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May 31, 2014


Timothy Hooker

See how the Bronxmanages it



Is the problem really the Dog Crap, or the owners who allow their dogs to run wild.
Dogs are supposed to be licensed, but I do not think there are more than 10% of dog owners who register.
Why are dog supposed to be licensed anyway?
People who want to bring their dogs to any Park/Open Space in Burlingame should have a License-ID Tag that most people who work in IT, go to a Gym use it to get in and out of their business's.
People who fish have to clearly provide visible fishing licenses...
Why not do that to anyone who wants to walk their dog at any park, at anytime.
$50.00 per year, and a little document stating their understanding of the use of the parks..



So do you suggest charging other residents $50 a year to use the parks? As last time I checked, dog owners are tax payers and have as much right to use a park as a non dog owner. I believe that parks are for everyone and when they say there hasn't been a complaint, there hasn't been a complaint. Dog owners know that this is a privilege, not a right and have been very respectful and have picked up after their dogs. The Park and Rec Commission, as well as the staff at the Rec Center, has researched other cities and held many meetings with residents to come up with this program and I believe, they have taken the proper steps so that dogs and people can share the park.

I can't say that the people that use the parks and fields at Washington park have the same respect for it that the dog owners have! They leave food, trash and left over party supplies scattered every where throughout the park and the morning dog owners, pick it all up as they don't want the dogs eating garbage as they walk by.

10% of owners register there dogs? Where do you get your stats? Are you just pulling it out of the air to try and prove your mistaken point? I am in contact with many a dog owner and everyone of them has registered their dog! So show us where you got your facts!


I just pulled the $50.00 figure out of the same place I get all my deep thoughts from.
Then post them here for fun, enlightenment, and a chance to work these issues out as a community.
That is a fact LaLa.
I believe all the parks in Burlingame are exceptional in every single way.
You would be hard pressed to find any Muni Public Park,-In the entire USA, thoroughfare/easement, restrooms, water fountains, tennis courts, lawn, or tree maintenance, sporting field, playground, public viewing spots for the Airport or Nature, lack of Graffiti, is in consistently pristine condition 24/7 365 days per year.
That Park Director, whatever her name is.. Margaret I believe, has done an Excellent job of taking the Park Dept over from, Richmond, Schartz, and that guy from Brisbane-The Worst Choice Ever.
Those Park Dept workers do an excellent job too. The guys who do the tree trimming are really nice.
I have had to speak with them multiple times about my trees and my neighbors.
They are always knowledgeable and do good work too. I think they work in the Public Works Dept.
The Dog Park is a Dog Park.
It always will be a Dog Park.Dogs will do what Dogs do, and that is why the Park out by the Bay looks the way it does.
And you know what LaLa.
The Dogs do not care.
Let that be The Mantra to all dog owners who complain about not using the Beautiful Burlingame Public Parks for their Dogs, to do what Dogs do..
The dogs do not care where they go.
The Dogs do not Care.


I agree with you that Margaret is exceptional and has done more in her short time in Burlingame than either of the past two directors.

I also understand that this is a site where you post for fun and enlightenment. However, when you mis-state facts as facts, that is where I disagree with you. If you are going to state something like only 10% of dog owners are responsible enough to obey the law and license their dogs, then I have a problem with it as that is not true. Most dog owners in Burlingame are responsible and do register their dogs.

Yes, dogs go where dogs go. That is why it is up to the owners to pick up after them which the majority of owners do.


Thank you for the nice response.
You are correct that generalizations can cause problems as well.
How about this on LaLa.
Allowing dogs to run off leach will destroy the lawns and landscaping.
The dogs have claws that rip up fauna; sometimes on purpose, sometimes just running and playing with people and other dogs.
At one time the Dog Park out by the Bay looked wonderful. Within a few weeks, the Dog Park ended up looking like it does now. It has gone to "The Dog's"
Dog Parks are a great place for dogs, and Dog People to run, play, and interact. Extremely safe for dogs to "do what dogs do."
In a park, designated as a play, rest, sports, and Picnic-Gathering space having dogs running around id not only unsafe for people and small children, it is just Rude. It shows lack of respect for ones neighbors and community.
I do not understand why this issue keeps coming up, again and again.
Thank you again for you comments regarding facts.
However LaLa, I Prefer:
-Talking Points
I will most likely not let facts stand in the way of a good story.
Lets all be Critical Thinkers Instead.


The off leash dog hours have been happening in the mornings at Washington and Cuernavaca now for the past five years and guess what, the grass is still there, the trees are still there, the flowers are still there and nothing has been destroyed!


cmon everybody stop houndin da dog ownerz… b-gamers usually bring a-game when it comes to cleaning poop they r good at it 80-90% of da time I love love LOVe that about da’game can take doggy dogs in the storez, restaurants in parks etc.very fido friendly and us dog owners know & respect that alot. Im a hot-dog owner too.. just for fun fun FUN, I dressed my own doggie Schnizzie when I wnet 2 tasty tuez food trucks a fewweeks ago… some thot is was pretty funni othas not so much..dunno if it was making ppl lose appetttite or think I waz makin fun of doggies & weiner dogs to boot.. clearly the hot dog foodtruck was in the not very amuzed category

anywayz , I obvsiously have no grandddkidz but heres a pic of longwong’s schmoopy, Schnizzie


TTFN ; - )


Very Nice Mr. Longwong.


Let all forget about Dog Poo,leash laws, and Crop Circles for a minute and watch another Musical Dramatic Endeavor that is all about Cow Bell..
Without Cow Bell where would Bruce be?

Web Site-Funny or Die.

Will Ferrell vs. Chad Smith Drum Off.
Plus Dramatic Behind the Scenes Footage.
This is an outtake from the Jimmy Fallon show last week.
Dear Mr. Dickenson, whether you like it or not "More Cow Bell" may be your legacy.
It is better than I mine may be, but we will see.




Please: let's have more off-leash dog areas for dogs - but at the same time the city should prohibit dogs everywhere else.

Dog owners are a vocal minority, but many other residents would rather not have dogs and dog poop around us.

So, Burlingame - please keep give the dogs a place to run, but keep them out of the rest of the park. At least start actually *enforcing* the leash and cleanup laws.

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