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July 24, 2014



A Democracy / Representative Republic only works if we all are aware of what's going on in the government, if we all actively debate the issues, and make an effort to yield people and policy in office that reflect a balance of individual rights and common good, always within the framework of existing laws, which no one may pick and choose at their own will...

Russ Cohen Should Be Granted Jerry Deal's Seat!

Clearly, Russ Cohen should be granted a seat on the city council, as Jerry Deal resigns.

Cathy Baylock

The Burlingame City Council adopted Resolution no. 63-2005 on September 19, 2005 to set out how council vacancies might be handled. The council will discuss whether to go the appointment or special election route at their next regularly scheduled meeting, which will not occur until the third Monday in August. If an appointment process is adopted, then that process cannot commence until the seat is actually vacated. So, all of you potential candidates can enjoy the rest of your summer, but after Labor Day, put your white shoes away and start your engines running!

Bruce Dickinson

Fellas, listen, I would be remiss if I didn't say that I was approached by no less than a dozen different people today asking whether I would run for City Council. As tempting as it is, Bruce Dickinson will be traveling to 4 different countries between August and November, and no, nothing comes in between me and my whirlwind global tours. While I am no spring-chicken, I gotta get in my leisure travel while I can, as you can see, I am still a very active adult. Rest assured however, that even on yachts, I have full internet access, so I will be keeping close tabs on the goings on with all things Burlingame and will be offering up my highly sought opinions, as it were.

While I am flattered, yes, very flattered that my name seems to roll off tongues these days, it seems like the answer to Diehl's retirement would be one of the two methods: We had a recent election less than a year ago, with the slimmest of victories. I'm sure all of Burlingame would expect either a special election or appointing Russ Cohen to the vacant seat until the general election in 2015.

If I recall correctly, Ortiz won the last election by less than 10 votes, so Burlingame should be fine with Cohen as an appointment and while I have never met him personally, most of my confidantes know him as an experienced and seasoned hand.

The City can also hold a special election, in which case Russ would probably run and has a very high probability of winning.

Either way, would probably result in the same outcome.

Bruce Dickinson looks forward to election seasons, and remember if you have any questions or concerns, give me a holler and I and my "guys" will help you adjudicate!


Since Joe Bullock who runs this website it is no surprise of the pro Cohen's comments. Hey Joe how about changing the website's name to The Joe Blaylock Voice supporting Russ Cohen?


That is not a bad idea Andrew.
Russ Cohen could probably care less if he is an elected official or not.
Nevertheless, he has had, and continues to have a word on most important City of Burlingame Civic matters.
Win, lose or draw, the man still continues to give to the community.
Thank you Mr. Cohen.
Actions speak louder than words./


I suppose I would have to figure out how to correctly spell my own name before I did that. I wouldn't want any of the little minds in B'game to be confused.......

But seriously, I think the Council should hold a special election and spend gobs of money that would otherwise be wasted in some other fashion like improving the city's social media presence so that fools like "Andrew" have more than one place to show their ignorance. Then we could really all get back to work. I suggest Election Day be April 1. I'll be writing in "Andrew".


In case you forgot the box score from the last election, it is here:


Bruce Dickinson

Listen, Andrew, Bruce Dickinson usually makes a point on a post and moves on, but when I see nonsensical comments, I feel obliged to call them out, as it were.

First of all, at the last election, in my esteemed opinion, I gathered that the electoral talent pool was about as deep as my granddaughter's baby tub. Russ and Ortiz put on their big boy pants, and were right up there with the incumbents in terms of contributing good ideas with grown up conversations. The rest of the lot, in contrast, I must admit, were still wearing diapers.

Secondly, the last time I checked, there aren't a whole lotta websites featuring Burlingame, so if the most popular site that is run by Joe and Russ says "Russ Cohen for President of the USA" then so be it. Every news media outlet has certain types of viewers and endorsements, and while Bruce Dickinson has not met many of the regulars on this site, all I have to say is that the regular contributors and site administrators have come up with some dynamite ideas.

So why don't you start your own competing site, little fella, and stop complaining. I'll personally even give you $1,000 dollars to do it, as communities benefit from more voices. A word of advice, be prepared to be in the content business, as sites with no content and/or inspiring and talented contributors will go nowhere fast.

Holy-baby is right, many of those associated with this website do what they do because they love Burlingame, not because they have a development or real estate angle from which to profit. This is something that I can readily identify with, as I have all the money in the world and yet I choose to make my primary residence not on the French Riviera, not in Manhattan, not in London, Tokyo, or Hillsborough, but right here in Burlingame.

When Bruce Dickinson sees people found the Burlingame Voice, the Historical Society, the Pez Museum, various public interest websites, and write books about Burlingame, he knows that it is out of love for this community. So anyone criticizing these types of contributions better "wow" us with some of their own contributions, or else stop your tantrum, pipe down, go to time-out, and get your diaper changed.

Voice lover

Since the Daily Journal endorsed Cohen over Ortiz in the last election maybe we should rename it Jon Mays Daily Journal Supporting Russ Cohen. What do you think Andrew? Maybe we can pass an ordinance and have the IRS hunt down the miscreants who object? Call your congressman. Or send out another brochure. The last couple worked very well.

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