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October 22, 2003




City of Burlingame Planning Commission need you! If not, Run for City Council AGAIN...cuz you got my vote.


Thank you for educating me Jerry. I had not realized that NOT one planning commissioner supported him when he was running for council. Just as Rosalie has not endorsed him this time around. This lack of support from fellow commissioners and councilmembers tells us volumes about our incumbent.

joe baylock

While we're on falsehoods, let's add the MM campaign flyer that arrived in today's mail. It contains a chart comparing the supposed positions of all six candidates on a variety of issues. On the line labelled "Position on New Safeway Store" it lists Coffey and Janney as "Willing to Negotiate"--very disturbing these days since the negotiations have moved behind closed doors. But for the four challengers it lists all of their positions as "Opposed". We have been beating around the bush for some time on Coffey/Janney statements, but now is the time to spell it out.

They are liars.

It's really that simple. Many people have heard all of these challengers say numerous times that they want a new Safeway. I've heard it said by several while MM were in the same room. The sole issue is what size and orientation it should have, but their basic positions have always been clear with the possible exception of Paul Prenderville who I don't follow too closely. If Janney or Coffey should win, it will forever be tainted by the fact that they had to LIE to do it. You can see for yourself from Oct. 29 to Nov 3rd on channel 27 at 8pm. The Safeway lie is only the most obvious one.

Joe Baylock


Is anyone else sick and tired of all the MM mailings - enough - I am begining to think it is almost harrassment. Perhaps on Saturday we will get one from his dog, a la his wife's cosy letter. Ugh - its nasty. I mailed alot of it back to Coffey and asked him to not send me any more garbage but the latest chart certainly takes the cake. Interesting too that Prendiville even showed us his design for housing on the Bayfront. Must have changed his mind!


It is harrassment! And, full of lies...could it be mail fraud as well?


It would be nice if the MM's could have the courtesy to spell their opponents names correctly too. Paul Prendiville would appreciate it I am sure!

joe baylock

Thank you Admin, I forgot to put Paul's mispelled name in "quotes" or add sic to my posting above. Today's Daily News and Daily Journal both had very telling articles about the lies in the flyer I mention above. Here is my personal favorite excerpt from the Daily Journal--"Coffey and Janney did not return numerous calls for comment". I wonder if this will cause the paper to rethink it's endorsement of Coffey?

Joe Baylock

Chip Coleman

You nailed it, Jerry. You were only 5 voters shy of gettin elected yourself. Think about it again for 2005.

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