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July 09, 2014


Bruce Dickinson

Fellas, listen, the only thing that seems to be occupying the Burlingame tool-shed is a bag of hammers these days. Same as it were, with the Hoover job-site. Bruce Dickinson agrees that there should be affordable housing options in this town, including those for renters, who are about 50% percent of the population of our great City. What makes me angry, yes, really chaps my hide, are thoughtless unequivocal statements unsupported by evidence or even by sound logic tests. To wit, we need affordable housing for our teachers, public employees, airport workers etc because so many of them work here. Guys, Burlingame is a transient town, it's a dense suburb next to an INTERNATIONAL AIRPORT that requires a huge network of service support and is next to two major freeways, a thoroughfare (El Camino Real), a BART Station, Caltrain, and SamTrans stops. That's like saying, wow 400,000 people commute to San Francisco each day, so therefore San Francisco needs to house an extra 400,000 people. This my friends, is why the word DUMB is also a four letter word. Well, let me clue some of our officials in..guess what?? That's the beauty of being centrally located: employees can actually live in their favorite communities, which are more affordable than Burlingame, and commute to Burlingame in a short amount of time! Isn't that great!?! How's that for being patronizing, folks?

God willing, I hope that Burlingame residents can see right through these lies and that the perpetrators of such nonsense need to examine their conscience, let alone their abilities to say these things to Burlingame residents with a straight face. Seriously, residents of Burlingame, you are being sold short by patronizing elected officials, who not only have no respect for the truth, but no respect for you. Bruce Dickinson and some of my hand-picked talent are HIGHLY temped to run for City Council in the next election and effectuate a wholesale regime change. You will see things get done with clear, transparent, and sound logic that you thought would be impossible around these parts!

Peter Garrison

Bruce, Bruce, Bruce, Bruce!!!

Where Are The Parents

I just can't believe that the parents who are so involved and so committed to BCE and their kids schools would sit by and let these people jeopardize everything we have worked for. I know Brownrigg and Keigran are private school parents and Deal is in the development business so they don't really care about the schools but what about Nagel and Ortiz. Is Nagel so old now that she has forgotten what the schools are all about? And Ortiz? Is he just so new that he can't see the forest for the trees? We just finished McKinley and there is no more room anywhere at Washington. Are they all just from the North End and don't care what happens in the south? I really don't understand how they think and I am really upset. We have enough problems now and I hear things at BHS don't look any better if we add hundreds more students. What can parents do?


The most glaring issue is the statement that we would get more parking. Has the council forgotten that they are suggesting adding more people too? This is supply and demand 101. The more people you add, the more supply you need. Out of one side of their collective mouths they are suggesting we need more parking for the existing population and then out of the other side they are saying let's add more density. What's wrong with this picture?


I'm not as knowledgeable in local politics as the people on this website but Nagel always struck me as a "feel good" type without much common sense. I hope I didn't cross any protocol lines with that comment--just the way I see it.


You have not crossed any protocol lines. You are right on. If anything you have understated the damage she does to the town. Her feel-goody-two-shoes thinking actually does more harm than good and this affordable housing stupidity is a perfect example. Stick with your gut. You have figured it out.


Do any "friends" out here believe there are any reasons for "a single City of Burlingame Elder" should be re-elected?
Those City of Burlingame City Elders that are not up for election be recalled.
It has been done plenty of times in the SF Bay Area, as well as a State of California Governor.
Another "Big Decision to consider"...
The current City of Buringame Elders hired the "Latest City of Burlingame City Manager."
It is public knowledge "at City Hall" that there has been an exodus of "Upper Management" personal, including Upper Management-Temporary Personal refusing to take full time positions offered by The City Manager.
In large corporations that is pretty much the norm.
However, important issues that effect the City of Burlingames Schools, Police and Fire, water, sewer, and most of all, the businesses that supports the First Rate Community that deserve a representative that has worked with and understands the nuances that go into maintaining, a very City..
One of a kind in fact.
I believe our unusual group of City Elders had no business hiring a City Manager. They just did not know or understand what it takes to run a business-Corporation.
When it comes to tree planting, Community Gardens,keeping the sticky food off sidewalks, I would not want another on my side.
WE have a GREAT THING going on in Burlingame and if you take the sum of what every City Elder brings to the table, then putting a very inexperience Manager in Charge, the only logical reason the City Elders came up with that result was for a Scape goat.
I do not believe a City Manager position is a "trade" you can grow into.
The City of Alameda..
Look it up.


There is a lot of GREAT Information and Thought here at this web site. In order for change to take place sitting and writing about it lights the wick. All the hot air blows it out.
WE have opportunities to create change now.
We need a leader.
WE need a Revolution at the City of Burlingame.
Two Council members have children in Private school. Two other Elders have no reason to care about schools or the future of Burlingame..
They both "joined a club" to be with the cool group, Ortiz is probably wondering how he will be able to anything to help this City with the exception of the enforcement of leaf blower ordinances.
The City Manager should resign.
Did not know Burlingame was a City until she read about the City Manager Position at the web site CalOpps.
I think that sums up the reason for a complete recall of all City of Burlingame Elders before the end of the year.
There are a lot of good people out there who are not City Elders for ego, or Popularity contests. Some Elders use their position to network-Big Jerry Deal, Brownrigg, thinking about running for LT. Governor soon, but absolutely the most rudest man I ever seen interacting with us-The Little ones, as if we are autistic.
Nagel, pod cast; a cooking and fashion show. Last but not least, our own Burlingame Sarah Palin, the most attractive City Elder on the peninsula, voted most likely succeed, as long as the family money keeps rolling in Elder Kerrigan.
WE NEED BRUCE-Bumper Stickers or
Bruce says he loves this town ,,
Lets stop the neglect and poor decisions by City Hall.
I bet you that somewhere in Bruce Dickenson there is a small flame that yearns for some air.
Come on Bruce.

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