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February 07, 2004



I would like to know why does he represent the seniors, renters and non voters?


I heard Mr. Galligan's "speech" and figured the poor guy had spent so much time researching a recipe for quiche for Mrs. Galligan, he had not had the time to really come up with a coherent speech. His "performance" was more like someone bouncing ideas off the top of their head, hence the "scattered" nature of such a talk.

While I don't share many of Mr. Galligan's views, I should point out that there is a percentage of the community which DOES agree with Councilman Galligan.

As for Al's wonderfully fertile list (above) of "thoughts" from Mr. G, I'm trying to "connect the dots" as to how 52% of the town "renting" equates with the "need" to shop at Safeway?

Now then, how about if Safeway sells "Galligan's Burlingame Quiche" at its store and donates a percentage of the profits to the city coffers in an effort to help the budget deficit? Maybe Mollie Stone's and Lunardi's can also feature this comestible (and we can then see which store really does have the lowest price!).


The more unintelligent members of our council said that renters and seniors needed to shop at Safeway and homeowners could afford to shop elsewhere. This is patently stupid because there are a large number of homeowners who are on fixed incomes and even zero incomes. Our family does not shop at Safeways, not because their store is scuzzy but because we care where we spend our dollars. We shop at Albertsons. A number of renters found these comments demeaning and condescending. I like your idea of quiche, Gerald but I wonder who would eat it!

jason cutler


I'm going to vote for F. There are two reasons for my vote for F. First, Galligan is an idiot for even saying it, but you knew that.

Second, Hudak is the big loser in this whole deal. The whole time he thought this appeal was an appeal instead of a negotiation with the city. It was a negotiation because they needed to swap land for the public parking lots. Making such a mistake is bad lawyering. Drawing attention to the bad lawyering is bad councilman judgement, or as you put it "asinine"--same thing.

Dewy Cheatham

Has anyone ever seen Galligan or Coffey shopping at a Safeway???? Both of them should be ashamed for giving two of the most boring and rambling speeches the city has heard in a long time. Neither one was on message. It was evident that neither one had prepared a speech and they were trying to one-up the councilwomen who were very prepared.

Also, Mr. Flip Flop Coffey should issue an apology to everyone who voted for him. How shamefull that he voted for this project after telling everyone at the candidate debate that he would suppport the planning commissioners decision..... Do I hear RECALL?


Do you think Councilman Galligan would be immortalized for saying "Qu'ils mangent de la quiche"???
That's "Let them eat quiche"...wonder how his French accent is?
Rosaline and Al both point out, in circuitous fashion, Mr. Galligan did not display the pinnacle of logic in his rambling speech.
But as Epictetus (boy, was he the center of attention at parties, or what?) is quoted as saying: "Reason is not measured by size or height, but by principle."
Those words might echo in the wake of the City Council turning down the proposed Safeway project.

joe baylock

While I'm tempted to go with choice H. "something about quiche" which seems to be the one most people remember, I think there is another choice I. that should be added. I don't recall it exactly, but it was something to the effect that Mollie Stone's had also "turned it's back on Burlingame Ave". I admit I was a bit lost in the (il)logic at that point, but I do know that Mollie's managed to fit into the old Lucky's without changing the footprint of the building at all. They even gave up having one of the child care centers that mothers all over B'game were hoping for in order to fit into the building. Does anyone remember the point of that part of his speech?

Joe Baylock


My "interpretation" of Councilman Galligan's point was that Mollie Stone's faces El Camino and sort of has its back to Primrose (in a round about way)...
He didn't mention, though, that Mollie Stone's DOES carry 8 ounce jars of Best Foods mayonnaise, while Safeway "turned its back" on a loyal customer who wanted to purchase that product.


I have it on good authority that the principle ingredients in the now-famous Galligan quiche are humbug, hubris and hutzpah, with a generous helping of waffle mix. Are there any other secret ingredients?


I'll bet seniors and renters would feel demeaned....is there is demographic on these folks as to income?..compared to us homeowners. I know some renters that are quite well off and homeowners, as you mentioned, have zero to limited income.

Also, I do not shop at Safeway...but went to visit and do not find it scuzzy..actually well merchandised and good personnel.

There was a box there for awhile solicting Yes votes for the new building..I filled one out, but indicated against (in the margin, there was no box for a "no" vote....they didn't contact me.

Who are the folks that shop at Safeway? We need to take an informal live survey...maybe it could be one of our 7th graders Science Project under the Behavioral category.

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