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August 14, 2014


Douglas Radtke

Thank you for the exposure, I think the quote works better in context:

I also support putting the future of the Peninsula Healthcare District on the ballot and letting voters have a say in the future and direction of the District. Enabling the voters to make a choice is democracy in action, and should be considered.

This ballot initiative would be proposed after a LAFCo municipal review is performed, an action the PHCD has yet to perform. How can the board draw conclusions without a comprehensive review being performed?

The Healthcare Districts were not founded with the intention of being a taxpayer payer funded "United Way", acting as a grant giving foundation at the whim of the board.

I support the Grand Jury's findings and recommendations. Currently the District is exploring acquisitions of parcels of land on Trousdale.

The board has thrown out assisted care, the memory and community center in their feasibility studies according to the latest meeting agenda.

I ask, with our taxpayer payer dollars why is Peninsula Healthcare District getting into real estate development of what essentially are condominiums with some senior accommodations?

How is this serving the healthcare needs of the district they claim to serve?

The primary beneficiaries of the board's real estate activities are Pinto & Associates and whatever construction firm they decide to proceed with if their plans are executed.

Meanwhile, there are thousands of uninsured and legitimate healthcare needs within the district. The District sits on $61 million dollars and in my opinion did not give the Grand Jury a legitimate explanation of the high amount of reserves which serves no one.

A vote for me is a vote supporting the hard work of the individuals who staff the Grand Jury.


Thanks, Douglas. Some of our readers have a shorter attention span, but you are welcome to expand in Comments anytime.

Douglas Radtke

I disagree with the significant steps the district has committed towards developing real estate.

I disagree with Chappel's view of real estate development being a "cash hedge". This is a healthcare district, not Greenlight Capital and no one sitting on the board is David Einhorn.

The Healthcare Districts were not chartered to function as a real estate development firm.

The primary project of PHCD is no longer a community center, assisted care, memory care, mixed use, or medical office project. It is quickly becoming a residential only development - what business does PHCD have in building housing?

Councilmember Ortiz from Burlingame stated "it would not be politically wise to build only housing".

Hey, I agree. I don't think it is only politically wise, but it is frankly outright misappropriation of taxpayer funds.

The Board needs to submit to a LAFCo municipal review or engaged the voters and allow the citizens they allege to serve.

This has been addressed by the Grand Jury report. I highly encourage everyone to give it a read and let the facts and findings of the good people who volunteer their time to serve be your guide in this election.


1) Renew, 2) Refocus, and 3) Reform

Please don't be afraid to become engaged and active in your community, including debating policy issues and direction.

I know the existing Peninsula Health Care Board members well.

I've heard the CEO say to a group, "All I want to do is to help Hispanics!" (she's Caucasian) with the tax money that the Health Care District takes from YOU and redistributes to people/groups of her choice.

Just say no to racism and hard-core Socialism in Burlingame and in San Mateo County.

The Pen Health Care District was created to build a high quality hospital decades ago. It DID its job. Now what?

Please vote for new, smart candidates for The Peninsula Health Care District. The current oversee'ers need oversight and effort to:

1) Renew, 2) Refocus, and 3) Reform for the benefit of all residents, equally!



Doug Radtke is the voice we need. Anyone that is sitting on a $61M slush fund of our money needs to explain themselves. I'm tired of government socking away our money and then crying that they need more. Did we even dream of the day when our sales tax rates would be this high? Totally despicable. At least Doug is offering accountability to the taxpayers - I don't hear that from the other candidates.

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