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July 06, 2014




Bruce Dickinson

Who uses more bait and tackle than the Gorton's Fisherman? Well, I think it's Russ Cohen trying to bait Bruce Dickinson with statements such as " some of the ways I am about to suggest are somewhat untraditional, but sometimes you have to think outside the box" Russ and Joe, why don't you just leave a dedicated comment box on such articles, reserved for no other than *the* Bruce Dickinson. Yes, I kid, of course.

Before I get into the meat of it, Bruce Dickinson is no expert in paver/tile selection, but I gotta ask you, why do these pavers appear to show more dirt and spills than average? I don't recall the same issue at Santana Row or other faux European shopping re-creations. I think some one made a boo-boo by selecting shiny yet porous material that shows all the doo-doo! Hopefully use someone other than paver consultant at Home Depot…I kid, I kid.

Anyway, of the choices presented, I like plan B the best, as it involves the least organization/logitistics/ getting numerous parties or individuals to talk and take action. The only thing that ever seems to work around these parts is when a new house, commercial property, or condo project gets submitted, then all the developers, commissioners, council members, architects financial interests are hugely aligned and there's no stopping the steamroll. Wish that same attitude and enthusiasm would exist in keeping our City looking spic and span. Only drawback with plan B is that you need a city employee to supervise, but that's probably well worth the effort, as why just stop at downtown Burlingame? This sounds like a dynamite program that can be used to clear all the errant trash on Broadway, around the overpass, and at the Parks and Schools. Even the occasional poop in the sandboxes/ grass. By the way, speaking of poop, how about using the furloughees to take down all those election signs which are turning our city into a veritable hippy-mobile (VW Wagon or Bug) with hundreds of dumb hippy bumper stickers plastered all over it to make some sort of "social statement". C'mon folks, this is Burlingame, gotta care about your own backyard! In an even funnier vein, why not have the furloughees deliver the sign fines to the perpetrators and in addition to a fine, the perps also have to do community service? Here you have those who committed a crime and are now paying their community service debt, in a twist of irony, delivering notices of illegal signage to elected officials. Then you can have the violating elected officials enter the work furlough program and serve our community by picking up trash and cleaning streets, which will help everyone involved. Bruce Dickinson loves it!

My other suggestion would be to tap into the local High Schools. To get accepted into a decent college, you need to show volunteer hours and for the really smart ones, let those kids be the organizers/logistics people. What better thing to put on a college application than you basically started and organized a community enhancement non-for-profit, which could be expanded to help those who receive subsidized housing/the elderly. Call it "Helping Hands of Burlingame." If the kids were really ambitious, can organize some of the Doctors in the community to give free medical check-ups, dental exams, chiropractic adjustments, etc, or Lawyers giving pro-bono advice for small claims/injury items. Why not get local private schools involved too, make it a contest between schools, as it were, to create competition. Guys, take it from Bruce Dickinson, create the incentives and people will sniff em out real fast and execute with impunity!


I have lived in many places all over the world an emnployee at WHO.
I was/am an MD. Nevertheless, my primary function was as a "Quarter Master."
The shipping /receiving of all medical supplies, To people who believe that is a very simple job, I assure you that nothing could be more important to the Sick, Physians, and Post Patients recovery than having access medicine, and believe it or not, just Aspirin, Neo-Sporin type antibiotics and Band Aids. Soap and CLEAN WATER TOO.
Regarding the point I am making regarding this BV Article is that all third world counties, as well as Native American Reservations do not care about their homes an anyway whatsoever because the places that they live in...
As victims and losers of war, many years receiving :generosity of the winners, take it all for granted.
Everything was taken away before in a Snap. What is to stop that from happening again?
War, prejudice, Economics, Race, the newest BS to take our minds off the important issues that threaten our world is Gay Marriage.
Get with it everybody...
Never has there been a more important reason for MORE COW BELL!


Getting off my Soap Box...
The last thing that homeless people, third world citizens(Anyone seen Naples Italy lately?)
Native American Reservations.
Gathering places of Asian Immigrants(Been to anywhere in China in the last Ten Years) feel that disposing of refuse is event that is below their standing in Society.
I am not angry about this Cultural Norm; sooner or later there may be a change.
Come on City of Burlingame Elders.
This is a NO BRAINER!


Not familiar with norms regarding trash disposal in China, however one of my kids went to Japan for several weeks traveling recently and said that the streets are spotless and that everyone picks up trash when they see it, since it is considered a blemish on Society to leave it. This in a place that prides itself in some of the most complex, elaborate (and largely unnecessary) packaging in the world, particularly for take out foods. Still, they do not litter, at all. I think the problem is the "free pass" that we've given today's youth, and somehow the litterbug message got forgotten on the 1980s-90s kids. Unfortunately, its hard to tell a business staffed by that same crowd, that they are responsible, even though I totally agree with you. Also, if the Tea Pumps drinks, for example, were not available in super duper size, but half of that, somehow I think the customers would not be so apt to spill or leave them somewhere.


I believe it is strictly a cultural issue.
The teenagers learn from their parents the mores of the society they live in.
A recent example is the Chinese calibration of eating dogs.
I am sure that there are some of our neighbors eating Dogs/Puppies right now.
I am not judging or complaining.
Some people have a different "system" than americans, and are allowed to "enjoy " that "taste".
If an American started eating Dogs & Cats he would be locked up in Jail.
If an American was caught without a Driver License, No Insurance, Jail.
Any other Mexican, or Asian...
Sorry for Bothering you sir, "By the way, do you have a license for that dog in your back seat.. No, That is OK.
See you.
Officer Burlingame.


I think you are both missing the point here. There are ways the city can get a handle on this problem without much in the way of expense. We can try to change the culture, but that is a much bigger issue. Rather I would like to our city leaders take the initiative to help solve the problem in one of the ways I have suggested above.


Yes, like these ideas, and also Bruce's contribution involving the students, because that gets a couple of items accomplished-- cleaning the streets, but also setting an example for their often clueless peers. Yet even the students have to be supervised. Still, it might be worth it because of the substantial cost involved in constant cleaning.

Conversely, we can just relax and get over the new car syndrome. It's a busy sidewalk, not a dinner plate, and maybe there is a tipping point where the merchants have had enough, too, and start implementing their own 'in-house' measures, or advocate (and contribute) to some mentioned above.

Peter Garrison

Dynamic is simple: Cleaner store fronts attract more customers = ten minutes max with warm water and a broom. Make it the new employee's morning job after unlocking the doors. The market will decide; we don't need a city program to do this or have to think about this more than five minutes.


That is a great analogy Jennifer.
We will all get used to it like everything else.
In many ways a mess in front of a food business is a sign of success.
Good Luck to them.
To bad that would not be the same for a Bank.

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