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June 22, 2014


Bruce Dickinson

Joe, thank you for the article and reminder about our drought. You may think I'm blowing smoke, but guess what kind of water Bruce Dickinson drinks? Pellegrino sparkling? Kona Niragi bottled from Japan? Wrong! I drink straight from the Burlingame tap, or should I say, I have someone pour me a glass of Burlingame tap (with Burlingame tap ice, as it were) when I need my thirst quenched.

People don't realize what wonderful tasting water we have in Burlingame. And coming from such a well traveled person such as myself, that means a lot. Did you know that the Hetch Hetchy system is unique in that it is unfiltered water and one of the few places in the US, yet alone the world where this is the case? We are very lucky to have such a source, just remember to do your job in conserving water. We don't want to lose this precious resource.


You and me both, Bruce D. I do let the filter in my fridge do its thing, but for the most part it's just straight HH for me and lots of it!


Absolutely! A dozen years ago we gave up on the plastic water bottle frenzy, too. What a mess, they end up everywhere. By now, they are as annoying as plastic bags, falling out of every public trashcan, strewn everywhere. I don't think it's even possible to recycle all the garbage they produce.

Speaking of trash, what can be done about the customers of T-Pumps leaving their humungous half empty leftover drinks all over the Avenue, in the planters and benches by the station, literally any horizontal surface. Eventually they are spilled by the sugar happy customers, or by unsuspecting pedestrians.


This Forbes article is an interesting read:


It takes the CA Water Resources Board to task for 20+ years of do-nothingness on securing more water for a growing population and then putting out punitive measures (like a $500 fine to "water hogs").

Bruce Dickinson

Guys, I know this doesn't happen very often, but it looks like Bruce Dickinson has not had the final word on Burlingame water quality…to wit, I may have spoken a little too soon. Yes, a few days ago my secretary opened a letter addressed to me from the Burlingame Water Department, stating that Burlingame water had Coliform bacteria above the standard drinking water levels likely due to the water system refurbishment!!! The letter went on to say that everything is now under control, no need to do anything, etc but would have notified us earlier if another sample had also tested positive. Did anyone also get this letter, or was it specific to Burlingame Park?

Fellas, listen, I love Burlingame, but to use a colloquial expression used by our youngsters these days: .WTF????? We would have notified you if more testing had revealed more Coliform??? Not good folks, no, not good at all. Very disappointed in the City of Burlingame. They should have notified us ASAP through all means possible, especially though various websites. What if the problem were larger, what if getting the information out earlier could have saved a life (of course, not knowing the extent of the problem but you never know, that is the point I'm trying to make). As a precaution, people could have bought a couple of gallons of bottled water. We have tons of small infants here where water is mixed in daily with formula. What if something went wrong (luckily no injuries or illnesses were reported, but we only know this post facto). I demand that the City of Burlingame Water apologize, change its notification procedures and provide all Burlingame households with a water cost credit. Just another example of government making bad decisions. Rest assured, I will be getting on the horn very soon to make my opinions known. All hands on deck, a Dickinson 16 gun broadside of questions will be coming the City's way!


More spreading of the joy from Sacramento. No real plan or responsibility--just fines--how does one impeach the Water Bored?:

"It will now be considered a criminal act to waste water in California.

On Tuesday, amid evidence that existing conservation measures are not working, the State Water Resources Control Board took the unprecedented step of declaring certain types of water waste a criminal infraction similar to a speeding violation. Water use deemed excessive – such as allowing landscape watering to spill into streets, and hosing off sidewalks and driveways – can be subject to fines of $500 per day."

Read more here: http://www.sacbee.com/2014/07/15/6558982/california-used-more-water-in.html#storylink=cpy


So does that mean cleaning up the spilled Starbucks or yoghurt on the Avenew is now a $500 fine?

Peter Garrison

Stop HSR and build some dams. Also- no more thought of high-density housing when we do not have the water for the folks we have now... Sustainability.


Can I get an Amen.

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