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August 29, 2003


joe baylock

Other People in the County Feel the Same

Here's an excerpt from today's Burlingame Daily News letter to the editor from someone named George Burgess in Belmont. His topic is backroom politics in Belmont and he apparently was either a candidate or a possible candidate for Belmont Council.

"How about a publisher of another newspaper who lobbies county and state politicos on behalf of his chosen few and then under the guise of "unbiased reporting" taints the facts."

It's some small consolation to know that there are folks in every town that have to deal with "tainted facts".

Joe Baylock


Since when has J. Fuchs EVER checked out a "story" with the individual he is writing something negative about?

joe baylock

Fuchs Stays Selective With His Comments

Good ole Jerry did a quick about face this weekend. Back on August 23rd in reference to my wife, he noted that "it is rare that one councilmember--who is not up for re-election--would participate in a campaign to oust her colleagues".

But in his Sept. 6th article that leads off with Rosalie O'Mahony's endorsement of Terry Nagel and non-endorsement of her colleagues, there is not a word about how "rare" it is. Perhaps it isn't all that rare after all. Does anyone really think Bud Harrison didn't actively campaign against "colleagues"? I refuse to believe Fuchs is getting senile, he's just vindictive. Is it any wonder that a much more upstanding local newspaper does not want to be a co-sponsor of Candidates' Night with the Independent?

Signed in full as usual,

Joe Baylock

joe baylock

Finally, Something I can agree with Jerry about!!

I seldom read Fuchs' local column and I never read his national gibberish. But tonight for some reason his Examiner title about the recall winner not being able to fix the mess drew me in. I didn't read it, but the paragraph that starts "I should love Arianna Huffington because she shares my committment to writing" caught my eye.

Then he makes one of those rare insightful statements .

He writes: "But as a columnist I can safely say that when columnists get carried away with their own importance, they cease to be relevant".

This has been EXACTLY his problem for at least the last 10 years. He has a self-image as a "kingmaker" and he is getting more irrelevant as real-world results fail to confirm that image. Soon he will disappear in a puff of smoke...oh wait, we already did that cartoon in the BV (click on the other button on the front page).

Signed in full as usual,

Joe Baylock
Member, Editorial Board of the Voice

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