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May 16, 2017



Should have been the Planning Dept's job to insure the original building was left intact.

Unfortunately they sold out!


The people working/employed by the City of Burlingame in the Planning Dept. are hired through The City of Burlingame Elders, and Manager.
Within the last 15 years, one Planning Dept. employee was fired for Child Porn on his City of Burlingame Computer, one COB Engineer was fired for driving with an open 5 gallon bucket of Gasoline, while smoking in a COB Vehicle. Another COB Engineer was arrested and fired for keeping a loaded handgun in his desk at City Hall. Another COB Engineer was forced to accept a retraining order not to come to work after 40 years of service, retirement.
You can not make this stuff up folks.
These are all Public Documents available for anyone who wants to "Look Behind the Curtain."
What else is there?

Bruce Dickinson

Once again, our city council and planning commission have failed us. They are the ones who bear the ultimate responsibility. When will the cow-towing to developers stop?



I am very sorry to present these facts at the Burlingame Voice. However, these events were in the Newspaper at the time they happened.
Back page, etc.
In my opinion, based on years of reading these Crazy, and unbelievable happening at City Hall Burlingame, CA. there is a Filter that keeps this out of Daily News.
How do we allow this to happen?
How much is not printed?


Dear Holy Rolled One:

Your so called facts are way off. I also take issue with you calling every wrong doing as having been done by an ENGINEER.

Franklin Means worked as the Chief Building Official in the Building Department he was not an engineer. He did child porn at his work computer which included trading images in chat rooms. He was arrested, sent to prison, and is now registered as a sex offender.

The gun incident was also a Building Department employee and NOT an engineer.

The Building and Planning Department combined to become the Community Development Department.

So get your facts straight. Engineers have not committed any of your reported crimes.

Check the proper titles before you slander the Engineers. Don't be sloppy about your research if it's public knowledge get the name and title of the person don't accuse engineers.

Don't forget the library secretary who gifted herself $750,000 from the till of the City and spent time in prison. Will you call her an Engineer too!

Get your facts straight Holy.


Thank you for clarifying the City of Burlingame dysfunctional hiring practices.

Holley Cow!

There is a recent problem within City Hall regarding the search for and hiring of a new HR Director.
No candidate was willing to take the position due to the amount of drama going on here.
I a City as "small" as Burlingame, with the VERY DEEP Financial Pockets should be able to hire incredible talent.
Dear BeenAround,
Thank you very much for correcting/defining my comments.
Going back to the City of Burlingame Librarian that embezzled $750,000.00; before she was caught, she "Did Time: for stabbing her husband-San Mateo County Sheriff in the neck with a Fork.
A few months in Jail...
She did not lose her job, and maybe the guy deserved it. I doubt it.
I like the Holy Rolled One..
Get it right, it is Holley Roller..
Get your facts right.
I wonder how many other "past" City Employees have stories?


Holly Wronger:

The secretary at the library did stab her husband in the neck but seeing she was Bud Harrison's niece no charges were filed after she was arrested for that, so NO she spent no time in jail and was back on the job collecting the late fines from the overdue books. Spending the money in beauty shops. This incident was prior to the stealing- she spent time in the pokey for theft. Was paroled in Yolo County.

Fake news - is about all ya got 50/50 whether you are right or wrong.

Wonder how many private companies have inner conflict? Sure there are just as many as the ones you quote half assed here.

Why not stand up on public at the Council meeting and look right into the camera and ask the questions where they can be answered.

Get involved lady......

You hide and throw out fake stories.


Holy Holley has had this coming to him-her for a long time.


Saw Apple stores in beautiful old buildings in New York City this week.
Burlingame sells out too fast.

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