased than those left behind. The canopy of eucalyptus on ECR will never be the same as it was originally intended. Staking the microthecas, or whatever they are, is certainly going to give them a better chance of surviving, but we will never see their full beauty in our lifetimes. Shame.


I am not an arborist, so just like everyone else, I have to take them at their word as to whether the eucs are diseased or not. I do know that Caltrans had to have an independent arborist test them, not just one of their people., Someone else also told me that sometimes the rot is not visible, and can only be determined by that machine they use, so who knows.

But there is at least there will be a solid plan in place for another generation of trees. I am hoping on at least a commitment to a good watering program in the first year, and then from what I understand, the elms will be fast growers.


I don't understand what's the big deal with cutting down those diseased eucalyptus. Do you want to wait until it falls, damage properties, or perhaps kill some innocent pedestrians?? Give em' a break please!!


The next one that falls will be the first one to fall. And that includes the groves by the railroad tracks and up on 280. If Caltrans would maintain the ground drainage half as well as they trim the branches, I'll bet they would be even healthier.


it is just too sad what is happening to our beautiful city..we trust our city leaders too take care of our city for us .. but maybe we can't trust them after all... the trees and the beautiful canopy on el camino was always such a warm and wlcoming sight... you knew you were home and we felt so lucky to be ap art of this community....please , pleasae, we all need to woek hard to keept this city tyhe warm, small town, full of charm, trees and families for our children...

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