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April 23, 2014



In the vicinity of Broadway-- to the around Morrell, there are 50+ trees they have deemed problematic, space-wise, many are oaks (these tend to have more of a horizontal growth habit. Several others include the ornamental pears, and they were not well tended to (by Amtrak or whoever had the contract) when planted, so they look small and ragged.

It is safe to say that the lack of mature trees there will be very apparent. We have to be certain they've got a decent replacement plan in place, particularly with regard to watering and staking. Their track record has been poor.

The bigger mystery is north of Broadway, where the assessment was done with an aerial system of lasers of some sort. There are 30+ in that vicinity that probably will be coming out, but nobody knows (yet) what those are. For the people living along California Drive, that tree buffer is crucial, not only for aesthetics, but also measurable noise and wind buffer.

Somehow, I have trouble believing that Caltrain will be able to handle 2000 plus replacements and their care, up and down the Peninsula line. I think that is a tall order for any agency, and this one has been cutting back on maintenance at the stations, as is.

The Trojan Electric

I'd like to call for Caltrain to quit trying to sneak [The High Speed Fail] under the noses of the residents of California.

I'd like to call for Caltrain to give us an electrification proposal that does not prepare for High Speed Fail.

How much less would it be? How many fewer trees would be cut?

I think that The Trojan Electric is barely worth spending $68M for to eliminate the diesel exhaust and get less noisy operation.

The supposedly faster speed and 6 trains per hour is likely what the max capacity of the system will be, but not necessarily what will be delivered.

Is this just a Wolf (HSR) in Sheep's Clothing?


I agree with you Jennifer that the "Clear Lack of Maintenance" regarding any tree replacement by Cal Trans is proposing after any tree removal project.
If it was not for you being an advocate of tree replacement and maintenance on El Camino Real, all those Elm trees would have been dead and not replaced years ago.
The City of Burlingame should name a Tree after you.

Peter Garrison

Donovan already did: "Jennifer Juniper."

Cathy Baylock

Holy, Holy. I say "amen to that". Mrs. Pfaff is our city's Tree Guardian in Chief!

Bruce Dickinson

Listen, fellas, I have had the darnedest of times trying to post to this site!! Bruce Dickinson (or my IT guy, actually) believes that the Burlingame Voice is attempting to censor my comments by not allowing my IP address to post. The replies I've been able to post have been from my winery in Aderson Valley! Hopefully this is a big mix-up, as Bruce Dickinson believed he was quite the cult of personality and inspired some great ideas from Burlingame citizens and governmental officials alike. So administrators of the site, you may want to check IP addresses in Burlingame and make sure they are allowed to post.

Anyway, to move onto more urgent matters, guys, I gotta tell ya, Bruce Dickinson is going to have to agree with the Electric Trojan, which I must admit, is a clever double-entendre that is aptly named, if you will. While I agree with the dynamite job that Jennifer has accomplished, and yes Jen, we must meet someday, as I have heard nothing but residents singing your laurels and I have witnessed your very insightful and thoughtful comments on this site, we must not lose focus on where the battle rests: the presumption that an electrified Caltrain is a given.

There are no funds for it and HSR is on its 10th life. A realistic proposal of a non-HSR funded electrified Caltrain is sorely needed, because guess what? They are building a multi-billion dollar bus terminal in downtown San Francisco under the presumption that HSR and an underground, electrified Caltrain will go there. What makes you think they will not start the "Tree Pruning" and removal under the guise that electrified Caltrain is a fait accompli, if you will, and we will be left with no Caltrain, no trees, and a bunch of multifamily condos with insufficient parking??

Folks, this "steam roll" (or steam "train" as it were) happens everywhere all the time and transportation bureaucrats are the worst offenders, because no project = no job for half these people. Look at HSR and all the lying, cheating, information fabrication, smoke & mirrors, and "studio effects" applied that can even make a cat screeching sound good (trust me, Bruce Dickinson knows the tricks of the trade better than anyone, ahem, Madonna). Citizens of Burlingame, don't be sold a bill of goods and focus on the root cause and assumptions, not the secondary and tertiary effect that would not even occur if the root cause is properly attacked.


Hi there Bruce!

'Agree with you completely about the elephant in the room. What is even more aggravating was a revelation by Diane Harkey that HSR currently has around 170 people on its payroll, and they will likely remain there until this is stopped for good.

With regard to our trees--I've been around too long to have blinders on --"Trimming" as opposed to removal, is defined as anything 25% and under, and certainly that can go awry. Once removed, it will end up on each city's "to-do list" to monitor replacements and maintenance, as if we didn't already have enough to do.

In my opinion, these agencies do not have the bandwidth to accomplish this for over two thousand trees, even if they wanted to do things right.


I recently read the book "Command and Control" by Eric Schlossser.
The book has to do with the Cold War and Arms Race immediately after WW2.
Due to the Industrial Military Complex, that US Presidents attempted to bring to the attention of the US/World, infrastructure was funded and being actively built.
The kicker is that there was no product-missiles, even developed yet.
However, once the infrastructure was built, then US Citizens were now "on the hook" for whatever the price was going to be making this "concept" into reality.
HSR is a "Done Deal."
By the time HSP is ready to go, it will be obsolete.

By the way-anyone, have you ever said to a friend, neighbor, family member or heard:
"When are we going to get HSR?"

We really do not live in a Democracy any more. People who vote most likely do not comprehend what they are voting for. Or voting only for the Pro Gun, Pro Abortion, Pro Gay Marriage.
(By the way, I am all for all of the above)Letting all other considerations and special voting, to be left up to _______________________.

I believe we are very lucky to have an advocate like Bruce Dickenson to contribute to this site.
My opinion too.

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