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July 25, 2003



The property was misrepresented in the staff report to The City. It is a single family home located in a R1 zone. The report stated that it a single family home, which has been illegally converted to multiple units, with very little onsite parking. This is not true.


I think we have to be vigilant .. .especially as the two houses (which includes the illegally converted one) are owned by the same person. I looked at the lovely green house and thought it was a perfect house until I looked at the dreadful condition of the illegal apartments nextdoor. Wonder when those were built and how did they get away with building such an awful mess? They obviously did not have such an astute planning commision as we do now.


I am opposed to a parking lot, however, I have sentiments with is not a charming house. It would take a very dedicated family to remodel it, and then live next door to the "dreadful" mess next door. I dare use the name of Otto Miller, but even his property conversions are better than a parking lot or more dreadful illegal conversions.


Fiona, Mr. Galligan replied to an email from Kate Belding ([email protected]) that you will find interesting..she can forward it to you..essentially, Mr. Galligan feels we can walk our own kids to school like his parents used to.


Keep in mind, Rosaline, that people like to live in Burlingame because of all those churches on El Camino Real. ;)
This is good news for the kids attempting to dodge traffic on their way to school as most of them will get a cross.
Jewish ones will get a star.

On a more serious note: What ever became of the idea that certain school kids were awarded the 'privilege' of being a public servant and wearing a crossing guard sash and cap and was responsible for a couple of days a week? I went to schools around here (right after they installed indoor plumbing, actually...) and this was quite a normal thing. It was something kids earned by doing well in classes.
We used to have two kids per intersection.


Cathy Baylock and Terry Nagel think the City can find $60K somewhere in a $70M budget to pay for this important service to the public and parochial school kids in town, but Galligan, Coffey and O'Mahony remain unconvinced at this point. What do you think?

joe baylock

I too was a crossing guard in 5th grade in Massachusetts due to my good grades, but I never dealt with anything llike the hustle and bustle of the cellphone toting maniacs that drive our streets today. My favorite bumper sticker is "Hang up and drive".


For a sophisticated town like Burlingame who likes to think of itself as a family town, I cannot believe the arrogance of some of the council members. And to be honest, I am surprised at Rosalie. Galligan's comment is that all parents should be walking their kids to school. For once I agree with Galligan, but that is not the real 2004 world and he should know that. As for Coffey's remarks, he doesn't care what happens in Burlingame and seems zoned out with his mind back in Florida. For Fuchs today to ask why kids can't be the crossing guards, I would like Fuchs to stand on El Camino/Bayswater/E.Carol/Primrose/Cypress. While fighting for a crossing guard at this junction(s) 10+ years ago, I thought for a moment about volunteering to do the job myself. The job is dangerous, folks!

Does anyone have the numbers of how much monies each school receives and how much monies it costs the school in salaries, expenses, etc. The councilmembers gave the impression that the schools receive oodles of money and so why can't they pay the crossing guards themselves. Aren't the schools "in crisis mode" themselves, so I can't understand what our "well-meaning" councilmembers mean? Anyone know?

I agree with one one letterwriter who wrote to Coffey, saying he was "argumentative and provocative. Shame on you" Absolutely and shame on Burlingame.


that's the agenda!! make it look worse and worse, offer pathetic then we'll all vote "yes" to their pathetic plans. I'm not fooled, are you?


Actually, it probably isn't Safeway's fault, but our city's policies that are to blame. If the City Manager, and the politicians and department heads made it clear that there is clout behind the claim of being "The City of Trees," Safeway would probably have gotten off to a better start.

They should have been forced to integrate the old oak on Primrose into their plan in the first place. It is, in fact, in a perfect spot to become a courtyard and place of beauty. By showcasing the tree, they would have had a really special design, unique to our town and fitting naturally into the pedestrian environment guidelines that we already have.

It is as if we are constantly having to redefine ourselves, because the rules and guidelines aren't enforced by everyone involved. Are we a Tree City, or not?? It seems the rules are different, depending upon who the applicant is. I do not think it is justified for the city to force homeowners to prove beyond a doubt, need for removal of a tree, when corporations are allowed to remove them even for new construction, just because the tree is "in the way."A healthy, old tree can never really be replaced by planting young trees elsewhere on a property. Keeping our old trees must be a priority in all cases.

Our citizens need and deserve to feel that everybody is subject to the same scrutiny, regardless if homeowner or corporation and that nobody gets special favors.


What a lovely dedication of the Murray Field to two special Burlingame residents, Jim and Pauline Murray.

I particulary liked the dedication plaque because it did not include councilmember names or politics in any shape or form.

The plaque was all about Jim and Pauline - just the way it should be. Jim and Pauline would have smiled!


You are right, Jenn, perhaps if there had been stronger leadership from our City Safeway would have been more creative with their plans. But would Safeway have listened? Our City leaders should enforce stronger guidelines for residents and big corporations. Especially those corporations who want to dump on 3.5 acres of prime Burlingame property.


I have been trying to get the Indendent but perhaps it has already been used for the cat litter boxes of Burlingame!

For Janney to accuse the CBB of "clouding the issues" is a bit like the pot calling the kettle black! And perhaps rather sour grapes. If her 460's are to be believed, Janney spent $37,000 on her campaign, garnering the least votes per dollars spent and all for the privilege of being resoundingly defeated. Of course she mumbled, waffled and was mushy mouthed about Safeway! Perhaps on their website they could explain their "smart growth" stand and also explain where the CBB clouded the issue? Maybe it was because they were committed to the cause!

All civic groups are welcome as long as they don't deal in "dirty" money and "dirty" shennanigans. If Rubin/Janneys group, can be as successful, as effective and as efficient as the CBB and their committed volunteers, well all power to them. You go, girrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrl!

But the whole thing is definitely laughable!


There is an application form and information on the Burlingame Chamber of Commerce website about "The Fresh Market" - Great to see some useful information on the Chamber website - other than the phases of the moon!! The first market day of 2004 will be May 2nd. Hope to see you there Ana. The Fresh Market is definitely one of the Gems of Burlingame!


About 10 people came out to see the stumps. CalTrans arborist Chris State explained the process but wasn't able to convince some vocal members of the public that CalTrans objective is to protect the trees.

According to State, CalTrans will be returning with a plan to sample test the trees all along Burlingame's El Camino in the fall and based on that statistical sample will recommend a course of action.

Given that to date they have tested 22 trees and condemed 19, expect to see a very bare El Camino in a few years time. The only good news is that there will be lots of firewood!!!


Does this remind anyone of the ground hog who pops its head out of the ground!


Talking about going from the ridiculous to the sublime, has anyone noticed the very attractive mini Broadway arch across a small side street off Broadway, near el Camino. It is very tasteful.

Greg Jones

Why wasn't there public comment after the Caltrans presentation at City Hall. Questions needed to be asked for public record?


Let's hope the architectural gem on Sanchez Avenue, Burlingame will remain in all its glory.


It is much more simple - Safeway had three on the Council before the election who would have had said "yes" to any Safeway plan, one lost resoundingly and then there were two. Safeway misjudged the election. If they had read the tea leaves properly, they would have listened up and we would now be shopping at a spanking new Safeway - instead of Lunardi's and Mollie Stones!


I see the house has been sold again. Does anyone have an update on what they may do to it?


Its distressing that they have not taken the offer of residents donating trees because it the maintenance that costs the money. Anyone want to water the trees?


Are there already time shares in Burlingame? Does anyone know?


I was at Lunardis yesterday and saw the Burlingame voice article taped to their store windows. Great article, Joann Garrison!

Remember when Mr. Galligan stated that people who lived in apartments could only afford to shop at Safeway? (what an insulting statement). Perhaps he could announce these results at the next council meeting so those folks know they have another option.

P.S. We are still waiting for that quiche recipe of his to be posted.


He is short on ingredients!!!!

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