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September 23, 2003



Does anyone know if there is a way to submit questions to the candidates (or to the moderators) to be discussed in this forum, even if one is not able to attend this event?

Being that Candidates Night takes place from 7 PM to 9 PM on a weeknight, it would be nice if those voters who are not able to attend, because they are:

1) Not extremely mobile or confined to their home;
2) Work during the hours the event is held;
3) or, have a family to look after and are not afforded the luxury of hiring a babysitter,

are still able to ask questions of their candidates.

Caring about City politics is too often stifled by circumstances beyond the control of the individual.

Peninsula TV provides many with the opportunity to watch from home.

All voters deserve the opportunity to cut through the hype of overglossed pamphlets and the hoopla of newspaper articles that do not address the issues that they are concerned about.


The candidates night forum will be televised and shown live and also tape replayed.

As far as submitting questions the moderator of the forum, the League of Women Voters, has specified that questions have to be asked in person. rather than being submitted anonymously.

I would recommend that you contact any of the sponsoring organizations (Citizens for a Better Burlingame, HomeOwners, Chamber of Commerce, Independent) and ask them to pose your questions.

Good point about people not being able to attend Patrick.


With all the crowing about the "acomplishments" of our present City Council, who vill take responsibility for Apple's "Das Bunker" on Burlingame Avenue?


For those who haven't decide who to vote, Ms. Terry Nagel is having the following events: "Terry is inviting the public to meet her at two coffees. One will be Thursday, Sept. 25, at 7 p.m. at Il Piccolo Caffe at 1219 Broadway. The other will be Sunday, Oct. 5, at 1 p.m. at the Lions Club, 990 Burlingame Ave. She will speak 30 minutes after the start of each event, and will take questions. Refreshments will be served." (Obtained from her own website)

Way to go Terry! Thanks


Public forums are one of the best ways to talk with a candidate and one of the best ways to hear what they have to say and where they stand on issues. The gathering that was held last week at Il Picolo was , from my vantage point, succesful. I heard from many in the standing room only crowd that they were concerned about Safeway and housing along the bayfront as well as other issues. Please join me in the second coffee at Il Piccolo on Wednesday, October 8th at 7:30pm. Also, I will be available at Cpenhagen Bakery and Restaurant every Tuesday afternoon in October from 4:30 until 5:30. Stop by. I would love to talk with you. Russ Cohen

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